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Beneficiary Job Change
7:38 pm March 25, 2021


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My fiance in El Salvador (he is male, I am female), and he has been very unhappy in his job lately. We are currently awaiting NOA2, hopeful it will come through late May or early June based on the activity lately. He has been at his company for 5 1/2 years, but lately it has been more stress than it's worth. He is wondering if it will have any effect on our interview/process if he quits his job now, possibly has another job for a few months before he can (hopefully) finally move here to the US later this year. I would think that since I am the petitioner and I am the one whose finances they are looking at, it doesn't matter what he does with his job, right? I am good to go, I have been in my career for 7 years and I have savings, so there isn't a question of whether I can support him. I would love for him to be able to move on from this job that's been causing him so much stress! He just doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize our process.

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Notices from USCIS getting returned to sender then forwarded back to applicant
5:16 pm March 24, 2021


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Posting on behalf of a friend. She just received her biometrics reuse notice for her paper N-400 application, but the letter is dated a month ago. Her NoA1was also received about one month after it was dated. Because the online tracking is stuck at the "Case has been received" status, I'm worried that she could miss her naturalization interview or an RFE, or even if she gets it in time ultimately have so little time to effectively plan and schedule. Even though the NoA1 lists her address with apartment number in the body of the letter, the recipient section omits it. Could that be why it gets returned to sender? In my personal experience, whenever I get a letter without an apartment number, the mail carrier matches the recipient name to a list of resident names and correctly delivers it anyway. Basically I'm wondering how common this is or if there is anything she can do to get letters directly without them being RTSed back to USCIS and then correctly forwarded back to her. I searched the forums but a lot of posts are about the initial application package being returned to the applicant and not about USCIS' notices. Thanks!

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Planning Ahead for NOA2/Consular Processing
4:39 pm February 11, 2021


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I just received my NOA1 recently (receipt date in the notification November 2, actually got the text on Feb 2). My fiance is in El Salvador. I am blessed that I am able to visit him every few months. I am visiting him in March during my spring break (I am a teacher), and then was not planning to be able to visit again until late June. Our VJ estimated timeline says adjudication could be as soon as July 8, but I don't know what that date actually means. I want to bring him the documents he will need for his interview in person rather than mailing them since mail is unpredictable- things like Affidavit of Support, supporting financial documents, another letter of intent, continued evidence of ongoing relationship pictures and stuff, etc. I was going to bring them in March when I go, but I worry that if the interview isn't until way later (like July or later), will it be bad if things like my letter from my employer, statement from my bank, the date I signed the Affidavit of support, are backdated? If there isn't much likelihood that he will be interviewed before the end of June then I guess I could wait until then...I would just really rather not send those important documents in the mail. I did just see that another person had a K-1 interview that was approved in the El Salvador consulate at the end of December so it looks like they are doing at least some K1 visa interviews.

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Visa appointments
7:02 pm December 30, 2020

O and X

O and X

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Is the US embassy in San Salvador taking appointments for interviews or have they suspended appointments for k1 visas

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Questions about N-400 and fee waiver request
3:32 pm November 12, 2020


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I'm helping a friend fill in an N-400 application along with the I-912 request for a fee waiver, and I just wanted to ask a few straightforward questions.

Firstly, where do you find a USCIS Online Account Number if you have one? She registered for an online account until she realized the fee waiver meant submitting a paper application, but if she's required to put in an account number she will, but she can't seem to find it anywhere. Perhaps that's for older USCIS online accounts?

On Part 3 of the I-912, the PDF file autofills the applicant's name based on the name inputted in Part 2. It gets cut off, so I'm wondering what the best approach is for this. To white out the name in Part 3 and hand write it in full? It doesn't let you delete it since it's automatically pulling from the name in Part 2.

Regarding Part 5, Question 4 of the I-912, it asks about others in the household. I presume she should check Yes for full-time student for the kid, but I ask just because sometimes forms ask questions about being a student as a way to know that an adult is doing something full time, so I wasn't sure if there was any particular approach to have about an actual, non-adult child.

She has been below the fax filing threshold for many years so I'm wondering what she must bring to the interview besides paystubs.

For Part 7 (Family Member Signatures), her U.S. citizen child doesn't need to sign because she's not requesting any benefit, right?

Thank you!

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