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  1. 1. His flight was cancel on July because of Cov-19. 2. Over stay more than 6+ months, and have to paid 4 millions coffee money for TAM VAN TAM TRU to extended 3+ months. 3. Now, he is back home to US last week.
  2. Flight from VN to US. SGN to LAX. 1. CathayPacific https://www.cathaypacific.com/ one way ticket is around $650 from SGN to LAX 2. Eva Airline one way ticket $800 from SGN to LAX.
  3. craig5977 and Liam2021 My friend finally paid 3,3 millions for his TAM VAN TAM TRU to extended another 3 months (01-2021), and he will flying back home this week. Thank you so much both for your info.
  4. That's very useful information for mine friend. Thank you Craigs5977
  5. Hi craig5977 Thank you for your information and I will forward this message to him. Just wonder what is STEP PROGRAM. I am sure he wants to coming back home once his immigration status is clear. Once again, Thank you. Justin.
  6. Hi Craig5977 His ticket was cancel back in July-2020 because of the Cov-19, and this is the first time he stay in VN more than 6+ months and didn't knew the rule. It's too late for him to go Saigon immigration office to renew? How much does the coffee-money cost? Just wonder do you have the address for him to renew? Many Thanks craig5977
  7. Hi H&T Thank you for your response. Much appreciate and I will let them know. Thank you
  8. Hi All Asking for 2 friends of mine overstay in Vietnam more than 6+ months because of the Cov-19. 1. My friend mother-in-law stay in Vietnam since November-2019 with 2 years of GC, and now she wants to purchase a ticket back to US. Is she allows to coming back to US with her 2 years of GC? 2. Another friend also stay in Vietnam more than 6+ month because of Cov-19 with a 5 years of Vietnamese Visa, and his TÂM VẪN TẠM TRÚ was expired in July-2020 more than 2 months. How can his get another TÂM VẪN TẠM TRÚ without costing too much coffee-money? Thank ALL in advance.
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