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Affidavit of support
3:25 am June 7, 2023



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I have a question if my husband worked in the US over 10 years will I still have to file affidavit of support 864 and we did taxes jointly 2022. And I am also dependent on him financially. Since he is the main provider in our house. I am a stay at home mom. But we have to file for the 601a waiver for entering illegally and staying over 10yrs.

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File N400 while I751 is pending
6:20 pm May 21, 2023


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Have been waiting 21 months for 1-751 but never get updates (texas service center) so I filed for N-400 today what are the processing times looking like? Does already haveing the i751 seem to help speed up the process thanks

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New Family Reunification Parole extension for El Salvador
4:58 pm May 6, 2023



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DHS is creating new family reunification parole processes for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia. The current program, available to Cubans and Haitians, allows U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents to apply for parole on behalf of their family members who are still living in their home country and are unable to legally enter the United States. Does anyone know the process to bring a family member and what forms to fill out? I(US Citizen) started the K1 process with my wife(green card holder) around 3 years ago. She is now a US resident. There was an announcement that the US gov is extending the program to El Salvador. My wife wants to bring her unmarried sister to the States. Any input is appreciated.

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Advance parole question when EAD approved
5:49 pm February 28, 2023


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Hopefully my question is straightforward a family member is keeping me up to date on her husband's case, who just received EAD approval (the card should be arriving in a week or so, I suppose) and Advance Parole approval. This is my first time seeing an I-512L Advance Parole form, and when I search the forum a lot of the posts are over ten years old. Am I wrong in thinking that a lot of approved I-131 cases are simply rolled into the "combo card" where the recipient doesn't get a separate Advance Parole document?

For what it's worth, checking his cases, the EAD was approved on February 22nd, and the tracking said the card was produced today on February 28th. On the AP side, it says it was approved on February 23rd and produced on the 24th. Is this a case of strange timing where they were considered separately? If the AP had been approved before the EAD, does that mean it would have resulted in a combo card? He is still waiting for the EAD in the mail, but seeing that the AP paper arrived in the mail it seems like there would be no point in USCIS issuing that if they know they were about to issue the EAD a few days later.

Also, he has a single copy of the I-512L Advance Parole form and I see old forum posts referencing that there should be two originals. Is there a problem or should there be a single?

Finally, if the EAD that arrives in a few days says "Not valid for re-entry to the U.S." at the bottom but he has the just-received AP document, he can take those two items along with his foreign passport to leave the U.S. and then re-enter, right? Does it have to be an emergency or can it be for any reason? Thank you!

Edit: Adding here that after googling around I have come to understand that in or around 2022, USCIS started decoupling the work permit and advance parole applications to speed along processing and therefore no longer issue combo cards, which answers all of my questions except if there are supposed to be one or two originals of the Advance Parole document. Leaving this up for reference and hoping someone can let me know if there is indeed only supposed to be one I-512L included in the mailing.

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Question on lawyer fees for RFEs
10:10 pm November 16, 2022


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I casually help friends with immigration-related questions and my friend (green card holder) and her husband (applying for AoS on the basis of the spouse of an LPR). The application just got an RFE from USCIS saying that his wife doesn t make 125% of the poverty level and they need a co-sponsor. She is pulling out the documents they filed with and unless I misunderstood something she makes more than double that amount.

I have asked her to clarify what income/taxes she submitted with his application when they submitted it in late 2021 (so presumably her 2020 taxes), but regardless the lawyers they used are asking for a lot of money to draft a response and I can t find logic in needing to pay for this. Either she made enough money when they originally submitted and USCIS committed an error, at which point it should be so easy for the lawyer to resend the evidence they already have on file with a boilerplate letter, OR the lawyers themselves messed up if she didn t make enough money and they didn t tell them to get a co-sponsor before filing.

They want nearly a thousand dollars to begin drafting a response and I want just a bit of context so I can encourage this sweet couple to advocate for themselves in the most accurate and appropriate way possible since I think this RFE would or should fall under the umbrella of his AoS application and not incur a large cost.

Thanks for any advice!

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