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Hy Vong

Pink For Our K-1 Visa

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Filed: Country: Vietnam

I am very happy since 10 pm California time last night (10/14/12).

My fiancee's interview was at 9:30 Vietnam time. She arrived there at 8 am. Went in by herself without her phone. She got her number and she was the last one that they interviewed for the day.

At around 11:30, they called her in, a receptionist there asked for more passport visa photos ( so a total of 4 passport photos) and we prepared this very well.

The White Man maybe in the 30's interviewed her, with a Vietnamese translator.

The first question he asker her

1. How did you guy meet?

My financee was very nervous even though she and I practiced this question for 2 months. The man was very nice, he told her "just relax, your smile is very beautiful so try to relax and I know you're very nervous but don't worry, just try to answer and relax just like you're talking to a friend"

After the man told my fiancee that, she started to feel comfortable and after she answered just 2 sentences, the man moved on to the next question even though she didn't complete telling him how we met that we prepared to answer a long and more details of how we met. (I guess this is because during the I-129F, question 18B I answered it every well about how we met).

2. How do you guys communicate?

She told him that we talk on the phone every day. Each day she calls me up for work and when driving to work, I call her and everyday after work, I call her and we text throughout the day. She asked him if he wants to look at the phone logs. We also chat online and webcam through yahoo messenger. We also write letters.

3. How much do you pay for phone calls each month?

She told him she doesn't know because she buys prepay phone cards and that I send her money each month that helps her pay the phones.

4. Do you use maybe 10 phone cards a month?

She said yes, 10 or more.

5. In what city does your Finance live and what time is it now over there?

She looked at the o'clock and it was 5 minutes til 12pm Vietnam time so she told him it's about 10pm in California. (This part is funny because the translater asked him is it right and he said yes right away, this man knows Vietnamese).

6. What is your fiance's job

She told him he is working as a research engineer for NASA so he said ok

7. When did your fiancee become U.S. citizen?

She told him the date I became U.S. citizen that was printed on my US Citizen certificate that she looked at it when she was waiting to be called and over heard they asked some people before her. (so please guys, study this question if it involves you)

8. Why did you cry?

(this question because he looked at one of the pictures last month we she took me to the airport going back to the U.S. after our engagement.)

She told him that because after the engagement, she didn't want to be separated from me and that she was so sad seeing me leave that's why she cried).

9. Who helped you organized all these paperwork?

My fiance and I. (this is because I label and put everything in 2 binders with clear pockets ready to be taken each labeled pocket out when he asks.

He didn't look at much of the evidences, not even about 100 pictures of our engagement. He barely went through a few pictures. He only spent sometimes looking at some pictures that she cried at the airport hugging me. (so please guys, next time when your fiancee takes you to the airport ... just cry and get some of those pictures hehehe) It was just a coincidence for us but the pictures helped

The translater told her she passed the interview. The man congratulated my fiancee and told her to go pay the fee for VISA and passport at the counter.

He took only my 2011 income tax and returned the 2010.

He gave all the original paper back to her and took her passport.

He didn't ask for timeline or 10 years residence, my fiancee asked the translator right at the beginning to see if she wants to give him the time line but the answer was "no need"

Thank you JV and Thank You to you all.

My case took exactly 7 months.

I sent my I-129F on March 12, they received it on the 15th. The interview on October 15th. Carefully prepared and asked questions, everything went by so well, there was not a single problem

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Romania


I'm the Beneficiary
N400 April 2017 fillers: https://goo.gl/cp2Uxz
Support group for Romanian-American couples--> https://www.facebook.com/groups/520291304693940/

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: South Korea

Congratulations!!! :dance::dance::dance:

Charles & Eun Hee's Timeline

Our Story
7/18/2010 Arrived in Korea and started my new job the next day
11/3/2010 First met at work!
1/25/2011 Became a couple
11/3/2011 Proposed <--- She said yes!
4/21/2012 I came back to America after spending almost 2 years in Korea, she came to visit for a month
5/22/2012 She went back to Korea
7/23-28/2012 Visited South Korea to see her

2/17/2012 Sent I-129F package to Dallas Lockbox
2/23/2012 NOA1 --> Vermont Service Center
8/15/2012 NOA2 (174 days)
8/18/2012 NOA2 Hardcopy received
8/27/2012 Received case number
8/29/2012 Left NVC for Seoul Embassy
9/4/2012 Received and signed by Seoul Embassy, 12:17 PM Local Time
9/6/2012 E-Packet 3 Received via email
10/13/2012 Medical
11/1/2012 Interview *APPROVED*
11/12/2012 POE - JFK, NY
12/3/2012 Married!!!

