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  1. Not all credit cards do that unfortunately. It would be great though. Yes! If you pay the CC from the joint account that would be great evidence. We pay all our credit cards from joint checking or savings.
  2. That's what I'm thinking too. Same thing happened to me, also WAC and applied for N-400 in June. Case was transferred to NBC mid August.
  3. I applied for citizenship in June and I haven't received biometrics appointment. I-751 transferred to NBC mid August.
  4. It starts from the GC expiration. It's the first line on the letter "Your conditional resident status is extended for 18 months from the expiration date on your form I-551 (also known as a green card)"
  5. It's standard procedure. Everyone gets charged that, just think of it as part of the application!
  6. No, no yet. I'm hoping they can reuse my biometrics from January 2020.
  7. I submitted mine in June, estimated completion was April 2021 and then it dropped to November 2020. I don't know if I believe it.
  8. Go to USCIS page, click on "check processing times", select the form and the office.
  9. You would submit credit card statements. Some CC show who made each purchase, some don't. They want to see transactions. If you have a joint CC but never use it I don't think that's very useful. I personally paid with a credit card so they have that information anyway, so don't worry about that.
  10. Wow! I hope these estimates are accurate! Mine is Nov 2020, applied late June. My local office is San Bernardino. I haven't received anything about biometrics but I hope they reuse them since I did it in January 2020. I got lucky for AOS in San Bernardino, had my GC in 5 months, hopefully this will be the same!
  11. Where is your I-751? or was? Mine is WAC and yesterday I got a notice that it was transferred to NBC. I filed N-400 on June 28
  12. I got the notice today. My case is now at National Benefits Center. I'm hoping to get a combo interview. I also got an email on 8/17 saying the exact same thing as the one on 8/14. Not sure if it's a glitch or what but I'll keep you posted if I get another paper notice.
  13. Yesterday I got an email saying my case WAC has been transferred to a new office. I haven't received the paper notice yet. I applied for citizenship on June 28.
  14. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this! I just submitted my N-400 in June, I-751 pending since July 2019. I'll be ready if this happens to me!
  15. I included 3 years of employment and residence. Because it was online, I also included all marriage evidence even though it says you can bring that to the interview (just in case!). I too have a pending I-751.
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