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  1. wow that's a long time!! i would have been mad too! ugh we still have like a year of waiting. such a long process!!
  2. oh i hope i get a nice CO too! it seems it wasn't a hard process for your husband, i am glad, hopefully mine isn't hard either when my time comes! and i agree about smoking in Chile 😂 it is annoying for us that dont smoke! thank you so much for answering all my questions!! i hope everything goes well for you and your husband and that you two can be together soon!
  3. oh that sucks. did you also had to wait a long time when they scheduled the interview the first time? it seems it takes like 2 months from what i have seen here. but thankfully now your process is almost over!!
  4. we got the NOA1 in august so there is still a long time until i have my interview, but we want to be well prepared! and i wanted to know what to expect. like here on this website they say there are embassies where the interview is harder than others, like Morocco, so i was wondering how it was in Chile. thanks a lot, it did help! did they ask him more questions on the second round or did they just review the documents you submitted?
  5. that's good to know, thanks! do you mind if i ask how was the interview? i am curious since i will be having the interview in the Santiago Embassy too, and i couldn't find much information about it here compared to other countries.
  6. Thank you! I was worried they would think my husband was not interested in spending time here in my country, and that it would have a negative effect on the interview. But now i see I was worrying too much Plane tickets are so expensive, that every extra day we can spend together counts! He tries saving days too, but even so i am the one who has more days to visit usually. It has been two months since our last visit too, and we are also planning to see each other again in february! Good luck on your husband's immigration process! We still have a long wait sadly, but it will be so worth it in the end
  7. Thanks! I was worrying for nothing then
  8. maybe it is a dumb question, but does it matter who visits more? my husband (petitioner) has visited me only once, but i (beneficiary) have visited him 3 times. This works for us because he can only visit me for about 12 days while i can visit for many (20 days or more). It is also cheaper for me to visit. Now we are planning our next trip and it makes more sense if i do the travel again. Would this look bad when we have our interview? we got our NOA1 on august.
  9. Here you can see the processing times for the different service centers. You sent your petition to the Chicago Lockbox, and then they will send it to a service center. You will know your service center once you get your NOA1. Here you can check your case status. You can also create an account there, and then turn on email and mobile alerts for your case. But you need your receipt number for that, you will get it with your NOA1. Good luck!
  10. Yes, we are married already, and he is in the Air Force. We just got our NOA1 a month ago, so we still have a long wait unfortunately! Not enough time for me to get the green card unless we try to expedite our case, so we wanted to know if there were other options.
  11. Thanks! This helps a lot and gives us hope. Because of our research we thought it wasn't possible to do this because we thought having green card was necessary. Thanks a lot!
  12. Thanks! So it is possible. That is what we wanted to know! I will tell him to ask his command then
  13. I am not in the US. I am in my country while our I-130 is processing. That is why I ask, were you able to go with your husband before having your green card? We would like to know if it's possible. We know there is a USCIS military help line, but I don't think they can help.
  14. Thanks a lot for your detailed response! I We are not sure to who we can ask this questions. But from what we have been reading, it seems we would have to try to expedite our case like you said, and wait until I become a permanent resident. We were hoping that was not the case
  15. Well, sorry if I was not clear, but what I'm asking is if I can get a SOFA visa for Germany even if I don't have a green card yet, not about the visa for the US. So, were you able to go and live with him in Japan before having your green card? We have been researching online but everything we find is about people that already had their green cards when their spouses were stationed overseas. We would like to know if it's possible for me to be command sponsored, get a SOFA visa and go with him even if I don't have a green card. Thanks!