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AOS Interview today- Approved

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Ok so, we left home at about 11:50 pm and got half way there when I realized ( or thought so ) that I didn't have my husband's recent pay stubs in the big evidence folder.. so we turn back and I go looking for it in the house and realize it's not there- turns out It was actually in the evidence folder all this time, I just missed it under a stack of papers ( Nerves were apparently making me delusional :lol::lol: ) By this time it's about 12:10 and we should have been there by 12:15 ( LOL ) so my husband was pretty much racing there.. We got there at exactly 12:25 and rushed inside where we sat in the waiting room till about 12:50 when a short asian man with the heaviest accent came and called our names. We were sworn in once we got to his office and he started asking me my Name, DOB, Address & he also gave me a notepad and told me to write my address down.( I kept having to ask him to repeat himself cause his accent was SO thick! :lol: ) Then he started talking to my husband and asked him the same Name & DOB questions, He also asked for his passport and all ID's as well as how & when we met.. He started telling him one version of how we met & I interrupted and said " Nooo, You have to tell the FULL story!! " Lol, all three of us started laughing & he told my husband to proceed.. So he tells him the story of how we met .. Then he asks me if I have any brothers or sisters here in the US, I told him I have a brother in another state and another out of the country.. He also asked about my mother and father. Then he asked why my brother never filed for me, I told him that was just never discussed. He asked about my SSN next, wanted to know how come I had one and I told him I had an EAD previously and he asked if that was the same number i've been using since i've been living in the states to which I responded yes. I had overstayed after one of my parents petitions were denied for me, and he asked why I never left after that, I told him it wasn't an option for me. He tried to pick around a bit asking how do I know you're not just trying to get a green card ? I said you don't know that, and that's why i'm here.. He started asking me the same question several times in several different ways and asking if I knew that was illegal and against the law and blah blah, I responded " Yes, and I also understand that such transgressions are forgiven for USC spouses " .. he dropped the subject after that and went on to ask for what we brought.. I gave him pictures, joint account statements, hotel keys & booking printouts from various trips, all birthday cards from my husband I got from past birthdays and today, proof of joint ownership of a car and i had a whole stack of records showing our text messages dating back a year. Of everything I provided he only glanced at the pictures then gave them back to me, he asked how come we didnt have that many pictures of us with other people ( we did, he just didn't look :yes: ) so I pointed out the ones I sent with my application along with some more I had brought. He looked at a few this time and stopped to ask about a picture of us with my husbands newborn niece to ask who it was.. He then asked if I know his mom, dad, and sisters to which I replied yes. He looked at the Car title and asked what kinda car it was and my husband told him. He also asked if we had any affidavits from friends or family to which I replied no ( Apparently these are very important, so take heed guys! Lol ) ..He also asked for my husband's tax returns to which I told him they were in the file and he looked through and said okay.. He skimmed through everything else and gave most of it back and said I could keep everything else.. He didnt even look at my text message records :angry: .. He stamped two sheets of paper in front of him and started typing on his computer and asked who helped me with my paperwork, my husband replied and told him I did it all myself and he said it was very well put together but I would need to gather more evidence and affidavits for ROC .. He printed two sheets of paper which were approval letters and told us to read and sign and started to talk about ROC and citizenship. After I felt it was safe and I was approved, I asked him if I could get a stamp and he said NO! :lol: Buttt..I wasnt taking no for an answer lool.. I just started to kindly explain what happened to my EAD & told him that my employer has been waiting for my documents since october.. He asked who is the employer.. I told him and we started talking about the company a bit.. then he said ok fine i'll give you the stamp, but it's not gonna have the seal on it , he said to show that and my approval letter to them and if they don't take it I should come back for the stamp with the seal but that my card will be coming soon anyways ( apparently the stamp is just for people who need to travel & That's why he didn't wanna give it to me? :wacko: ) .. he stamped it in my passport and wrote the date on it and it says something like temporary i-551 stamp serves as green card for 1 year and " Employment Authorized " below it ... He told us we would receive the card soon and walked us out and then me and hubby went to lunch after that, so quite an eventful day :D

