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US Immigration from El Salvador

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Approved expedite
6:58 pm June 1, 2020


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We filed our I-601 and I-212 on March 31st. We than request an expedite that was approved on April 27th. Does anyone know how much longer we will have to wait? I have some serious health issues that make it hard to move most days due to swollen joints and wide spread pain. My husband has been in his country of EL Salvador since January 19th 2019.

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Reentry Permit - COVID19 Travel Bans - Repercussions
6:12 pm May 27, 2020



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Hello VJ Community,

I am not sure if this the right forum to post this question, please feel free to move it to a different forum topic if required.

I have a couple questions, but first a little bit of background:

My mom, who is currently a permanent resident came to the US from El Salvador as a spouse of a US Citizen back in 2017, unfortunately just a month before she arrived my step-dad(US Citizen) had a stroke, after a few months of my mom being in the US my step dad decided he wanted to spend some time in El Salvador to rest and get treatment over there, weather in the US was making pain worse for him and he needed expensive full care support during that time, so they both went back. Just to be safe I helped my mom to file for a re entry permit since they were planning on staying more than a year. My stepdad had a very successful surgery in El Salvador and is progressing in recovery, although still has mobility issues.

Questions are:

My mom's re entry permit is soon to expire in November, El Salvador has a travel ban and has closed borders due to COVID19, although the US is helping US citizens who are stuck in El Salvador to get back to the US in a schedule fashion.

  • I have been reading and see that you cannot extend a re entry permit but instead have to submit a new application while in the US, so for the moment, this is not possible. My mom is worried that she will not be able to travel before the re entry permit expires, if this is the case, will her residency considered to be abandoned? Are there any emergency immigration relief laws or exceptions that we can cling to in order to avoid this from happening?

  • My step dad has another concern, that in a worst case scenario, he passes away, my mom not being a permanent resident anymore(if she is not able to maintain permanent residency status because of the mentioned above) his social security retirement benefits would be lost and my mom would not be able to collect any of his benefits. She is currently not receiving any spouse social security benefits because she is 58. I have not been able to find clear information on whether in the case my mom is not able to travel and her LPR is marked as abandoned she wouldn't be able to receive my step dads benefits in case of death.

My step dad and my mom do not want to abandon status, but life being unpredictable forced them to leave the country. They are now at a point where they can start thinking on returning to the US not what my step dad is feeling a little better and my mom's re entry permit coming to an end.

This is a sensitive topic for the family and I understand might be polemical at some degree if not expressed correctly, so I have try to communicate my mom's and step dad's concerns as best as I can. I want to be able to help them and give them some guidance like I have been able to do before during immigration process but I am hitting a wall on this one, I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people in the forum and thats why I am seeking help.

Also I think is worth mention that I am a US Citizen as well.

I appreciate the time and any feedback you can provide.

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Uploading documents: form I-864ez
2:16 am May 26, 2020



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Hi everyone,

I have a question, I think it's better to ask than to make a mistake. I'm at the NVC stage and I'm uploading all the documents....

With that being said, I am going to use the form I-864ez, also I have the letter of the employer.... should I upload them separately or together?

Thank you!

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Received Green card, I have 3 given names, last one is missing the last letter
5:52 am May 22, 2020


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Hello everyone, I finally received my GC, however upon inspection I realized the last of my three names is missing the last letter, for example.


Smith Smith

Given Name:

Johnny Johnny Johnn (Missing last letter)

My first and second given names are correct, so I was thinking it shouldn't be much of a problem as the third one I've never used... but I've been wrong before... so I thought I should ask if this is normal due to character limits (my given names are a combination of 17 characters total altogether without spaces) or it's a problem I definitely need to correct?

I tried searching but found nothing of the sort, thank you.

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I-864, income question (split topic)
6:08 am May 13, 2020



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Hi I have a question related to this.... I'm filling the affidavit of support for my husband, so we would be 2 dependents. So last year I started to work on June, since I only worked for 6 months obviously I did not meet the requirement on the poverty guidelines on my taxes... But if I'm submitting the affidavit this month and if I count last 6 months of 2019 up to this month, I do have more than the 21k for 2 dependents. It can be proven in my paystobs... I don't want to have sponsor... would that work?

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