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US Immigration from Afghanistan

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F1 Visa entry at a different city.
11:52 am July 15, 2021


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I have gotten accepted into a university in Texas. School starts august 20. I intend to fly into the USA and enter in Washington DC as my family member who is helping to financially sponsor me lives there. My intention is to stay with him for a week and then fly into Texas from DC.

do you guys foresee this being an issue at the point of entry?

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5:08 am May 12, 2021



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My wife income for 2020 is 27k which meets the 125% income requirements but currently she is unemployed.

when filling the Affidavit of Support and choosing unemployed will it cause any problem?

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I-864 Part 3 question
1:13 am March 9, 2021



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I am in the process of submitting I-864 for my parents and 4 siblings, 3 of them are minors.

Part 3 on this form is confusing me. Part 3 has three options to choose from as follows (attached):


I did submit a separate I-130 for each of my parents and siblings. I-130 was approved for my parents, I-130 for siblings is still pending. Reading question 1 to 3 in PART 3, i wouldn't know if siblings will even have their I-130 approved thus how would I know if they will immigrate more than six months, within six months, or at the same time. My educated guess is to answer YES with question 1. This is because question 2 says do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petition, each sibling and parent does have a separate visa petition. Is this correct?


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bringing my husband from Afghanistan to USA CR1 / i 130/ spousal visa
12:33 am January 1, 2021


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So I have a few questions... Sorry my grammar and all is bad. So Forgive me in advance.

Backstory: Me 39 y/o US citizen Married to a 25 y/o Afghanistan citizen , we were introduced by his sister which I have known for 8 years when i lived in Germany. Currently I live in the USA now. Me and my husband have been talking for a year, and we married in Afghanistan the first visit we met. Met all the family mother father uncle's cousin's etc etc. HUGE FAMILY!@ :) , had a great wedding and allot of positive beautiful interaction. I had been married before years ago. And divorced now ( thats why I was in Germany.. married) I want to start the process of getting him here, he was Military Afghanistan army low rank solider for 6 years, but stepped away from that to focus more on the future to come. I work, No convictions, nothing unusual between us or anything nothing crazy about us, just a couple like anyone else. He is Muslim I am a recent convert ( by choice) :) I think that covers the basics. Now to the questions.

1. Can I do the paperwork myself. Or Should I get a lawyer.? Being our huge age difference culture difference and etc.

2. Anyone have experience with similar parts of my story i.e. Bring a spose from Afghanistan ,or significant age difference or culture difference. Did it bring any problems up, slowed things down?

3. If suggested to do the paper work myself, should I start as soon as possible, or visit more (which I plan to go again in the next 4 months ) before filing. We already have our trips planned for the next year :) and do it online or through a company?

4. If suggested to get a lawyer, what are flags for a bad lawyer and what to look for in a good lawyer

5. Do any of the current immigration laws in place effect people coming from Afghanistan to the USA on a spousal visa?

6. Please add any questions or , experiences or suggestions in the right direction you might have.

7. Can he visit the USA on a visitors/ tourist visa, if we wanted to get that before or during the process? curious on this.

One suggestion I cannot do is live in Afghanistan for present conflicts their. He wanted me to live their... but currently I said I would visit often but wont live till peace has come one day.

Thank you so much in Advance. I really appreciate the insight and help.

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US Embassy
6:29 am November 25, 2020



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Hello Friends i want to ask a Question regarding US Embassy !

The question is can we mention a third country for my visa process and interview ( for everything A-Z ) as i live in a third country ? and does it effect on visa case mentioning 3rd country for the whole process ?

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