Damn, That took me like an hour or more to type.. I hope there's not like a cajillian errors :rofl:


6/20/14- Married

8/29/14- Sent AOS Package

9/2/14- Delivered to Chicago lockbox

9/5/14- Received texts with receipt numbers, Online status updated for all four cases to " Acceptance" & " Initial review "

9/9/14- NOA1 hard copies received in mail

9/12/14- Biometrics letter recieved ( Date set for 9/22/14 )

9/15/14- Biometrics completed

9/16/14- Submitted EAD Expedite through congressman

9/24/14- Case moved to " Testing and interview "

9/26/14- EAD and AP Approved

10/2/14- EAD Mailed

10/3/14- EAD 'Delivered'.. but never recieved :ranting:

10/16/14- Interview date received for 11/19 - My birthday! :D

11/19/14- Interview day- Approved- PR status registered & Welcome letter mailed

11/24/14- Welcome letter recieved

11/26/14- GC Mailed

11/29/14- GC Received


09/23/16- Mailed ROC package

10/03/16- Package sent back due to missing documents

10/05/16- Resent package

10/07/16- Check cashed

10/12/16- NOA1 received


03/04/18- Case received at local office

03/24/18- Approval letter received
04/03/18- Card Mailed


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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Cyprus

Cool....Congratulations !



I-129F Sent : 3-31-2014, NOA2: 4-6-2014

NVC Received : some dinkelsberry yehoo in the house of clingons send our petition to the wrong consulate.

Consulate Received : July 30,2014 Transfer to right embassy complete.

Interview Date : Oct 22, 2014

Interview Result : AP , requesting another PC (not expired) and certified divorce decree (was submitted)Stokes interview via phone for petitioner 4 hrs after interview.

Oct 23 email notification visa approved.
Visa Received : Nov. 3 , 2014 VISA IN HAND.

US Entry : Nov. 21, 2014

Marriage : Dec 27, 2014

AOS send : May 12, 2015, received May 14, 2015 USPS priority

Email &text : May 18, 2015, check cashed May 19,2015, return receipt May 21, 2015 stamped USCIS Lockbox, NOA1 (3x) May 22,2015

Biometrics : June 1, 2015 letter received for appointment June 8, 2015, successful walk-in June 1, 2015

RFE : June 12, 2015 for income not meeting guideline. Income does ( ! ) exceed guideline.

RFE response : June 26, 2015 returned with a boat load full of financial evidence.

UPDATE: July 5, 2015 updated on all 3 cases, RFE received June 30, 2015.

Service request : Aug 12, 2015, letter received that it will be processed within 90 days from receipt of RFE.

UPDATE: Aug 24, 2015, EAD card being produced/ordered. ( 102 days from AOS receipt day and 55 days from RFE response received.) Thank you Jesus !

Emails : Aug 24, 2015, EAD approved, EAD card ordered.

I-797 EAD/AP approval notice received : Aug 27, 2015

EAD/AP combo card mailed : Aug 27, 2015, EAD/AP combo card received: Aug 31, 2015

Renewal application send for EAD/AP : May 31,2016 (AOS pending over 1 year). Received June 2, 2016,Notice date June7, 2016, emails,texts, NOA1 hard copy

Service request for pending AOS April 21, 2016, case not assigned yet.
Service request for pending AOS June 14, 2016, tier 2 said performing background checks.
Expedite request for EAD/AP Aug 3, 2016, Aug10 notification >request was received, assigned, completed. RFE letter requesting evidence for expedite, docs faxed Aug18

*Service request for I-485 Aug 3, 2016, Aug11 notification> request was assigned. Service request Dec 2, 2016.
AOS Interview letter received Aug 12, 2016

AOS Interview September 21, 2016.

Second Biometrics appointment letters received for EAD and AOS on Aug 15, 2016 for Aug 17 ( 2 day notice).

