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Travel ban bans fiance and spouse?
3:43 pm yesterday


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Here we are again with trump trying to ban fiance and spouse from the seven countries... taking effect in two days.

what can we do if anything? We are so close to scheduling our interview and now we have to deal with this again ...

what can we do?

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Need help
1:03 am yesterday


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Hi all,

I applied for my GC adjustment of status from a K1 Visa. I had my medical exam on October 8th 2016. Today I received a letter for interview. I submitted my medical exam and an application that was signed by a cevil surgeon. Do I have to do a new medical exam since it has been more than one year on my last one?

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New Immigration Law for Some Countries
6:53 pm yesterday

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I am US citizen and living in united state, North Carolina.

I have applied for green card for my husband, over year ago. We had our interview in Abu Dhubai on 31th of July 2017. everything was ok, and they gave us a "BLUE" sheet, and told him to wait till the security check is ready.

My husband is going through his "Security Check", and he is IRANIAN.

I want to know, dose the new immigration law which i found on NVC website has any effect on our situation or not?


I really dont know what to do! because they dont know how long this security check will take! and also no one knows if they will give us a visa or not? I just need an EXACT answer

We are living seperatly, for almost 2 years :(( I have to travel miles to see him :( it is very hard. I have job and responsibilities, I have school loans that I need to pay back. :( I can not leave US :(

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Question about Request for Initial Evidence
2:18 pm yesterday


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Hello, everyone! :)

I have a question about a Request for Initial Evidence letter we received yesterday. We are filing for an adjustment of status (I-485) for my husband, who immigrated to the U.S. with a K-1 visa. All of the requested documentation in the RIE letter was provided during our initial filing, so I am not really sure how to proceed from here. The letter stated that we needed to provide the following:

1. A copy of my husband's birth certificate with a certified translation: a copy of my husband's Iranian birth certificate containing city of birth, his parents' names and their cities of birth, and the copy of the certified English translation (sealed and stamped) had all been sent.

2. Supporting tax documentation: I submitted a tax transcript for 2016, based on recommendations to use this instead of a tax return. I still included a copy of my W-2. I also explained that I had not filed taxes in 2015 and 2014, since I was a full time student (I am now a part time student). I also provided a copy of From 1098E from 2015 that my school had sent to me, as proof of being a student.

3. Evidence of assets to prove we meet 125% of the poverty guidelines: Since I had only been employed for 6 months when I filed my 2016 taxes, my total income did not meet the poverty guidelines. However, I provided 6 months worth of pay stubs as well as a letter for my employer confirming my salary (which DOES meet the poverty guidelines). I also included a letter from my bank that reflected my account balance over a 12 month period.

Any guidance and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! ^_^ Thank you in advance for your help!!

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IR1 spouse under AP, IR2 child status
6:49 pm yesterday


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Hello VisaJourney friends

Sorry if i did not post in proper section.

I am asking this question for one of my friends. Her husband petitioned for green card for her and their minor child (17 year old ). They already attended their interview but She is now under administrative processing, But officer said 221g slip is just for the mother and not for the child, They decided to wait until mother's administrative processing gets completed and they move together. But now since the administrative processing is taking so long and we will face the new ban, they are concerned about their child's visa. Can they send their daughter's passport to embassy and get her visa issued so she can travel before October 18th?

Thank you

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