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US Immigration from Czech Republic

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Ready to AOS but worried about RFE due to “missing vaccination”
5:02 pm June 22, 2021



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Okay so here is the problem. I just realized that the doctor in my home country did not check Varicella History on the medical form that shows my vaccinations but rather he wrote in Not routinely available / marked it as D despite me telling him I had chickenpox as a kid. Will I get a RFE or am I okay to send it in as is? The form is signed as completed. Anyone else has had similiar issue/experience? Please help.

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I am told getting married in the usa on ESTA is illegal (even if I intend to go back home)?
5:24 pm May 17, 2021



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Title. I am in a fb group for ppl who moved to usa and I asked a question about paperwork, however everyone is grilling me over me getting married in the states being illegal eventhough I clearly stated that I will be going back home before the 90 day period and well be doing CR1 visa (we wanna send out the I130 while Im still there though). I really dont think what I plan to do is wrong, I do think those people are wrong, but just to make sure.. is it ok or not?

Thank you

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F-1 student married to US citizen - tax credit for tuition 1098-T
9:01 pm March 24, 2021



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Hi! I have a question about tax return as a married international student.

I was a F-1 student from Fall 2019 until June 2020. I got married last year (June 2020) to a US citizen and we want to fill out our taxes jointly.
Recording to the IRS, I can choose to be treated as a resident for tax purposes for 2020 since I got married in 2020 and we want to fill jointly.

Will I qualify for the tax credit (1098-T) to get tax refund then? I paid my tuition by myself so I should qualify for that If I understand it right.

Is anyone in the same situation? Does your school have a problem to issue you the 1098-T or was there any problem with that?

Thank you for any advices!


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Received RFE for I-944 which is now DISCONTINUED [merged threads]
4:34 am March 22, 2021



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Hello, I have received Request for Evidence (in February 2021) for form I-944 which I just found out has been DISCONTINUED (https://www.uscis.gov/i-944). I was supposed to submit this form until May 2021 so now I am confused. Should I just ignore the RFE since it was discontinued???

Thank you!!!

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I751 Petition to remove conditions on residence - waiting time
3:16 pm March 5, 2021

Radka & Keith

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Hello there!

my 2 years Green Card expired and my 18 months extension as well. Case status is telling me that my case is ready for interview since 22 April 2020. I understand that we have Covid situation here but I need your advice, guys.

I'm currently back in Czech Republic and not sure if I can come back to USA. With expired Green Card and ended extension?! Logically I could but I have no proof really only I797 Notice of Action with that expired extension.



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