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  1. awesome! i’m glad finally you have your card! now we can forget about all of this immigration stuff for a while haha
  2. thank you very much! i will be doing all that so it goes smoothly. i’m excited and a little nervous about filling, it’s a very big step compared to the green card paperwork. I hope you get everything done before you have to leave for Japan!
  3. Thanks! That helps a lot! I don’t have new evidence of marriage since I moved here a week before everything shut down because of covid, so I was a little worried about that. About the visa, I know you have to get the missione visa for Italy. Did you ask the passport people at your husband’s base how to apply for the visa? If they don’t know, I would ask directly to the italian consulate/embassy how to apply for it. Since we aren’t citizens people on base usually don’t know what we should do i’m going to Europe too and they told me to just ask the embassy about my situation, I’m not going to Italy but in my case the consulate was able to help me about all the things I needed for travel.
  4. Let us know when you get it! I’m glad it’s going quickly now after that long wait!
  5. Oh then you can’t skip ROC. But you can still go with your spouse to Italy using your country’s passport if you’re on his orders, then come back to the US for your interview and oath. Maybe you can try expediting your biometrics, so you can do them before you leave the US. Contact the military help line for that! Also I don’t know if you already know, but make sure you get the visa for Italy because I’ve read they’re one of the countries that you need to get a visa before travel. I will be filling later this year, we are pcsing too but got the hard orders too late for me to file before leaving the US. Did you include evidence of your marriage with the form or just the military papers like orders, etc? This part is something i’m not very sure about what to do 🤔
  6. if you get naturalized before it’s time for you to file for ROC, then you can skip ROC. But if you are still waiting for your naturalization when your ROC window opens, then you have to file for ROC. But I don’t know if you need to have just the naturalization interview before it’s time for you to file for ROC to skip it or if you need to be naturalized. So you can file for naturalization now and if you’re still waiting for it when your time to file for ROC comes, then file for ROC.
  7. I would suggest to use the address of your spouse’s parents just because it’s easier. Your green card could take a long time to arrive, and it’s better to have a mailing address you know won’t change. Then when you have an address you change it to that one, either at POE or if you still don’t have an address when you move, then once you have one. We went through something similar, and I waited to file the DS 260 until my husband had the new address where we were going to live, but then my green card took a long time to arrive and we were pcsing , so it was super stressful not knowing if it was going to arrive before we left.
  8. POE: March 3, 2020 In production: August 17, 2020 after two inquiries Mailed: September 3, 2020 Received: September 8, 2020
  9. i got my card today! no updates on my uscis or the egov website since my card was mailed last thursday. i hope you get yours soon!
  10. Unfortunately for some people it just takes longer to receive the card. Some of us have been waiting for the card since march, meanwhile others who arrived after already have it. You just have to wait, and if after 120 your wife hasn’t received her card, she can make an inquiry.
  11. It shows mailed both websites. But when it was in production my uscis didn’t update, it said in process but showing the same date as the egov website when it updated to “in production”.
  12. the beneficiary will receive an email with the NVC details, and then a couple of months later he will receive the same information by physical mail. I don’t think the petitioner receives a copy of that information, at least my husband didn’t.
  13. Not yet. My status says they mailed it last Wednesday, 16 days after it went in production. I tried to get a tracking number Thursday but i guess they didn’t have it yet. I suppose i will get the card this week. I’m very excited!
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