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  1. Address was correct and I had received a PF extension just a week before they sent the RFE. I have no idea why USPS could not deliver but I'm glad to hear at least I'll be able to argue. Thank you so much.
  2. Good afternoon guys, I am desperate for any help or feedback for my current situation... I'm an August 2017 filer. USCIS sent an RFE on Jan 26, 2019 that "could not be delivered by USPS" I sent the letter requesting USCIS to send it again and I also contacted my congress woman in Feb without an answer. Now I received it today only to find out this RFE expired April 26 😱Can somebody tell me what to in this case? This is a good moral character RFE and they want a letter from the country I resided in so it will take me at least 1 week to gather all police clearance letters from the countries and states I've lived in. Thanks for reading, any help would enormously appreciated. πŸ™
  3. Yes, thank you sooo much. Did that today and I'm waiting on my rep to respond.
  4. Hi, when did you apply? My receipt date is Aug 22. 2017 and I'm waiting for their RFE...
  5. How can I get a congressman to inquire about an RFE the "Post Office couldn't deliver" ? After sending them 3 letter asking to send again, they haven't. It's been almost 3 months and I know RFE's are time sensitive.
  6. Did you receive any RFEs? I applied on Sept 2017
  7. Thanks, will do. Hopefully they can help with an appointment schedule
  8. What's 1360, I apologize for my ignorance 😬
  9. I agree, I filed my original I-485 package with abuser by myself. I only wish I was confident enough to file by my own but I've waited for so long that I no longer care about the "ifs, were should've" LOL
  10. Yes, the one I originally filed with USC abuser
  11. Anybody knows if they would adjudicate an EAD renewal and Advance Parole (I-331) under C9 category although I am already divorced and pending VAWA and RFE?
  12. Yes, I only found about this months later. This forum it's a real life savor πŸ™Œ
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