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    We met online in 2006 and since that day we are together. We became friends first and then he came to visit me to Argentina several times. Love has to be very strong to survive distance, we made it.

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  1. When is your surgery? does you mom have a tourist visa already?
  2. You can always try. I did a walk-in once few years ago in another location. I was there very early before they opened the door.
  3. There is nothing you can do right now but wait. It takes many months to start seeing some activity. My N400 took like 13 months total from filing to oath ceremony.
  4. I never used their service and thanks God I found VJ before considering in taking that route. If you follow the guidelines here and the help from VJ members then you can do this yourself and save the money. Rapid Visa does not guarantee a visa approval just so you know. They just fill up the forms with the information you provide them.
  5. We had a simple and nice wedding ceremony at courthouse and from there we all went to have lunch at a hotel restaurant with my husband's closest circle. My family could not be present since none of them ( my closest relatives) had tourist visa at the time. Instead of a big celebration, we used the money for a nice short trip to Disney.
  6. Then you should go so you are done with that and can proceed with what is next in the process. You will be fine. Good luck.
  7. Unless you feel terrible, high fever and throwing up, I would go. So you don't have to re-schedule. Like SusieQQQ said, they care for big issues like TB, etc. Good luck.
  8. I remember I sent the statements I printed / downloaded from my bank account online.
  9. We got married in Florida and my maiden last name is the one that appears in the marriage certificate. Then when we did my AOS (years ago) there I put my husband last name as the last name I wanted to have printed on the GC, etc. But OP, you better double check how things work in your state.
  10. OP, my then boyfriend (now husband) came to see me in Argentina during our relationship 3 times. The last time he did it was after he had lost his job (I helped with half of the ticket). Then when he went back home he found a job and we did the K1. If you have not seen this person in the last few years, you will need to invest the time to meet again and see if anything changed in your relationship because people change during the years, you know?
  11. We printed pictures in the standard 4x6. Any decent size that they can see the pictures will do. Good luck!
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