12/26/2012 Sent I-485 and EAD (I-765) to Chicago Lockbox
1/2/2013 NOA1
1/25/2013 Biometrics Appointment
2/25/2013 EAD (I-765) Approved
3/7/2013 EAD (I-765) Received

4/18/2013 AP (I-131) Sent

4/24/2013 NOA1

4/30/2013 AP (I-131 Approved)

5/4/2013 AP (I-131) Received

9/24/2013 NOA2

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:dance: Congratulations :dance:

Our Journey
6/13/2012 Sent I-129F package
6/14/2012 NOA1 --> California Service Center
9/25/2012 NOA2
10/01/2012 NOA2 Hardcopy received
10/01/2012 NVC Received
10/19/2012 Left NVC
11/30/2012 Picked-up Packet from Local Post Office
01/16/2013 Medical
01/23/2013 Interview - In AP

09/24/2013 Visa picked-up from DOMEX
10/10/2013 POE Ft. Lauderdale

10/28/2013 Applied for Social Security Number



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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Vietnam

Awesome! My wife and stepson there same time, We have to return tomorrow to get the pink. :thumbs:

"Every one of us bears within himself the possibilty of all passions, all destinies of life in all its forms. Nothing human is foreign to us" - Edward G. Robinson.

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Vietnam

That was a very good explanation of the interview experience. Congrats on the pink slip. Just wait until EMS delivers the visa to your fiance and then you can book the airplane tickets. I wish you the best in your new life together :)

K1 Visa Stage
Aug 23, 2010: I-129F NOA 1
Feb 07, 2011: I-129F NOA 2
May 23, 2011: Interview. Blue Slip
Jun 20, 2011: Submit Documents: 1) Timeline, 2) 10 year residency(me), 3) 10 year residency(Thu), 4) Letter explaining how/where we met. Second Blue Slip
Feb 03, 2012: U.S. Consulate Investigators call Thu's residence. Spoke to Thu and Thu's parents
Feb 27, 2012: Received email from the U.S. Consulate that our case is finished processing. Requested to submit updated Police & Medical papers.
Mar 06, 2012: Submitted updated Police & Medical papers.
Mar 21, 2012: Received K1 Visa
Apr 07, 2012: Point of Entry @ LAX

Adjustment of Status Stage
Apr 23, 2012: Got married!
Apr 30, 2012: Received Social Security Card
Jun 30, 2012: Applied for AOS
Sep 22, 2012: Received Employment Authorization Card...Still waiting for 2 yr GC

May 01, 2013: Received 2yr GC

Removal of Conditions Stage

Apr 18, 2015: Will apply for 10yr GC

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Filed: Country: Vietnam

Thank you all!

I have a question. After the interview, my fiancee paid the fee for mailing the visa and passport. They gave her the EMS tracking number but the number has only 8 digits. I went to the website http://www.ems.com.vn to track but the website said the EMS number must have 13 digits. Anyone here has any idea about this and how long does it normally take for us to receive the visa?

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It took 10 days for us to receive it. My wife lived near Bao Loc City. You can go ahead and bought her a ticket. I booked a ticket back in August before our interview :).

Edited by vyx

I-129F NOA2 : 2012-05-15

NVC Received : 2012-06-22

NVC Left : 2012-06-28

Consulate Received : 2012-07-02

Packet 3 Received : Called DOS on 07/3 and package 3 sent out. We didn't wait for the "physical" package. My fiance' mailed DS2001 and DS230 part I

out the next day via EMS. You don't have to wait for pkg3. You can download and fill it out ahead of time.

