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Interview before medical
3:30 pm March 7, 2022



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My mom had her interview on Feb 11th she was told she needed medical which was the following week on Feb 15th. Medical was done and she sent her passport via carrier Feb 18th. Does anyone know on the process times on cases that have had the interview before medical? Thank you

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Title 42 Expulsion during COVID-19 Pandemic
5:26 pm March 6, 2022


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Hi, I want to start out this topic by asking some general questions and by supplying some of my general understandings of Title 42 and its possible impacts on beneficiaries of any immigration benefits (I-129F, I-130 etc.)

During the pandemic and generally starting in 2020, the Trump administration along with the CDC granted the enforcement of Title 42 Expulsions. Out of the 1.7 million encounters at the southern border in Fiscal Year 2021 1.04 million resulted in expulsions of single adults to the country of last transit, in most cases Mexico. Many of these asylum seekers were returned to Mexico, in some cases the very country that they were fleeing from. This policy, Title 42, is a public health mandate that grants the authority to Custom and Border Patrol to expel anyone entering the U.S. This policy had been extremely unfair to hundreds of thousands of individuals fleeing countries throughout Latin America. Essentially, individuals apprehended at the southern border ( entering without inspection in order to essentially turn themselves into CBP officials to have their claim for asylum to be heard are being immediately turned away. The process includes; collecting biometric information on all individuals (name, fingerprints, and photo) and then subsequently transporting these asylum seekers back to the last country of transit. Here comes my first question,

1a.) What impact would having been fingerprinted and recorded by CBP have on the immigration process in the case for a K-1 visa or any visa?

1b.) Does anyone know if being expelled under Title 42. makes an individual inadmissible?

The impacts of Title 42 on receiving immigration benefits have yet to be felt in the immigration community, or at least the conversations have not started. This is why I want to get your opinion. If you know any immigration attorneys please tag them on this post. I would really like to see what you and professionals think about this current issue and its impact on receiving immigration benefits.

Is it ok to file I-129F, wait to get approved, and in the meantime submit FOIAs to possible agencies of contact to see what records they have? What would need to be explained on the DS-160? Should anything be mentioned on the I-129F about previous encounters with CBP ( doesn't seem like it asks this sort of question).

Thanks, Abe

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Stuck in Administrative Processing
5:21 pm December 29, 2021


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Hello all- my fianc had his interview in El Salvador on August 31. He was told his visa could not be issued at that time because 1) The medical wasn t done yet and 2) We needed an original copy of my (petitioner) divorce decree. He had the medical done, had to have a sputum test. 2 months later, negative results are in, we sent in the passport and documents on November 19. After that, the info desk lady says it takes about 1 month to issue the visa. On December 10, someone finally opens the case (case updated, still says refused). December 13, the status changed from Immigrant to Non-Immigrant. In the morning it said Application Received, and by night time it says Administrative Processing. Now, it s just been sitting there stuck with that status, the case has not been opened/updated since December 13. When I talk to the information desk they tell me that Administrative Processing can take 6 months. The embassy never told us we were in Administrative Processing or contacted us in any way. Just sent home the blue 221(g) requesting the two documents above, which we provided. Any words of wisdom/comfort??

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Citizen requesting daughter, her husband and kids. What happens if one of the accompanying children fails medical exams?
11:05 pm November 28, 2021


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US citizen requesting my daughter, her husband and her 3 children. Been waiting for 12 years, finally have medical exams. One of them aged out and we are afraid another one of the kids may fail medical/drug test. What happens to my daughter and the other accompanying family members if one fails?

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El Salvador has paused all immigrant visas.
1:55 am November 23, 2021



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Sister in law has just got an email from the US Embassy. They have paused all immigrant visa processing. They told her they do not have a date yet on when they will start again. She also sent me this article about the relations between the 2 countries. https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/us-official-says-el-salvador-relations-paused-lack-interest-2021-11-22/

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