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  1. Inquired a lawyer on the same issue and this was his response. I really hope he's right. Wanted to put this here to see if anyone has tried his service or general thoughts. Thanks again guys.
  2. I arrived August 31st, 2021. My visa never expired I fell "out of status" because I didn't enroll in enough classes during that semester (all F-1 needs to enroll in school full-time, wanted to apply for "reduced course load but my medical documents weren't ready in time). I fell out of status December 24th of 2021. I didn't leave bc I didn't get the right Covid test for China and I couldn't board. I did want to get to know my husband better too. We got married August 1st, 2022.
  3. It says D/S, the F1 visa stamp on my passport says 22 Dec 2024. My i-20 has program start/end date at 30 December 2023, current session date from 30 August 2021 to 21 December 2021.
  4. My VPN isn't the best so I haven't been replying in this forum. Thanks to everyone that's been helping and responding.
  5. Thank you for explaining. Are there scenarios where you won't be given a waiver? How does that usually happen?
  6. Became out of status in 2021 December, wanted to leave in May, but left in January this year. I have flight confirmation showing I wanted to leave in May but that's the same month I met my husband.
  7. This might be a silly/obvious question but I have read online (I know, not the best sources) somewhere that if you are out of status on an F1 visa without being deported and left before the expiry date of your visa you should still be fine moving forward to immigrant visa application (CR1 in my case). I wonder if that's true? I had stayed for a year but COVID played a big part in why I couldn't leave and later on I met my husband and got married immediately. Second question is if I should file CR1 first or vice versa? I read the timeline of someone here they didn't file for i601 until their K1 was denied, and they received their K1 after waiver being approved. So I wonder if I should do the same. Thanks for everyone's reply in advance and thank you for ur help!
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