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k1 visa, overstay and baby
6:59 am September 20, 2019



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hi, I will have my interview for k1 visa in couple of days. I previously overstay j1 visa. I left by myself. me and the US citizen have a baby together, who resides with me out of usa. baby is US citizen with passport. I am worried of getting denied because of my overstay and my spouse will be without his daughter.

what are the chances for having overstay forgiven?

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SSN not arrived after 4 weeks (Temple, TX)
2:49 pm September 3, 2019



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Hello everyone ?

Has anyone on here had an issue with their social security card taking too long? I applied for mine on 31.7. (got married on 2.8.) and I'm still waiting (it's been almost 5 weeks. Could the marriage between be a problem?) I called the Temple office twice, once it was on 3 weeks mark, the lady look it up by my reference number, told me it's still in process and should wait for the 4th week. Called again today, lady told me first she can't look it up by my reference number, I told her the lady 2 weeks ago did it no problem then she told me if the lady told me to wait, I should wait and I told her it's been already over 5 weeks. After that she told me to go there again and apply for new one (she went on saying that I will receive it in 7-10 days which is B's as foreigner I have to go through background check and that's another 4 weeks of waiting). I have informed delivery with USPS and so far I had no issue getting anything delivered and always got an email about all my deliveries. Anyone got the same issue? Should I just wait? Should try to call again and hopefully speak with someone else?

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Missed my biometrics appointment and I am not in the States right now
3:18 pm August 19, 2019


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Hello, could you, please, help me - I missed my biometrics appointment in the States. I am currently outside of the USA because of a family reason and need to stay here for a while.

I am waiting for removing my condition on my green card. I missed the appointment because I got the mail too late.

What should I do now? Is it possible to reschedule it outside of the States? And how do I do it?

Thank you,

Maru ka

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I485 Violation of terms
4:51 pm August 13, 2019



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Hello, I'm currently filing form I-485. I came to US on WT (tourist visa) in February and married my husband in May. In form I-485 part 8 they are asking if I ever violated terms of my nonimmigrant status. Should I say yes because I got married on my WT and therefore I'm currently overstaying my 90 days or did I not violated the terms because I got married within those 90 days?

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Supporting evidence for AoS
5:57 pm August 9, 2019



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Hi guys,

I have a question concerning the supporting evidence while filling AoS. Ive been in US for about 2 weeks. I came on K1 visa and we got married. Im waiting for my SSN right now and filling all the forms for the AoS. Do I need to send with AoS supporting evidence of our marriage? (like bank statements, insurance, phone bills, other bills with both our names, etc)? Its hard to get these without SSN and it takes really long for them to even send them. As my husband is deploying in September we wanna send everything as soon as possible. Do I need these evidence now with AoS or only later for the interview? I found conflicted information on the internet.

Thank you.


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