Packet 3 Sent : 2012-07-04

Consulate Received pkg 3: 2012-07-06

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Congrats for the PINK... now go buy hanger... hihih :dance::rofl:

I-130 Journey


06-15-2008 : Marriage

08-16-2008 : I-130 Sent

08-18-2008 : I-130 Received

08-22-2008 : I-130 NOA1

02-02-2009 : I-130 NOA2 Approved 164 days from NOA1


02-04-2009 : Visited my wife for 2 weeks. 02-22-2009 come back to US

02-11-2009 : Received package from NVC

02-23-2009 : AOS Paid $70 (Online)

02-23-2009 : DS-3032 sent (by email)

02-25-2009 : Payment Received from my bank (AOS)

03-04-2009 : NVC has received the Choice of Agent DS-3032 (Online)

03-04-2009 : IV Application Processing Fees $400 (Online)

03-05-2009 : Payment Received from my bank (IV APS)

03-07-2009 : DS-230, and I-864 Sent (by USPS)

03-12-2009 : USPS confirm arrived at NVC for DS-230, & I-864

03-13-2009 : NVC received DS-230, & I-864 (Case in progress)

03-20-2009 : NVC case completed in 1 week NVC completed 03-20-2009.

04-02-2009 : NVC Left to HCM city

04-22-2009 : Medical Passed

05-12-2009 : Received a package IV from HCM Consulate by email

05-18-2009 : My wife got Pink.. yeah..

05-26-2009 : Visa received

06-18-2009 : US Entry!!! Yeah, my wife finally here.

06-29-2009 : Received SSN from snail mail

07-20-2009 : Green card received by mail

09-15-2009 : Writting test from DVM.

11-03-2009 : Driving Test.

01-20-2010 : Working.

04-20-2011 : Submit I751

04-26-2011 : Received I-797 NOA with Receipt Number

05-11-2011 : Received ASC Appointment Notice

06-03-2011 : Biometrics Apts @ 11:00 AM

10-11-2011 : Submit more evidence.

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Filed: Country: Vietnam

My plan is not to bring her over right away.

When she receives the visa, I'll give her 1 month in Vietnam to prepare for a small ceremony, not a wedding but just a party to say good bye to her hometown and family. The same time, I'll fly back and we'll go for 1 week of honey moon in Vietnam, our plan is to go to Hà Tiên, Đà Nẵng, and Phú Quốc.

So basically by early December, we will fly together to the U .S., perfect time for Xmas coming up. When she arrives in the US, I'll take a week from work and travel with her on a road trip to different places and point out to her how America is. How a hard working family can achieve their goals but families that without commitment can end up like homeless and divorced in America .

After a week of traveling in America, we will celebrate Xmas together with decoration and stuff. Then when 2013 comes, I 'll get marry and teach her how to drive, let her attend school to get her license as a hairdresser.

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Wife's journey.
Day 01 - 07/25/2012 - Mailed AOS package (I-130,I-131, I-485,I-765) via UPS Next Day Air.
Day 02 - 07/26/2012 - Package delivered by UPS.
Day 10 - 08/03/2012 - Got 4 emails confirm AOS package had been received. Checks cashed.
Day 13 - 08/06/2012 - Receipt Numbers are track-able on USCIS website.
Day 18 - 08/11/2012 - Biometrics Notice received (Dated: 8/8, Appointment: 8/29)
Day 20 - 08/13/2012 - Walk-in biometrics done.
Day 24 - 08/17/2012 - Received 4 NOA letters.
Day 27 - 08/20/2012 - 2nd Biometrics Notice received. Same day walk-in biometrics done.
Day 41 - 09/03/2012 - Email and txt notification of interview.
Day 43 - 09/05/2012 - Interview Notice in the mail. This is GREAT!
Day 63 - 09/25/2012 - EAD txt notification. I-765 online status updated.
Day 69 - 10/01/2012 - EAD Mailed.
Day 71 - 10/03/2012 - Interview. I-130 approved. I-485 will be approved after police clearance received. / EAD received. Wrong name. Wrong country of birth.
... waiting for Police Reports from Vietnam and current city's police dept.
11/01/2012 - RFE Police reports sent.
11/06/2012 - I-485 Approved. Card production email received.
11/09/2012 - Email notification. Card picked up by USPS.
11/15/2012 - GC received. Correct name. Still wrong country of birth.

Remove condition:

10/22/2014 - I-751 notice receipt received.

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