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    We met on a website called italki in March of 2015. I wanted to learn Spanish and he was learning English. He sent me a message asking if I wanted to practice with him and we exchanged Skype information and the rest is history! I went to visit El Salvador for the first time in December of 2015 and again in February...and again in March...and May....and July...where he then proposed to me! We were married a month later in August of 2016 and started the process in September of 2016. Now we wait! It's so close and I can't wait to finally be together and (as much as I've loved it so far) kiss Skype goodbye!

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  1. That's the date my husband got his visa and entered the US as well! Congrats!
  2. Well, the gamble we took buying my husband's plane ticket for the day of my birthday (today) in advance paid off! I really didn't know if he would receive it in time and we were thinking we would have to cancel then flight when this morning I got the email saying his visa and passport were ready for pickup! I almost fainted! He got up and raced to get it and headed to the airport! He's now on his flight right now and will be landing in a few hours!! I can't believe it's over!! I asked him what we're going to talk about now since that's all that has occupied our thoughts and conversation for months lol. Thanks for all the support y'all!
  3. Here is the list of questions asked at the interview today. He said it was more like a conversation then direct questions but here's everything she asked. She asked if his name was Elmer and if his wife's name was Courtney. How did you meet? What do you do in El Salvador? What did you study at the university? Do you plan to study in the U.S.? How long have you been married? Did your wife's family travel to El Salvador for the wedding? When did you propose? What does your wife do for a living? What did she study at the university? Where is your wife's family from? She also looked at all of the photos that he brought with him. She looked at the police certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate and divorce certificate as well as my 2016 taxes.
  4. I've talked to about 4 different people who recently had their interviews in El Salvador and they all had their passport and documents ready to pick up in 3-4 days so we will definitely be checking Saturday and Monday! Thanks for the tip!
  5. Hallelujah and thank you Jesus! My husband just had his interview at the embassy in San Salvador, El Salvador and was approved!! I thought he'd be there much longer but his interview was at 8:30 and he called me at 8:50!!! He said he was interviewed by a lady and she was very nice but asked a lot of questions (not sure of the questions yet but when he gets home he will tell me) and she said everything was approved!!! I cried tears of joy! I'm so over the moon! I can't believe that after so long this is over. I'm beyond grateful and feel so blessed. All of our prayers paid off and God heard us. God bless each and every one of you that helped along the way and for all your prayers and well wishes! Good luck to all of you awaiting your interviews!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Tomorrow is my husband's interview! It's finally here after all this time! Any prayers you can send our way would be appreciated! I'll be back tomorrow with good news haha!
  7. I got my interview letter via email exactly one week after my CC date and 3 days after they confirmed the interview date over the phone. It could be different for everyone depending on the embassy but that was my experience.
  8. Quick update, my husband received the documents I mailed him today! No need for me to panic anymore lol! Thanks for all the encouragement everyone
  9. Finally!!! Congratulations and I'm sorry you had to wait so long! Thankfully it'll all be over soon Less than a month to go now.
  10. Received this email today from the embassy plus a phone call letting me know what documents my husband needs to bring to the interview. Of course he's going to take all of them, but this is saying they want to see originals of the following documents. It's kind of nice knowing exactly what they want to see. Now to see if that's all they really ask for! Presente el dia de su entrevista los siguientes documentos: 路 Solvencia de la Polic铆a Nacional Civil de El Salvador. (Police Certificate) 路 2 fotograf铆as recientes de frente, tama帽o 2 X 2, fondo blanco. (2 recent passport style photos) 路 Partida de nacimiento original. (Original birth certificate) 路 Partida o certificado de matrimonio original de usted con su peticionario. (Original marriage certificate) 路 Partida de divorcio original de su peticionario (Original divorce certificate of the petitioner)
  11. Exactly, then they can at least tell you what they think the best shot you have is and you can go from there. Definitely look up online reviews first before choosing one.
  12. Do you think it would be worth it to contact an immigration lawyer in your area to find out what your options are? Maybe find one with a free consultation and explain your situation to see if they think they might be able to help?
  13. What???!!! How on earth could they deny you? I remember us both waiting for our NOA2 because we had almost the same scan date. I can't believe you waited all this time and did everything right only to be denied. That makes me furious. I would most definitely appeal the decision. Search for CR1 visa appeals on Visa Journey and maybe you can find someone else who did it and was successful. Again, I'm so sorry.
  14. I'm so sorry....I honestly can't imagine what you're going through and it must be so hard. I know this is a stupid question and I'm sure the answer is yes, but you did take evidence of your relationship right? I can't believe they would deny you especially after you say you lived together for such a long time.