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US Immigration from Dominican Republic

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221g // Santo Domingo
5:27 pm May 26, 2023



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is anyone in administrative processing in Santo domingo? I have been in AP since July 2021.

any advice as to what can be done.

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1-601 waiver approvals 2023
5:28 pm May 25, 2023

Judy & Jose M.

Judy & Jose M.

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Hello Everyone, I got approved for I601 waiver in February 2023. Does anyone know how long it's taking to receive instructions from Santo Domingo US Consulate?

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I知 so overwhelmed.
3:40 pm May 24, 2023


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I m overwhelmed with all this, if I had the money I d hire a lawyer

out noa2 was April 10th. I m just trying to get ahead of the game as much as I can so once we get our case number we can continue paying the fees and stuff

my question is about a co sponsor, my cousin is going to be our co sponsor as I didn t make enough last year unfortunately. Won t get into detail about that but I m confused on what forms she needs to fill out and what I need to fill out. Do we both fill out the I-864 or what?

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AOS documents needed for forms
2:29 am May 18, 2023

Glenda and Tony

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My husband is in the process of adjusting his status (K1 visa) and I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions. We are filing I-485, I-864, I-131, and I-765 and was wondering what documents need to accompany each application. Also, is there just one filing fee since we are filing all documents at the same time or does each application have a fee (I know the I-864 and I-765 does not have a fee). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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Bringing children to US after arrival
9:33 pm May 4, 2023

Glenda and Tony

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Hi all,

Just a quick question here. My husband arrived in April on a K-1 visa. We did not bring the children because he wanted to see how things were here in the US before bringing them. Pretty soon we are looking at them coming over but I am not sure what we need to do. Does anyone know the process once the parent has arrived and then sends for the children? The children were listed on the K1 application. Please advise. Thank you.

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