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US Immigration from Dominican Republic

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Moving on
11:02 pm yesterday


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The first portion of the post was written as my initial question. i needed to back track so my situation makes sense. On August 2018:

On March 2017 I got married in the Dominican Republic and started the cr1 process for my husband shortly after. Long story short we were a little more than half way through the process ( A case number was assigned and I got an email stating to start paying the fees to continue). We ended up breaking up and leaving the process alone ( so I didn t respond to the email) and haven t been in contact since. I am still married and I am currently looking into getting a Divorce. My family is from the Dominican Republic and we vacation there quite often. And you guessed it. I currently like someone else and we have been talking for quite sometime. This time I do not want to get married right away and again it seems like we really like eachother. I was wondering if my previous relationship/marriage will get in the way of my current boyfriend getting his visa if we go the fianc route. ( trying to take my time).? The reason being is he has already been denied when he petitioned for a vida and we feel in this is our best route. Will the fact that ?I started this process and never finished work against me or in ?my favor? I know no one is an expert but hoping someone can? shed some light on this! Thanks. ?

fast forward to current date and my new questions. Any advice is

okay so I emailed the NVC on September and they responded back stating the application is under administrative review they will advise me if there is anything else they need from me. I have already started my divorce and luckily it has been smooth sailing. We aren t in a rush and have just been enjoying each others company as we figure it all out. After visiting this August I went in October and will be going for New Years. We are currently opening a joint saving account in Dominican Republic for dates sake. What we would like to know is once this whole thing is over. Like I hear back from NVC and the cancelation and my divorce is finalized, how long should we take to start our process? We have nothing but proof to send out plane tickets dates pictures money transfers we just don t know when it s a good time and if the fianc route is the way to go for us. Thanks!!

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K2-AOS interview- St Louis 11/08/18
4:02 pm yesterday


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We finally had over AOS interview for my bonus daughter.

She came here 7/27/17 from the Dominican Republic when she was only 6 years old.

My husband never had to go for an AOS interview so I was unsure what they would ask of a child, now 8 years old.

When we were finally called back, they first asked her if she spoke and understood English.

She is now fluent, so no issues there.

They followed the questions on the I-485 form.

They asked her her full name, birth date, and address.

Where she was born, and where she lived the Dominican Republic as well as her mothers name.

They also asked her which airport did she first arrive to when she came the first time...She said to Grandma's :) The officer said didn't you come to Miami and she said yes.

He than asked her if they gave her any extra papers upon her arrival. They also asked her if she had traveled outside the US since arriving.

She gave the officer a chuckle when she told him that Grandma and Grandpa must be bored waiting for her interview to be over.

I had taken 3 binders of information, My husband's K1 and AOS binders and her AOS binder.

I was asked to give photos with family, school and/or anything showing her residing at our address, custody papers and my husbands green card.

He application was updated to show her social security #, AP/EAD card and A number.

I was asked if that was my signature on her application and asked to sign again for the updated information.

They asked me if I was going to adopt her, but that thought had never crossed my mind, but I did she would be an instant citizen.

Her father can become a citizen in 2020, and also if he comes a citizen she would as well.

I was told that if either does happen be sure to fill out the N-600 form for certificate of citizenship before she turns 18.

The interview lasted 40 min. only to be continued for final review.

I do not foresee any issues, but would have loved answer prior to leaving.

I am relieved it is over, and we are still waiting just a little longer I hope!

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Stuck in Administative Processing
8:42 pm yesterday


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Hello I filed a K1 visa Feb 22 2017, interview on October 2017 in Dominican republic. We were told that my Fianc e required additional documents (Certificate of Juzgado de la Instrucci n del Distrito Judicial del Distrito Nacional - general system query). We've went to a lawyer there and received the document and sent it. It's been several months now with no status update. First what exactly is this document and what other steps should I take?

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K1 Visa from Immigrant to Nonimmigrant Status
5:43 pm yesterday


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Hello Everyone,

How long after my case has new creation date will it show "Issued" ?


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Starting Process
5:20 pm yesterday

Pedro and Hailee

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Once we receive the receipt number and the paper stating our petition was received, what is our next step? USCIS is telling us that we are to follow the instructions listed on that paper, but there are no instructions, other than what to do if our address changes.

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