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arrowPanicking! Embassy received my file, but did not post it.
September 2, 2014, 3:18 pm Last comment by Harpa Timsah

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Hi Guys,


I am seriously panicking at this time. I am trying to change embassy location and one embassy tells me they cannot do it until the other one posts it in their system. The emabssy in Abu Dhabi received my file electronically on 08/12 and NVC put trace on the physical file and confirmed it was received at the embassy on 19th. As of today's date they still did not post it, so the transfer cannot be even requested at this time and its been 2 weeks :(

I followed few timeslines from Abu Dhabi and some received packet 3 within few days also in August of this year, so seems mine is stuck somewhere. NVC claims it's out of their hands as embassy received it and I e-mailed embasy over a week ago and no answer (also they do not answer phone calls). I have so much anxietyregarding this. I have been reading some people conact DOS, but at which number and will they be helpful? Any suggestions or similiar experience. Thanks a bunch!

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arrowQuestion about IV package !!
September 2, 2014, 2:47 pm Last comment by bahar

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Hi ,
I am about to send my package IV to NVC I was wondering do I have to include the police record or military letter in that one or not ..
Thank you in advance for your help .

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arrowI'm sooo frustrated .....
August 31, 2014, 5:48 am Last comment by MyOne'nOnly

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.... Hello Everyone!

As the petitioner of an F2A case, I mailed the AOS Form along with supporting documents on July 19,2014 after I had completed the online DS-260. My packet was received by the NVC on the 22nd of July according to an e-mail sent to me on August 5,2014. Along with that e-mail came the recent infamous 60-day processing warning!


Having thought it would take its normal course of 2-4 weeks as indicated by the NVC, I took a one-month vacation time and left the US to join my daughter at our home country to make all necessary preparations for her departure including but not limited to school/medical/vaccination records that would either be needed at the Embassy or for school registration with the school year being right around the corner! Again, I didn't anticipate such a long delay for processing of forms and setting up our interview date at the Consulate.


Now after almost 5 weeks, we're both stuck in this unforeseen situation where I can't go back to the US and strand my very young kid here, nor can I receive sympathy from the NVC or any other authority. Her morale, and mine alike, are fading away by the hour and we're both in a difficult situation. I can really sense the hopes diminishing. This is supposed to be an exciting milestone throughout her life and mine, is it not? 


Though I understand that we're not the only ones on the same boat, I was compelled to reach out to those who may currently be experiencing the same type of dilemma in one form or another. What do you suppose we should do? How much longer should we wait assuming no checklists are sent out our way? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you all for reading, especially those who decide to respond. We support you all and hope to see everyone gets this difficult task accomplished. 


:bonk:  :help:




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arrowU visa information
August 27, 2014, 8:29 pm Last comment by SingleDad2usc

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This is from Laurel Scotts chat on in regards to filing for a U visa.


Laurel: It's probably too late. One of the requirements of the T and U visas is that you have to be actively cooperating with an open police investigation of the perpetrator(s). As this happened in 1999, it is extremely unlikely that a police investigation is still open. 1999 is around the time the T and U visas were created. Not sure whether they started before 1999 or after. Don't know whether you ever could have availed yourself of that form of relief. If it happened now, you could. But I'm afraid too much time has passed. Even so, the T and U visas are not my area of expertise. I recommend you run it by a non-profit agency, such as Catholic Charities.


She is saying that to qualify for filing under a U visa (victim of certain crimes) the investigation still has to be open when you file. This is something I didn't know and might be helpful to someone who is sitting on the fence about filing for it.

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arrowCustoms Declaration Form on Arrival?
August 24, 2014, 12:27 pm Last comment by ChuckM
Lauren and Babak

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Hi all,


My fiance will be traveling to the US next month on a K-1 visa. I have a question about the Customs Declaration Form and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I understand that he does not need to declare anything for "personal use" (clothes, household items, etc.) but that he does need to declare gifts. He will be bringing a couple of pieces of jewelry for me as well as some gifts for my family. Does he need to declare the full value of all of those? Also, does he need to complete the portion for residents or visitors? If he declares as a visitor, he must pay a tax on anything over $100. Has anyone had to do that? Where/who do you even pay?


Thanks in advance for any info!


Take care,



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