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  1. There are many good threads on visajourney about this. They are a little old but things haven’t changed I don’t think. For example this one if you’re non military
  2. That’s strange. When did they cash your check? I received my receipt about 2-3 weeks after they received my package.
  3. Besides that letter, you can include in your application your spouses DEROS, it has the end date of your spouse’s assignment. Also, your spouse’s assignment history should have the end date of his current assignment too. I couldn’t get a letter from my husbands boss, so I sent orders, deros and assignment history
  4. Thanks for the reply! I am surprised they gave you the option to interview even in November! I would like my husband to travel with me so I was wondering if we would know the interview date with enough anticipation so that he could take leave we both are vaccinated, so no issues with that. My roc window opens in December so I am hoping I can naturalize before then.
  5. How long did it take for them to contact you? I applied in the middle of may and also chose DC. I am also wondering how much time you did have between interview notice and interview date? I’m curious because I am already overseas so I will need to fly back to the US.
  6. Hi everyone, So i filed by mail, and I was cheking my account today and it says they sent me a receipt notice. I have read that you can see your notice on a ‘document’ tab on your uscis account, so I tried that but instead of a receipt notice there is a scan of a document I submitted under “additional evidence” as if I had submitted that online somehow. Did they make a mistake, or checking your receipts online is not available for those who filed by mail?
  7. Seeing your post made me go check my bank account. My application was received May 20 and my check was also cashed June 2
  8. You can check this thread for recent timelines In my case, last year, I had to apply in person at the SSA office for my SSN. I selected yes on the ds260 but i didn’t receive my ssn card. I needed it for some paperwork at my husband’s job. It wasn’t easy but in the end I was able to get an appointment at the SSA. My green card took 6 months and I had to make two inquiries to USCIS.
  9. What visa did you have? CR1 or K1? If you came the to US on a CR1 you have to have an interview for ROC but if you came on a K1 it may be waived.
  10. You have to apply within 90 days before your conditional green card expires, that is, 90 days before 12/22!! Don’t send the application too early, or it will be rejected. The 3 year LPR thing is about citizenship, not ROC. and yes, they automatically give you an extension letter when you apply for ROC, and you have to pay for it, and then pay for citizenship. Honestly one of the reasons i’m doing 319(b) is to hopefully avoid ROC 😜 I would just continue your 319(b) application, but that’s just my opinion. Read the USCIS website about all applications and see what’s best for your situation Because of ROC you may still have to go back to the US probably so then why not just have the naturalization interview.
  11. I read from another visajourney user I think (or maybe I read it in a facebook group), that she was being asked an interview location for her ROC interview. She is also overseas on orders. So i believe you have to go back for a ROC interview. yes i think you could do it in Spain. But because of covid I don’t know how they’re doing interviews if they are doing them overseas. So the steps are file for ROC when it’s time for you to do so, wait until you have been a LPR for three years and have been living with your spouse for three years, and file for naturalization under 319(e) This is what I have read while doing my research about the options I had, specially the 319(b) which is the application I ended up filling for.
  12. 90 days before your green card expires, you have to file for ROC. After you file, you will receive an extension letter. So for 319(e) since you’re a conditional resident you have to file for ROC no matter what, when the time comes. So when you meet all requirements you could apply. Basically, to apply for 319(e) you have to meet all 319(b) requirements PLUS meet the general naturalization requirements, 319(a) (be a resident for five years, or in the basis of marriage, be a resident for 3 years and live in marital union with your US citizen spouse for 3 years, etc) Requirements here: https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/learn-about-citizenship/citizenship-and-naturalization/i-am-married-to-a-us-citizen So you would have to wait a while it seems, remember you need to have at least one year left on orders at the time of application for naturalization. Here is another link https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid%3AUSC-prelim-title8-section1430&num=0&edition=prelim
  13. I’m not an expert, but from what i’ve read .... If you applied under the other section, 319(e), then you would have had to apply for ROC first when your window opens, and then when you have been a resident for three years (you would have an extension letter + expired 2 year green card) you would have been able to apply and do all the naturalization process overseas. You would have a combo interview most likely. Under 319(b) you still have to file for ROC when your window opens, but if you naturalize before that happens then you can skip ROC.
  14. no, you filled correctly. You need to be married for 3 years and also be a permanent resident for 3 years (or LPR for 5 years) to qualify for naturalization overseas. You have only been married two years so you don’t qualify for that yet. Here is another link that explains it https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-i-chapter-9
  15. I’m in Europe as well! what field office did you choose? I went with the Washington D.C office. I hope you get the receipt soon, let me know when you receive it please! 🙏
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