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  1. I went to an info pass today. My case is currently at my local field office (west Palm Beach) they had asked I filed an AR-11 that is missing. I handed to the officer and he told me they do not handle this type of requests, I then told him how many times I sent it to Vermont without luck (reason why is missing from my file) and he said I don't have to file it at Vermont and just to follow the instructions in the second page of the AR11 form - I know he was wrong but didn't feel like arguing. Ultimately, I told him how long I've been waiting and he made a photocopy and said he would place on my file and let the records department know I came to inquire about the status he also suggested me to keep my congressional help in order to speed my interview. Only God know when I'll be getting my interview but we gotta stay positive through this journey.
  2. Omg congrats!!! How was the interview? What documents did they ask and what field office did you go to?
  3. Thanks! I just called USCIS for an inforpass.. turns out they do have my current address ( I changed it through my congressman) I inquired about my case through congressman since they didn't reply my birth certificate RFE for 3 months. The case is at the local field office but they replied the following: Good Morning Congressman Deutch, Thank you for contacting the West Palm Beach Field Office Liaison. I conducted a review of the case and found the following: The applicant’s file is located in our office, but there is no AR-11 / Change of Address form on file, for her most current address. Can you ask the applicant to file an AR-11, reflecting her current address? We hope the information provided is helpful. Thank you again for contacting the West Palm Beach Field Liaison. If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, West Palm Beach Field Office Department of Homeland Security United States Citizenship and Immigration Services This is why I'm not sure if to file to Vermont... I have a feeling they won't forward the form to my local office. I will send it anyway and go to infopass. Thanks again
  4. Hi guys, Do they request Tax returns at the AOS interview? Just curious. And also, if I send a form AR-11 to Vermont, will they redirect it to my local field office where my file is? Thanks!
  5. @sandranj hoping you read this. Is it possible to notarize my AR-11
  6. Good afternoon Vjers! I hope you all had wonderful Holidays and I pray this year brings many approvals to all of us. I finally got a response from my congressman office, my file is finally at my local office (West Palm Beach) however, they say they have no AR-11 on my file and to file a new one with my current address.. Has anybody had anything similar happen? Can I notarize my form AR-11? Thanks in advance for your helpful information.
  7. Hi All, congratulations to all the approvals and best of luck on the interviews 🙏 anybody here has had a birth certificate RFE on their pending i485? I sent mine 35 days ago to NBC and so far it only says they received it, how did it take for them to make a decision about it? im currently waiting for my congressman to inquire again. thank you!
  8. I went a month after I applied for VAWA so in Oct 2017 and you could still make appointments online. if you call USCIS I believe they can give you an Infopass appointment
  9. At infopass I went shortly after I fired the attorney.. because he sucked. He was only good to charge money from my poor frustrated soul. He “lost” the AOS receipt when I asked him for ALL my documents back. The officer there just refused to give me a copy and said to write a letter to Vermont (and I did) go figure NO RESPONSE of course. then I requested it online where it says If I didn’t receive / lost a receipt but 2 weeks letter I received a response from a USCIS director saying they cannot provide copies and I don’t have an attorney now so I’m not sure the last option helps for me. Thanks for your response though🙏 lesson learned: I now have multiple copies of my receipts. I was 22 years old back when I started VAWA and of course it didn’t come through my head to make copies 😭 im praying to be scheduled for interview sooner than later at this point good luck to all of us 💞
  10. I’m screwed. I sent a request online requesting a copy but it says they cannot send this (due to VAWA) and also info pass officers cannot help me. I even sent them a notice to come to my original interview from when I was supposed to go with USC ex
  11. I didn’t because the attorney who filed my VAWA lost it!! And I haven’t been able to get a copy from USCIS. I did give them my case number for my i485 in my cover letter but looks like didn’t help...
  12. They didn’t accept my advance parole renewal under c09 bc I didn’t pay the fees 😢
  13. You too! Keep us all in prayers. I contacted my congressman office and they also said: in Oct 24. USCIS told them my case is still pending and to check again in 60 days. It will be 60 days on the 23rd when they’ll inquire again. Hopefully pressures them to transfer my case. 🙏🙏🙏
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