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IV fee payment on NVC Website
6:03 pm today


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Hey all,

I was trying to pay the fees on NVC webiste. So I selected both AOS and IV fee, but then the site said I cannot pay both at the same time. It said I should pay AOS fee, return to the page and then pay IV fee. I paid AOS successfully, but when I went to the first page to now select and pay IV fee, it doesn't work. Basically I select IV fee, it shows "Total amount: 325$" and once I click "Pay the fee", it sets the total amount to 0 while IV fee is still selected.

Anyone else having the same problem?

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Someone pls help
6:35 am today


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I need answers to the following;

When scheduling your appointment at the US Embassy will they make your medical exam and interview close the same time? I know it takes about 2 days for the medical results, but my fianc needs to know the exact amount of time due to work.

Will they be taking my fianc s passport from him at the interview and if so how long until they return it?

The travel ban. My fianc is from Iran. Should we wait to schedule his interview until they ve come up with a final ruling?

Government issued document it ID? Would a scanned copy of my passport be ok?

Please help. This is so stressful! Thank you!

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Advice for American with Iranian fiancée
3:57 am today


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From my understanding, the 3rd travel ban (Proclamation 9645 issued 9/24/2017 and going into force 12/4/2017 after the U.S. Supreme Court stayed preliminary injunctions issued by U.S. District Courts in Hawaii and Maryland) in effect currently prohibits K1 (and IR1 and CR1) visas from being issued for Iranians to the U.S. A waiver process is an exception to the rule but according to news articles, Senator Jeff Flake wrote in a letter to the State Department stating they'd received reports that there was a "near uniform denial of waivers for visas." In the meantime amicus briefs have been filed by 16 states, many cities, and others against the travel ban and the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on the case starting April 25 in just over a week. On top of all of this, President Trump has stated his goal of withdrawing from the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal by May 12 unless it can be renegotiated, and violence has recently escalated once again in Syria.

At this point with nothing for certain, I'm not sure what my fianc e in Iran and I can plan on doing. It doesn't seem to be of any use starting the K-1 process until the travel ban is decided on by the Supreme Court. The only option for us to be together at this point seems to be living together in a foreign country, and marry there, or move to Iran which was not originally in our plans. One concern about marriage in a foreign county was my impression that CR1 visas took longer to process than K1 visas (though at the moment both aren't possible). She would like to continue her graduate studies towards a doctorate and Germany has been a first choice because of of programs that accommodate foreign students. We've also discussed her studying here in the U.S. and I've noted that student visas are still being accepted, though travel back and forth between the U.S. and Iran for Iranian students seems to be restricted.

At this point, just throwing my situation out here for the community. Maybe others in a similar boat can chime in, or anyone else with feedback.

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Domicile Requirement - USC student studying abroad
1:21 pm today


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Hello all,

My husband is a US citizen and my sponsor for immigrating to the US. We both lived and got married in the US, but had to leave the country shortly after our marriage because he got admitted into a school abroad.

Once abroad we filed the i-130 that got approved a few weeks ago and our case is now in NVC.

My question is: can we proceed with the application and get the immigrant visa while he still studies abroad? His will be studying abroad til May and he HAS TO return to the US after that to finish his studies there (the school can issue a letter stating this 0 this is how the program works). All his bank accounts and other financials are in the US. Are those enough to establish his domicile in the US? Can we get the immigrant visa before we permanently return to the US?


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Nvc waiting time
6:18 pm today


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Hi my husband applied for me son for green card and I got mail 23 January 2018 and it was approved and I'm waiting for mail from nvc for 2 month and they don't send .who knows how long does it take I m so nervous .thank yoy

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