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  1. I am so broken.. I can’t believe he left me behind. After all that trouble... 15 months visa process... 8 travels... He even quit his good paying job. Now, I’m scrambling to make up for the bills. How can he just go back to his country... We have been fighting much.. All my priorities were in the back burner. I took him to his interview, English school, swimming lesson, banks, etc etc... Making sure that he has all his needs. I’m just so broken... I wonder if this happened to anyone, then I would love to hear about it.
  2. Immigrating hard... That transition was especially hard for the both of us.. So, I wonder if this happened to anyone else.. Probably not..
  3. My husband and I have been fighting much since he moved to the US in December 2018. We didn't know that this was going to be this hard. Anyway, we decided to take some time off to rethink things through to cool off a little. Last night he flew out to Chile with his 2-year provisional visa. How long can he stay in Chile without any problem for him to reenter? How much time is a good time? We were thinking about a month.
  4. Wait, your spouse already filed I-864A, and they asked you to complete it again? And some people wait months and years until they get their visas approved. I think it varies by countries from what I’ve read here on VJ. The embassy in Chile work faster than most considering our case was done relatively fast. Well, not fast, but our AP process was short, for sure. I’m no expert on F4, but for all AP process, there really is nothing you can do but wait. Sucks...
  5. As of today, no. Just that her 30 day’s up! Now, it’s a waiting game. Her GC doesn’t expire until 2023. Does that mean she can still look for work? If nothing else happens?
  6. If anyone is following STILL, can anyone explain about this message? So, her 30 days to make an appeal has expired. Now she received the notice. What’s next?
  7. I had a co-sponsor for my i130. She was my best friend. I submitted her past (one year) tax transcript + tax return + pay stubs for 6 months + bank statement + her naturalization certificate + retirement savings + affidavit. I submitted these on 2018 for her 2017 documents and all worked out fine. Good luck to you!
  8. https://nj1015.com/its-official-murphys-sanctuary-state-rules-now-in-effect-for-nj-cops/ Interesting read for immigrants.
  9. Guys, I need help advising my friend. I will meet her later after she gets off work. She plans on moving to another state. I don’t know running away would solve anything. I don’t know what to say, because I don’t know what would happen if she just moved to another state. Help?
  10. Not in Hawaii. Due to small population, everything gets done fast. Or at lest, faster than other states. Only two weeks after her n400 interview, she received that 8 page letter of denial. The lawyers said that it the timeline depends on the officer who interviewed her.
  11. Okay, 3 weeks until her 30 days to make an appeal expires.. I will update in 3 weeks. Really curious to see what the officer will do in 3 weeks... Hopefully, nothing...
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