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  1. Thank you ladies so much . I'm talking to him now asking like are you nervous he's like no I'm confident lol these Leos. Meanwhile im over here just ready to explode literally my anxiety is going up as the day is winding down
  2. interview is tomorrow at 8a.m.
  3. Yeah i understand its not of importance right now, however its def something I would be looking forward toO lol. I was actually trying to learn twi my dad says we have roots there, the Ashanti tribe. I am trying to learn his language because once we start having babies they will not all be speaking a language I don't understand, I refuse . But we try a little here and there but once he is here it will be easier to learn. He was strict on me learning when I was there.
  4. Awesome, thats the same way with my country. There is no packet three to wait for and if you wait you'll be waiting forever. Good luck and keep us updated on your journey
  5. Thank you, I have a question for you, are you going to get dual citizen ship? Ghana is an amazing country I actually wanted to become a citizen there, but its just as hard there as it is here. Especially without marrying in the country. Have you learned twi or looking to learn it. Are you the petitioner?
  6. OMG i'm sorry. That's ridiculous beyond the word. I'm sorry
  7. I know right now it doesn't seem like good news but from the outside looking in i would say its better than veing told DENIED at least you have a chance to get it right as frustrating as it may be maybe you can get a signed notarized paper stating there are no original documents anymore from the clerk of court along with the photocopied version
  8. My love recieved his medical packet today signed sealed and ready for the interview. He was suppose to get two vaccinations but the pharmacy didn't have one so hopefully he can get it done before the interview on the 9th so now we wait 😣😣😣
  9. I swear i said the exact same thing to my bestfriend. I even told my fiance like honestly i cant do this twice, we would have to consider our plan B . Its too much pain, i'm doing as well as expected just waiting for this interview on the 9th that will determine my future no big deal
  10. Yes i would imagine so. Any trip no matter what it is if you received a visa and you've been to the US it counts
  11. Gracefully and patiently indeed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ its ok love at least you're waiting for a case number and not NOA2.It will come we are all tough as nails πŸ’ͺ🏾
  12. Yes they will have the I129f packet but i still sent a copy of my birth certificate and the information page of my passport with my fiance for his interview better to be safe than sorry
  13. I will definitly keep you all posted. Im planning a cruise for this summer so im looking forward to him being here. His flight will land in Orlando Fl and we will spend a few days there before driving to Daytona Beach. This has been beyond an emotional rollercoaster for us we have broken up over 100 times and than realized how we can't live without each other he has been calm until now because he's feeling the pressure πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ of medical and printing papers back and forth paying for the interview. But finally we can see the finish line. πŸ‘€
  14. I agree 100% we are truly blessed for our position in this process. Im forever grateful i check the September forum often i still hage people i need to see move on. I continue to pray for our success until our loved ones are with us its a hard road it takes a strong individuals to go through this. My fiance has always been positive during this whole process always being calm and positive im the complete opposite (virgo) cough cough πŸ€£πŸ˜‚