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arrowHow to list Iranian compound last names (Family/Last, and 'Tribal'/Village)? I-129F
October 25, 2014, 4:25 pm Last comment by IRIScv

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US and Persian naming-conventions do not 'map' onto each other exactly.


It is not clear what is the proper way to list these, in Form I-129F, Part 2, Questions 2a-c.


In the US, everyone has one Last Name (a.k.a. Family Name), sometimes hyphenated. E.g., Smith.  Or Smith-Jones.

We have a Given Name (a.k.a. First Name). E.g., Mary.

Many (though not all) have a Middle Name (rarely used). E.g., Katherine.

So the full name would be: Mary Katherine Smith-Jones (first  middle  last). Or: Smith-Jones, Mary Katherine  (last,  first  middle).


In Iran, the naming conventions are different. Many people have what I'm calling "compound last names" -- one name more specific to a particular family, and a broader name that may have originated from a tribal or village name (even though in theory tribal or village names have been eliminated in modern Iran), and the latter may almost never be used in everyday life.


E.g., the immediate family might be named Arshi, the broader ('tribal/village') family name might be Meradloo. The given name might be Zahra. The full name would be Zahra Arshi Meradloo. But in everyday life the woman would go by just Zahra Arshi or Ms. Arshi (never using the broader name). Her business card might just say "Zahra Arshi," her friends and colleagues would know her only as Zahra Arshi, while her passport might say "Arshi Meradloo, Zahra."  (Note that "Arshi" is *not* a Middle Name -- her father's full name might be e.g. Mohsen Arshi Meradloo.)


What and where is the appropriate way and place to list these names in the I-129F?


I'm guessing to put both names in the "Last Name" field (Part 2 Q.2a), like this: Arshi Meradloo

And, of course, for Given Name it is: Zahra

And nothing anywhere else, e.g. no Middle Name, and nothing in Q.10a-c (Other Names Used).


Is that right? (This question must come up with every Iranian-Western K1 aplication. :-) )  I wouldn't want to confuse a US clerk, who might inadvertently think that "Meradloo" is the Last Name, and Arshi is a Middle Name (in the wrong place), or that it should be hyphenated (Arshi-Meradloo), or something like that.


Thank you!


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arrowDoes The petitioner have to be in US when beneficiary goes to interview?
October 24, 2014, 3:38 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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Hi All.


My sister's case is in NVC and once we submit AOS, she will get an interview date. My mother (petitioner), who has a Green Card,  has not been to US for 2 years. My question: Do they look into the petitioner's green card status at the embassy?



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arrowI-134 is a confusing form !!!! Help !
October 18, 2014, 11:55 am Last comment by Yanyan

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Hi everyone ,Perhaps I am going a little brain-dead from the paperwork !!!!! Does anyone know what to put at the end of form I-134  in front of "Amended" ? It wasn't on the sample form so I'm confused ,and also for the submit date of I-129 F should I put the date the USCIS get the file or the date of NOA 1 ?  Thanks so much in advance . 

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arrow2 jobs for I-134
October 16, 2014, 10:17 am Last comment by goldenaida

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Hi every one , I have a question, My Fiance' has two jobs now and there is space for one job in I-134 form, how can we fill that ? 

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arrowHow long from NVC to embassy?
September 29, 2014, 11:50 am Last comment by RKO

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I was wondering if anyone has information about how long will take for an expedite case be transfer from NVC to embassy in Ankara ?
Thank you for your help.

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