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Help - I-130 stuck in London need to Transfer to Turkey
9:41 pm


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So I'm looking for any solutions you guys may have, as I am stuck in an exceptional situation. I submitted my I-130 at the London embassy when we were living in England, Direct Consular Filing (DCF). We have subsequently left the country, and the I-130 was approved back in December. We cannot go to London for the interview because they require a visa for longer than six months, and we cannot obtain a visa for that long. My wife is Iranian living in Iran. There is no US embassy in Iran - and Ankara, UAE, and Yerevin will not accept our request for transfer.

What are my options? I don't want to withdraw and start again. Someone from USCIS suggested filling an I-824, but I'm not too sure that would help. I've emailed the embassy in London multiple times, but have not received an answer.

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K1 November 2016 filers please guide me
3:58 am


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Hello everybody I filed my i29f on November 2016 still waiting for my approval any body here still waiting i am sooooooooooooooooo nervous and tired of waiting also my next question my fiance was asylem seeker in United States his attorney told him to leave usa in order for me to apply for him k1 visa any body in this community experiencing this senario please advise me thanks .

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fiancé coming to US, should they bring all their money first time?
9:58 pm


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My fianc and I are still waiting for our NOA2, but we are planning the move in advance. One important question is whether she would bring all her financial assets to US.

I have heard from a friend, who heard from a friend, that a first time immigrant can bring all their money into US tax free upon their first entry. If they don't do that on their first entry and instead transfer their money later, the WHOLE money will be considered taxable income and they have to pay a sizable tax (depending on the situation, as much as 39.6% tax rate).

Is this correct? Can anyone point me to the official regulation? I have spent a whole day searching on the internet but have not found the correct answer.

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what is going on in California?
5:18 pm

Richard Moss

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every day my estimate on my timeline moves a day... i have been pushed back over a week one day at a time. Does anyone know why? are they closed or something?

NOA was 95 days ago.

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Green Card never received!
7:19 pm


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Hi, My sister arrived in the USA on 2/5/17. She didn't receive her card that USCIS says was sent on 3/8/17 because they say "the Post Office returned your new card for Receipt Number IOEXXXXXXX, to us as undeliverable". On 4/6/17 we requested the card to be resent but still now sign of it! I don't even know if they re-sent the card or not because based on below note from USCIS it is unclear if they did resend it.

  • 04/10/2017

    On April 10, 2017, your request to have your Permanent Resident Card resent to you, referral number SRXXXXXXXXXXX, was completed.

Does anyone know what we should do at this point?


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