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  1. congratulations dear!God is great!please can you share your timeline please?thanks
  2. how many times have you filed for I-485?becuase from my understanding it seems you had filed twice already.My best advice for you now is to hire an experienced attorney!Look for money and do that it’s worth trying because experience attorney will know what to do.
  3. okay,just file a new one ASAP if possible get an attorney that will help alot
  4. this is so sad!!sorry dear,do yoh have an attorney?and the abandonment of the i-485 was it the one file by ur ex spouse or the one file by you when u filed your vawa?please contact Sandra ASAP? congratulations dear!You are very lucky and that was really quick!
  5. @MGJ_NY sorry my dear,they seem to be a problem with EAD file in August,because the EAD that i filed in August is still pending it was category C-14,but the one i filed in october category C09 was approved and mailed out already.So i think you should do info pass.Its really sad!
  6. i believe she use to live in Atlanta before and the she moved to Pennsylvania before the interview was scheduled!Remeber on ur 1-485 it is said that you should give ur physical address and the lawyer address is for him to deal with immigration directly .Well i believe my lawyer won’t lie to me.I have been doing my biometrics at my local office so why then will i go and do my interview somewhere else?? congratulations dear!
  7. nope your local office is where you live not your lawyer!i was so worried and confused so i asked my lawyer she said i will have my interview where i live not she lives.because in youyforms you put ur address there .
  8. @MsSara it’s been a while please i need some information from you!I can understand ur ex spouse was a lpr and since ur vawa approval did u get ur interview already?and please can you share ur timeline please!!Thanks a lot
  9. okay!thanks alot ,the problem is that i file my adjustment of status in october 2018 so i guess that might slow down my own interview!
  10. thanks alot dear and congratulations!my concern is how would one know the difference between the transfers?when it is at NBC and when it gets transferred to local office?Mine just said case transfer to another office and this office has jurisdiction over your case.So is this NBC or local office?please anyone knows thanks
  11. @Totoro_J please when is ur interview please can u share ur timeline including when ur case was transferred to local office please?we both was approved almost thesame time in July last year!thanks and what is ur local office?Once nore congratulations
  12. just calm down and pray we will be praying for you too and wait for Sandra to respond tomorrow okay?she best can help in this situation so relax and live everything to God!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  13. hang in there!you will probably get an answer by the end of this week or next week!applied october 25th,feb 08 card in production and feb 13,card was mailed!so don’t worry urs is on the way!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  14. we all wish them best of Luck!God is in control πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™