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2:58 am today


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I have read so many threads were couples gets married without filling for the social security number for their fiance first. It seems like it makes the whole process for the AOS more stressful because your fiance cannot be added to a lot of your accounts with no social so it makes for less evidence when applying. So everyone, apply for the social first!

That's all... :)

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Police clearance cost in ghana for visa
8:38 am yesterday


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met a girl from ghana wants me to pay for visa and police clerace told me it would cost 180 aus dollars police check and 190 aus for medical

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Nutuarilization test this week any questions i should pay attention to?
6:07 pm yesterday

Richards wife

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After coming to the united states in 2013 ..got married ..2 kids ..with a third on the way .am due for my naturalization test on the 28 .Was wondering if there were any specific questions i should pay attention to.Do we have to take anything else as proof or no? does my spouse have to come in the room with me?..Am nervous and excited at the same too.Any encouragement and input would be greatly appreciated thank you

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k1 religoius ceremony
3:23 pm yesterday


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hi vj family I need help with my concerns. my partner and I had an Islamic wedlock since 2012.we met in 2011,now he wants to file for da fianc petition.though da marriage is not legal according to the laws of Ghana since it hasn't been formerly registered.howvere am concerned dis may be an issue,pls anyone with advice shoud kindly assist

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APPROVED from Ghana
12:18 pm yesterday


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Approved from Ghana! We thank God ! All last night I was very nervous leading up until my fianc interview because so many people would say Ghana is a high fraud embassy so many K1's don't get approved and that you have to front load your petition this and that which may be true , but we made it. I can honestly say I sent about 15 pictures maybe 10 chats a plane ticket stamp and that was it. My fiance was in this with me 150% he did his part so well. I never felt like i was doing all of this by myself even though we are 9000k miles apart. My fiance was only asked 3 questions and he was interviewed my a young African american man. Guys it doesn't feel real yet. It doesn't. We have had so much support during this whole process from both of our families our church, friends and this group has been beyond helpful. My fiance was so confident and went into this with such a positive attitude which helped a lot. I feel so emotional writing this because I would always pray and say God if you are for this please allow this to happen all the way from the beginning and the signs just kept coming. I'm so excited and so happy. For those who are still waiting may your blessing happen soon. Never stop praying. This is only the beginning of something amazing ?

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