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  1. Same here! (WAC but also filed N400 on June 28). It's too soon to expect movement I think.
  2. Her friends' confusion might have to do with the fact that sometimes the married for 3 years and LPR for 3 years align. For example, I got married 02/17 and I got my GC on 9/17 so the three year anniversary for both those things is in 2020. In your wife's case those dates are very far apart. Hopefully she will believe you without wasting money on a lawyer!
  3. Yes, you can! Drafts are saved for 30 days. Don't submit on the exact day you become eligible though, I've also read that it recorded the date in another time zone and it made it be early. But I think that was someone trying to submit it at like 12:01 am or something. I was eligible on June 27 and submitted it June 28.
  4. I did! I followed other people's suggestion to use Microsoft Edge instead of other browsers. Some people were having issues with uploading documents so make sure that's the last thing you do (meaning don't upload documents and then save a draft. Apparently documents don't save). Good luck!
  5. It asks specifically for the front and back of your green card, not the extension letter. I personally haven't read of anyone that uploaded the extension letter INSTEAD of the green card, but am curious if some have done so. I imagine you can upload both though. And of course applications get rejected when they are incomplete, or are missing mandatory evidence. And I think in your particular case, because your 10 GC was approved, it will be even more necessary to add it since the extension letter is probably void now. I added my conditional one because my case hasn't been approved. Waiting a couple of weeks to submit your form won't hurt you, but in the end it's your choice of course.
  6. I submitted my application yesterday. Estimated case completion April 2021
  7. I would wait for the green card since it specifically asks for that, otherwise the application might be incomplete.
  8. Hello! I just filed my application online, about an hour ago! I still have a pending ROC in California Center. My local office is San Bernardino, CA.
  9. Oh my god! I'm barely at 12 months lol Have you applied for citizenship? I think I will in the next few weeks.
  10. I'm WAC, haven't heard anything since biometrics in January. My window opens on June 27, I'll probably apply next week or right after July 4. I don't personally care about a combo interview, we're not too far from the local office and my husband can take a few hours off work.
  11. If you are applying under the 3-year rule, based on marriage, I believe your spouse has to come to the N-400 interview. Please correct me if I'm wrong!
  12. Same! No movement in WAC. My window opens June 27th, I haven't started the online application but I started gathering evidence.
  13. Why did you need a stamp? My understanding is that they only do it if your extension letter is expiring in the next 30 days.
  14. I would post these questions in the Citizenship forum, you will probably have better luck there. Great questions that made me think though! We're in a bit of a pickle because for some dumb reason filing taxes online hasn't worked for us (I think it doesn't like my two names). So we filed 2019 taxes by mail and although they were delivered, they haven't "accepted" them yet Looking at the instructions though, taxes are listed under "documents to bring to your interview". I also understand that either transcripts or returns will work. You upload it once and it serves as evidence for A and D sections.
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