Second Biometrics completed Aug 17, 2016

Third Biometrics appointment letter received Aug 19, 2016 for Sept. 1, 2016. WTH ?!

EAD/AP (renewal) approval Aug 22, 2016, NOA2 received Aug 25, 2016

Renewal EAD in production notification text and online, expedite successful 4 days after RFE request response was faxed, Aug25mailed,Aug29received.

Sept. 21 Interview, 2 hour interview, we were separated and asked about 50 questions each for an hour each. IO was firm but professional, some smiles.
Several service requests made, contacted Senator and Ombudsman. Background checks still pending.
July 21, 2017 HOME VISIT.  Went well. Topic thread in AOS forum.
Waiting to skip ROC and get 10 yr GC due to over 2 year while pending AOS
AOS APPROVED Oct. 4, 2017 * Green card in hand Oct 13, 2017 !!!!!

First K1 denied after 16 month of AP. Refiled. We are a couple since 2009. Not a sprint but a matter of endurance.


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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Nigeria

Nice. Thanks for sharing.

{Day 0}     11/16/2017 N-400 submitted online

{Day 0}     11/16/2017 NOA mailed

{Day 02}   11/18/2017 Biometrics apt scheduled

{Day 20}   12/06/2017 Biometrics done

{Day 202} 06/06/2018 Interview Scheduled

{Day 207} 06/11/2018 Interview Letter received

{Day 238} 07/12/2018 Interview Day - Approved

{Day 242} 07/16/2018 Oath Scheduled

{Day 266} 08/09/2018 Oath Ceremony - I am a US Citizen!

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12/13/18: File online application

12/15/18: Receive notification for biometrics appointment (no date)

12/31/18: Biometrics

02/25/19: Receive interview letter (April 8 )

04/08/19: Interview, approved!

04/12/19: Oath scheduled for April 26 

04/26/19: Oath Ceremony! 🇺🇸



04/26/17:  Sent ROC package

04/27/17:  Package received

05/20/17:  Biometrics letter received

06/02/17:  Biometrics

08/22/18:  Card being produced


AOS from F1 visa:

08/16/14: Sent AOS package: I-130, I-485, I-765, I-131

08/19/14: Package received at Chicago Lockbox

08/22/14: Acceptance confirmation text messages/emails

08/22/14: Checks cashed

08/26/14: Hard copies of NOA's received in mail

08/27/14: Biometrics appointment notice received. Scheduled for 9/8/14.

09/08/14: Biometrics

11/14/14: File service request (Day 88)

11/24/14: EAD/AP approved (Day 98)

12/01/14: EAD mailed

12/03/14: EAD received

03/12/15: Status changed to Testing & Interview

04/16/15: Interview, no decision

07/17/15: "Your card is in production" email!

08/07/15: Card mailed

08/10/15: Card received!

~11 months, 3 weeks & 4 days from filing to green card in hand, no RFE's~

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Adjustment of Status:

August 16th, 2014 my Package was sent (I-130, I-485, I-765)

August 19th, 2014 was delivered to the Chicago Lockbox and signed by D. Nesbit

August 25th, 2014 I received 3 emails and text messages @ 6:24 am and my checks were cashed

August 27th, 2014 I received NOA's/ Biometrics appointment for 09/09/2014

September 9th, 2014 Biometrics Done

November 5th, 2014 I-485 Testing and Interview (the new website says nov 4th)

November 6th, 2014 EAD Card Production

November 13th, 2014 EAD was mailed

November 14th, 2014 Received my EAD! ( Applied for my SSN 11/17/2014 & got my SSN on 11/22/2014)

December 17th, 2014 I was scheduled for my appointment for 01/21/14

January 21st, 2015 Aos Appointment

January 21st, 2015 Approved for 2-year green card

Removal of Conditions:

November 21st, 2016: My package was sent (I-751)

November 22nd, 2016: Package delivered to the California Service Center and signed by E. Barr

November 25th, 2016: Checks Cashed

November 28th, 2016: NOA(I-797) received

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