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How/When to marry, dilemma
9:46 pm May 31, 2023



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Hey everyone,

me (Czech) and my partner (US born citizen) were aiming to file for K-1 sometime between this June and July this year, but after reading through a number of threads here, it seems CR-1 will be the sensible choice. We will have been together for a year by the end of July/beginning of August and I already visited them earlier this year on ESTA (stayed 80 days). Reading through the forums here, I'm becoming convinced we should have just winged it and done a round trip to Vegas, lol.

My partner is visiting me in December, so the next idea is to get married then, but here's the one argument for K-1 - making the wait "shorter" by about 5-6 months by filling the I-129F now instead of getting married in December and filling the I-130 afterwards . Third option is the Utah online marriage thing, I only learnt about it today - is it actually possible to apply for a CR-1 after an online marriage, considering my partner would be connecting from the US and I from Czechia? Evidence wise, my visit to the States earlier this year and my partner's visit to the Czech Republic this December sounds okay enough?

Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if the same questions have been answered elsewhere already, I tried to read through a bunch, but didn't quite find the reassurance.

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N-400 April 2023 Filers
8:30 pm April 8, 2023


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Hi everyone,

I haven't seen a thread for April 2023 Filers so here's one I just filed yesterday 4/7/2023 after some technical issue with the online application. Hope you're all doing well, WE ARE NEARLY DONE WITH THIS THING!

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Can we get married in the US on an ESTA then apply for CR1?
8:08 pm March 26, 2023



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I'm stuck in a job that's crushing my spirit and pays me next to nothing, and i finally have enough money to afford a two way ticket and an esta application. I really want to just drop everything and visit my partner in the US for two months with an ESTA. he suggested we could get married during my stay. Would this be okay ? We're just wondering if it's a possibility to be able to apply and be together sooner. Thank you for replies.

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Question: which visa would be better for us? (Fiancé or spousal visa)
9:58 am March 18, 2023



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We have been dating for 7 years but haven't been able to meet yet due to financial issues and the pandemic. We're getting close to having enough to finally be able to meet in my home country and we want to get engaged during his visit here. Our plan was originally the k1/fianc visa but i've been advised against it on reddit due to the long wait periods to get a work permit and ability to travel etc. But the problem about the CR1 is that we won't have any joint accounts/shared mortgage etc what is considered strong evidence of a bona fide marriage. We thought we could get married/elope in my home country, then my spouse would return home and file for me and give them the evidence we have (skype logs,messages,package and gift receipts, pictures) since we will likely have to live separately until i can move to live together in the US therefore can't share an account/car/etc like i mentioned above, but i'm worried it wouldn't be solid enough for the marriage visa. TLDR: we will be meeting in person for the first time and getting engaged but we don't know which visa would work for us.

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This forum is so much more helpful than asking the NVC a question
3:48 pm February 27, 2023



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That's all. You're all providing such an amazing service and I love how supportive this community is. Great job everyone.

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