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Missing vaccinations at medical (CR1 visa)
3:00 pm January 11, 2019


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I would like to ask for your opinions about required vaccinations for CR1 Visa (interview scheduled in Prague, Czech Republic)

I understand that based on my age (30) I am required to get the following vaccinations before my medical - please correct me if I am wrong.

TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) - from the records it seems I do not have Pertussis vaccination

MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) - I have all vaccinations

Varicella - I had Chickenpox when I was little, I assume I should be fine

Influenza - I do not have vaccination

So I called the approved doctor to ask about the process regarding necessary vaccinations. They told me they would just mark that I do not have them on the form for the embassy - they do not administer the vaccinations at the medical. They also added that "if you have Tetanus vaccination, you should be fine for the embassy interview". Is this a common approach? Or is it country specific? Or complete BS? :)

My other question is - what would happen at the embassy interview if they find out I do not have some of the vaccinations? Would that be a denial until I get them? Would that mean new medical examination?

I assume the best way will be to get the missing Pertussis and Influenza vaccinations before the medical. However, the answer from the doctor completely surprised and confused me - I would expect the doctor would make sure I have all the necessary vaccinations (considering the cost of the medical exam and also the fact that I would receive "green card" valid for 10 years upon my arrival in the USA) or at least tell me to get them! I would appreciate opinions from people who have more insight in this ?

Thank you very much!

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I got married, my husband decided to divorce me, so I left US and what to do now
11:25 am January 9, 2019

Katerina Hall

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Hello, I'm gonna describe my situation. I got married March 2018, sent all paperwork to USCIS in July and my husband decided to divorce me and applied for divorce in August. I went to lawyers to ask, what are my options, but after all I decided to leave US in September, because I didnt want to get in trouble. But of course we were and still are in a divorce process, I was being served the divorce papers before I left and after I got home, I decided to sign the divorce papers and send it signed through e-mail to my husband. His divorce lawyer got it and my husband told me from now it is gonna take 90 days and then we will have to sign something again. But meanwhile he withdrew an affidavit of support, so they denied my application for green card, but I still got a work permit in November to his address, where we lived. My husband sent me an e-mail, that I got a mail in his house, so I told him to send it to me to UK, where I live now, but he didn't know I left the US, because he stopped talking to me and just talked to me about the divorce papers.. anyway he first contacted me, that I got mail on his address and when he found out, that I'm overseas, he said he didn't expect he will have to send it here and it will be expensive.. that's what he texted me in December 2018, now I still didnt get my mail, I even told him to just send it to people I know in the same city he lives and they would resend it to me.. he always sent me an email, that he will send it as soon as possible, but now I'm waiting more than month for him to send me my important mail from government with the work permit. I dont know what else am I supposed to do, I know it's illegal, if he keeps my mail.. but, if I'm not in US it's hard to get the mail from him. Also my friend was in almost same situation with the divorce and leaving US, but then she went back to finish the divorce process, she said I have to be present there to finish the divorce or at least my lawyer (but I dont have any lawyer). So I would like to ask, if there is any way how to get back and just finish the divorce? Also I went to US on esta in January 2018 and then I got married on esta, so I cant apply for it again, because I got married and overstayed the ESTA at the same time and then left, so I cant apply for it anymore. I would appreciate any help or somebody, who was in the same situation. And especially, how am I supposed to get my mail from my husband..

Thank you!

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Traveling outside of the US while waiting for removing conditions
6:05 pm December 20, 2018


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I've been outside of the US for 4 months now and still planning on staying at home in Europe for a couple more.

I'm waiting for removing the conditions. I sent the application before I left back in July and didn't know I'd go to Europe for so long.

Do I have to send additional information? Does anyone have an experience with this, please?

Thank you for all your help.


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NVC phase - Police Certificate (less than 6 months stay)
9:23 am December 1, 2018


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Hello everybody,

I would like to ask for your help and opinion.

My wife (US citizen) is petitioning for me (Czech Republic citizen) for CR1 VISA. Our case is currently at NVC.

After Submitting my DS 260 in CEAC, it is asking me to upload a police certificate from Canada, even though I only stayed there for 5 months (Jan 2013 - May 2013) on a tourist visa. Can I just mark that this document is not available? Since I haven't lived in Canada for more than 6 months, I believe the requirement to provide Police Certificate from Canada does not apply to me. I am correct or did I miss something?

I do not have the police certificate at my disposal at the moment and from what I understand it is not easy and quick to get it if you are not living in Canada.

Your advice is much appreciated!


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Travel abroad
6:11 am November 30, 2018


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I applied for N400 in June 2018 based on the 5 year rule. My case should be finished in July 2019. I am considering "taking break" and travel internationally for a couple of months, this would involve leaving current job and moving out from my current living place. Are these changes going to negatively impact my citizenship application? Another question is How much are they questioning previous marriage if you got your permanent residency per spouse?


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