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  1. Hi. A couple of questions: 1. If one has a valid re-entry permit, no physical GC (the card itself) in hand, can that be used to enter USA via any PoE (without presenting the physical GC)? 2. If a GC has been produced, and is assumed to be in the possession of the person, can the person still use a valid I-551 stamp (if the stamp is not within 1 year yet) - without showing the GC - at PoE?
  2. referring to my original post, focusing on what i had quoted, i am curious of how one go about proving that the child is already residing in the USA (especially upon entry). and whether the form can be submitted day 2 upon arrival. Googling the 2 search strings will point to the 2 links i shared above (DHS and USCIS links talking about INA320).
  3. sorry, should have clarified that. LPR child = entered with immigrant visa, so the child will get I-551 stamp upon entry, which will make the child LPR upon arrival into the USA. Child = below 18 Yes, the child will come and live with the USC parent throughout the time in the USA.
  4. Hi. Just curious regarding INA 320. https://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/SLB/HTML/SLB/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-29/0-0-0-9983.html https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/us-citizenship/Child-Citizenship-2000-Sections-320-322-INA.html Any thoughts on how soon upon arrival in the USA that the USC parent can request for a US passport for the child? If anyone had gone through this, can you share some pointers? Like what documents you need to provide, and how did you start the process? How long did it take from the beginning of the process up to the delivery of the US passport?
  5. Just to share, even if you have filled up DS 260 for those people, the people that cannot get a US Visa (reason: already USC/LPR), their DS260 forms will be removed from your application .
  6. So basically the at NVC step, once USCIS has approved your petition, NCV will just allocate a visa, up to the interview stage. Though NVC has its own check list of docs. I will find it odd if they do not review the docs they require people to send over (Photocopies of Supporting Docs - which are the docs we had sent to USCIS initially)
  7. Hi. It should arrive within 7 days. (from my own experience). If it didn't , try contacting USCIS. You do not want the GC to be missing in action.
  8. I-864W

    Ah someone had the same confusion as i did. So even though the form seemed to be meant for the Intending Immigrant (the Child), it is acceptable if the petitioner (mother) filling out and answering on behalf of the child?
  9. The Evidence section in the instruction is a recursive loop!
  10. I am filling this out for my 2 year old child's application (Child of USC that will be a USC based on INA 320) . Here i understand it is about my child's details - though some of the fields are confusing. 1. Part 1: Information About You or Your Adopted Child (Intending Immigrant) P1 11: SSN (required) <-- my child obviously does not have SSN assigned to him . Should i just leave this Required section blank? Or should i put my own SSN? 2. Part 3 (Intending Immigrants Contract). since i am filling this out for my 2 year old child, what should i tick? (1a, 1b?) (I know i can fill out Prepare's section but this P3 seemed to be a contract that my year old child should answer himself) Then should i just sign on my child's behalf? And then add myself as the Preparer?
  11. For your own biological child, since you are a USC, you need to use I-864W as the child will be a USC upon entry into the USA with I-551 visa.
  12. Urgent case

    "my hold immigrant visa end by jule" <-- you have immigrant visa? If you wife and daughter are US citizen, and you want to apply for B1 B2 visa, high chance you will be refused/denied.
  13. Ah i see, so i still have to pay that USD120 then, since it is not DCF. No, it is for child of USC. IR-2 (Spouse is IR-1 isn't it)