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  1. Thank you very much, I hope soon you'll have the occasion to say your journey is over!
  2. After about a week of waiting for any news post interview and citizenship exam, the status updated to Ceremony Will Be Scheduled, or something similar. A day later, on the new website, the oath ceremony letter appeared and the status updated to Oath Ceremony Has Been Scheduled. Today, FINALLY, the I751 status changed to approved. So, May 10th is her Oath Ceremony, and that is the day her visa journey will be over. It's a pleasure reading this forum and posting here; the community helped keep me out of the dark during this wild ride. Harold
  3. Well, after almost 2 years, the case was finally approved after a joint interview, but not before the Oath Ceremony Was Scheduled status update for the N400 appeared. May 10th is the big day for my wife, and after that, her visa journey will be over. It's been a wild, frustrating ride, but I'm happy to have had this community. Good luck everyone and I wish everyone well in their future! Harold
  4. My wife had her interview April 9th. She had outstanding I-751 and N400 cases with no notice of it being a joint interview however, I went with with anyways (because several people have reported they spring that on them). She passed the citizenship test and the officer adjudicated the i751 as well but did not ask for me to come in. When my wife exited she was happy, as she had passed the interview, but the officer needed more time to adjudicate the i751, much to my disappointment as we applied for it in March 2019. The following week, on a Thursday evening, the status changed from Interview Scheduled to Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled. The following day the status changed to Oath Ceremony scheduled with the letter uploaded to the new website. She will be sworn in early May. Hope this helps! Good luck everyone!
  5. Good luck today! They officer took recent evidence of co-mingled finances, basically.
  6. Here's to hoping! Philadelphia office btw, sorry for leaving that out!
  7. The officer copied pages from the closing documents, tax documents, and benefits documents, all of which were recent evidence (probably some others but I cannot remember right now) as the case is nearly two years old and they haven't requested any additional evidence until the N400 interview.
  8. My wife just had her N400 and I751 interview and she too applied in May 2019 (the cursed month). She passed the citizenship interview but of course the I751 is on hold, even though she did a joint interview for both (they didn't ask me to come in). We are waiting for the officer to review the new documents she made copies of (we purchased a house, new benefits, etc). Nothing yet!
  9. My wife had her N400 and I751 interview last Friday and we still do not have a result. I was able to enter the facility with her and the officer saw me there but did not require me to come to the interview. She passed the citizenship test and was then asked some things about the I751, mostly documentation. My wife had prepared as much new evidence as possible, including our recent purchase of a home and new joint benefits accounts, but this wasn't enough to satisfy the officer. So of course, we are waiting on this silly I751 again. What a joke.
  10. Hello, and congrats! I don't know if it will be there since it is a Saturday, but you could check your documents on the myuscis website and look for the interview letter. My wife just got scheduled for interviews on the 4th and the document was there on the 5th. She'll be interviewed April 9th.
  11. Thank you. October for reuse, first appointment in Denver scheduled on the 14th of December. We moved and had to cancel it.
  12. Thank you. Been refreshing the screen obsessively lol
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