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Interview for F2B at Buenos Aires
3:46 am May 23, 2021


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Is anyone in category F2B waiting for an interview date? my DQ is oct 2020

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Combined I-751 and N-400 Approval - traveling?
4:37 pm May 13, 2021


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I'm having a strange situation. I had my combined interview on 03/18 in New York (Brooklyn Field Office). I was told I was approved for both but they couldn't approve me on the same day for both things. Soon after I got an approval letter for my I-751 that said since I'm approved for both they are not sending me a new green card. The consular officer told me it'd be around a month to get the Oath ceremony date and that it would be in NJ (I moved to NJ around the end of this process).

I still haven't gotten any mail and my online account status just says interview scheduled for the N-400, when I called USCIS a rep told me that it was still showing as pending even though they see I passed civics and English. She was very rude and just said they have 120 days to make a decision.

My issue is, I want to travel to my home country for a visit potentially in July, but I have no documents, so I'm wondering, is this even possible with just my I-751 approval letter? Also, anyone have experience with this type of delay?

I thought I was finally done being stressed about immigration but here I am.

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Entrevista en Buenos Aires
3:33 pm May 7, 2021


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Hola! Tengo asignada entrevista en Buenos Aires para la visa de diversidad 2021, Alguien sabe si el tr mite se puede pagar con d bito, tarjeta o solo aceptan efectivo en d lares?.

Por otro lado, Cu ndo demoran los examenes m dicos?


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Order or arrival
11:56 pm May 3, 2021



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On a few weeks I have my interview at the embassy. So we're starting to plan our moving trip to the US. There's a possibility that my wife (the USC and Sponsor) has to arrive later than me to the US (no more than a day or two). The condition to sponsor is that the citizen has domicile in the US or intent to reestablish it no later that the immigrants intended date of arrival.

Do you think we can have a problem by doing this in that way?

Edit: Tried to post in the CR1/IR1 forum but made I mistake.

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Buenos Aires Consulate
2:15 pm May 3, 2021

P & E

P & E

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I would like to create a thread for everyone waiting on interview in the Buenos Aires consulate, so to keep us updated.

My DQ is January 7th, 2021 so I have a long wait ahead.

Please share your experience

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