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K1 to AOS Taxes
1:05 am February 21, 2020



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Hello! I'm getting overwhelmed here for tax season.

  • My husband came in June 2019
  • We married in September 2019
  • No income in 2019 to file for him.

So we're trying to do the ITIN number Application (W7). I believe his passport is the only documentation we need as it has his physical copies of his visa. His adjustment of status, work, and travel permits are all pending right now with an expected reply in June apparently. So right now I don't have much else besides the Visa to provide, but the visa has technically expired.

  • Do I file the W7 first, then use the ITIN info on a regular tax return?
  • Where do I go to get the certified copies?
  • Do I only need the passport to be copied?

Thank you all! I'm getting a bit overwhelmed here. I didn't even know about an ITIN until a few days ago ?

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Chile K1 Visa
12:53 pm February 15, 2020



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Hello all, just trying to reach out/link up with anyone going through or has gone through the k1 visa process in Chile. Any tips or hints? Does anyone have information on packet 3, or what is needed at the interview? Questions asked at the interview? How long it takes to get an Interview? Please and thank you.

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Question about paperworks for the interview (merged)
6:29 pm January 25, 2020



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I've been a permanent resident for 10 years, so I decided to apply for the citizenship.

I have my appointment date and one of the documents they ask is all your passports.

After renewing my passport for the first time, the Chilean embassy kept the old one and give me a new one.

What is going to happen?

I'm really stress about the situation.

Thanks for the help

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2:56 am January 23, 2020

Carlos Zapata

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How do I stop the process. We are at the process to do the medical and then the week after with the interivew...Wowza ...my fiance was unfaithful big time and i have got to figure out it all with my mind being so messed up.

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Change Vehicle Registration to Include Husband?
4:54 pm January 19, 2020


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Should I change the vehicle registration to include my husband in order to send that in with our I-751? Cost is $170.00 per vehicle! Currently its just me on the registration for both vehicles because 1. I purchased my vehicle before we started dating and 2. for his vehicle he was working for a company that wouldn't allow him much time off and I had unlimited vacation at the time so I just took the vehicle in.

This is what we currently have for our evidence:

- US and Chilean marriage certificates and Chilean family record book

- Current drivers license, previous drivers license and instruction permit

- Joint tax records

- Affidavits

- Bank statements showing direct deposit and grocery, internet, gas, electric, mortgage, being paid out of our joint account

- Recorded deed for our home, loan application, mortgage statements, yearly insurance policy, tax bill w/both of our names

- Gas and electric statement

- Current health insurance cards, previous health insurance cards, medical notes for me regarding fertility plan and lab results

- Copy of retirement designation form designating my husband as primary beneficiary

- Auto Insurance ID cards and verification of insurance with both our names as jointly covered

- Travel details of 2 trips we took together

- Photos

- Other evidence: Costco membership, copy of check that was sent from my grandmother with both of our names for Christmas gift, card from my parents for our 2nd anniversary, card that I gave to my husband for our 1st anniversary

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