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    We met online in 2006 and since that day we are together. We became friends first and then he came to visit me to Argentina several times. Love has to be very strong to survive distance, we made it.

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  1. Sometimes I prefer to believe it's trolls because otherwise it means people don't care in throwing in the trash months and months of waiting (many of them with K1 visa in hand) , $$$ invested, etc and suddenly decide to do something so stupid and risky that can jeopardize the whole effort they did. Nothing surprises me anymore.
  2. Sunnyland

    London interview help!?

    Exactly. Otherwise it does not make any sense.
  3. OP, all what an attorney will do (if you consult with one) is telling you how bad your situation is and that the only way to be approved is if you hire him/her. Unless the attorney becomes your co-sponsor then I don't see how they can help you in this matter. You will be wasting the money that you don't have.
  4. Sunnyland

    Interview today

    Congratulations! You guys will be together for the holidays in the US.
  5. Sunnyland

    Travelling after filing AOS.

    OP, be aware that by the time you do your AOS (probably some time next year) you will need to check USCIS website for the new fee. Filing fees change every year.
  6. Like others said, the EAD-AP will be invalid since you have your GC approved. I doubt you will receive the EAD-AP in the mail because they should not be processed now but if for some weird reason (like if they processed it before your gc was approved) you do get the combo card in the mail then just store it in a safe place for your personal records. Congratulations on your GC approval.
  7. Try again to call and or email the embassy to see if by any chance you guys forgot any step during or after the interview. When I did my K1 long time ago (Buenos Aires embassy) after the interview the CO told me to go to the DHL window to make the payment and arrange for the delivery of my passport with visa.
  8. You can always contact the Ghana embassy about it but I am pretty sure no embassy will accept a laminated document. Now if someone got lucky that is another story.
  9. Sunnyland

    Paper vs Online Application

    When I did my N400 in 2017 I did it on paper and then I found out you could do it online. Anyways it's done and I am a USC now but my case took about 15 months to reach interview/test stage pretty much because I live in South FL so the USCIS offices in this area are always backlogged. I usually hear here that online is faster. It's up to you what you prefer.
  10. I understand your frustration but whatever you do, do not let him travel abroad without GC in hand or AP.
  11. I believe you also need the letter of intent for each of you.
  12. I feel sorry for you but for what you say it seems that he got used to the good life of getting his living expenses taken care of by a nice (wealthy?) american lady. It was your decision to give this person money so don't feel surprised is you never see the $ back. This may sound harsh but this is the kind of things it happens when you start bankrolling someone in a relationship (long distance or not). You may end up with someone that will take advantage of your generosity and love you for the wrong reason. When my now husband and I were engaged, he lost his job and and called me desperately at work to ask me if I could loan him some money (it was about $300). He needed to pay some bills and of course I loaned him the money he needed. He did pay me back a few months later when he was in better shape and sent me flowers also to give me thanks. He as a proud man he is, he felt so terrible to ask for money. That was the only time during our long distance relationship that he asked me for that kind of help. And I never asked him to pay me for anything (debts or bills). When you are in a relationship it should be 50/50. You help me, I help you and we help each other. That is how I see it. BUT when you start feeling that you do most of the work and you pay ALL of his stuffs and he is not willing to cooperate with your/his debts, then it's time to consider the possibility that you found an scammer. One with a big family, children and God knows what else left in his home country and that is why he send all his money there. Is he using you? No one here can know 100% but it does give that vibe. If you feel he is using you then do not proceed with AOS and you will see how much love or cash he wants to share with you. I hope you can solve this situation for your own good.
  13. Congratulations! Good luck on the trip to the US!
  14. The lawyer doesn't move any string with USCIS or embassy. Hope you did not write that extra check.
  15. When we married at the courthouse (in 2012) we requested them additional copies of the marriage certificate to be mailed to us. All of them obviously have the county clerk seal, etc. We wanted to get additional copies because one was gonna be used for my AOS (from K1)and the others we were gonna keep for our records, backup, etc. We did not send a photocopy, we sent one of the original copies the courthouse mailed us. You don't need a lawyer for something so simple like this. Save your money.