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US Immigration from El Salvador

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K-1 Visa / DS-160
6:39 pm February 21, 2024



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Hello all,

I have filed Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiance(e) K-1 Visa with USCIS on my own. My fianc is a foreign citizen of Colombia. A letter was received from NVC 01/2024 stating the application was approved and was being forwarded to the US Embassy or Consulate in Bogota. We were notified 02/20/2024 from the US Embassy in Bogota they received our case from NVC.

Our next steps is to conduct her medical exam, pay medical / K-1 visa fees, and make an interview appointment date/time. On the day of her interview form DS-160 taken to the interview.

It is my understanding that there is a separation between Church (religion) and State in the US. We had a religious (Catholic) marriage ceremony on 01/2024 with friends and family in Colombia 01/2024. Her family doesn t have a visa to travel to the US.


"After a religious wedding, the marriage must registered at a norary's office. For further details about religious weddings in Colombia, you or your fianc should contact the religious organization that will perform the ceremony.

We can register the religious wedding (wedding certificate) with a notary who will register the marriage civilly and enter / report to Colombia s government systems to recognize us as husband and wife. We have not done this as we don t intend for the wedding to be civilly recognized in Colombia. We want to get married in the United States civilly.

On the DS-160 form it asks us the question if we are married Y/N. I say No we aren t civilly married because our marriage hasn t been civilly registered by the Colombian government. We are only married by the Catholic Church. Religious marriages aren't recognized in the US and Colombia requires the couple to register the religious wedding with a notary to make it legal civilly. My fianc says we should put Yes . She lives in Colombia and I live in California.

I would love to hear your feedback and reasoning answering the DS-160 question "Are you married?" if we should put a Yes or No to answer the question. Thanks your replies.

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El Salvador Medical Appointment
2:06 am December 13, 2023



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"My mother-in-law recently went to her medical appointment. During the visit, a small shadow was discovered on her chest x-ray. As a result, she has been advised to visit the clinic daily and take a prescribed pill in front of a medic, who will then record it in her logbook. This routine is expected to continue for six months. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend her scheduled interview on November 29th and will need clearance from her doctor before she can reschedule. It's important to note that she has tested negative for both TB and COVID-19.

I'm curious if anyone has experienced a similar situation and could share their outcome. Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated."

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Embassy of El Salvador
9:48 pm October 9, 2023



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My husband has applied for his mom to immigrate to the US. She got her interview appointment, and in reading the process it states you must go to the embassy twice, once to drop off documents and second for the actual Interview. We got an asesoria migatoria to help my mother in law with preparations for her interview. This person is saying she doesn t need to go to the embassy twice. Does anyone have any insight on this? If she only goes to her interview will it cause her issues? Has anyone recently gone through this with information?

thank you

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Affidavit of support
3:25 am June 7, 2023



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I have a question if my husband worked in the US over 10 years will I still have to file affidavit of support 864 and we did taxes jointly 2022. And I am also dependent on him financially. Since he is the main provider in our house. I am a stay at home mom. But we have to file for the 601a waiver for entering illegally and staying over 10yrs.

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File N400 while I751 is pending
6:20 pm May 21, 2023


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Have been waiting 21 months for 1-751 but never get updates (texas service center) so I filed for N-400 today what are the processing times looking like? Does already haveing the i751 seem to help speed up the process thanks

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