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arrowAP - is it a good sign to be given a second interview date or told we will call you
December 18, 2014, 3:35 pm Last comment by Afia & Daniel
Afia & Daniel

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I was trying to get peoples opinions on something......preferably if they have experience or first hand knowledge of this question;


- Is it better one way or the other to be told to come back for a second interview and given a date right away when Admin Processing box is checked on 221-g, or is it a better sign when they tell you "we will call you"? 

- When they give the date to return, I am wondering why it is so close to the expiration date of the NOA2? Is that most likely so that there is no way you can appeal or ask for it to be extended with such short notice? 

- I know it's always a better sign if they keep your passport, but not necessarily a bad thing if they give it back. 

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arrow221g (No return date), IM CONFUSED
December 18, 2014, 7:34 am Last comment by Ilovemyman

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I went for the k1 interview yesterday. I submitted loads of evidence and the interviewer asked me a lot of  questions about my recent travels to Nigeria and Kenya.

She asked if I paid a dowry to my fiance's father during our engagement party (which was just a party), I said NO, then she remarked that it was good i didint because then i wouldnt have to apply for the K1 since we would be married if i did. My birth certificate is Nigerian but I am a Ghanaian so I explained that my parents came back to Ghana when i was 3 years old.


She asked about a few pictures and said she  loved two of them and would even like to keep them if i agreed, Every thing seemed to go well. She asked if we've made any wedding arrangements and I said we were looking at sometime in March next year. If my fiance was an america by birth, I said YES, where she was born, how many siblings she had, if her parents have ever been to ghana, I said yes cuz her dad came for the engagement party.


After all the questioning, she told me she had some work to do on her part and that she will call me. She gave me the 221g form, ticked Administrative Processing and instead of a date she wrote "WILL CALL".


I'm a little confused now about how long i have to wait.


Has this happened to anyone else and what do you think?

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arrowDo i submit the police certificate to NVC or to the embassy ? Ghana
December 17, 2014, 10:06 pm Last comment by dwheels76

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I already sent the AOS about a month ago but my question is:Do i submit the police certificate to NVC or to the embassy on the interview date?

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arrowFINALLY APPROVED! CO didn't know what he was doing!
December 15, 2014, 9:13 pm Last comment by youngman2013

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All i can say today is glory be to God. my wife went for her first interview on Nov 17, and after 4 hours of questioning, this CO handed to her white slip 221g(AP) and told her to come back on Dec 15. one week after the interview, this officer called my wife on phone and told her everything about her papers is ok but she will need affidavit of support since my income was not enough to support her. This was after i have submitted AOS to NVC and was approved or recommended for approval. upon informing me i emailed the embassy for clarification and i got the AOS and mailed to my wife.


my wife went to the embassy around 1100AM todaySINCE HER appointment WAS 1:00PM. after checking in and waiting for 3hours, this same consular officer called her to the window and just ask for her passport. and didn't ask her any question. ,congratulated her and gave her visa collection slip without even asking her about affidavit of support he called her one week after her first interview that she will need. she left the embassy and one hour later whiles she was informing me about what happened at the embassy, this officer  called her on the phone that she should come back to the embassy.
she got there and the officer apologized to her that he is sorry he had to call her back but he needs the affidavit of support. my wife gave it to him and after going through for some time he said thats ok you may go now. so my question is if this officer knew what he was doing, why didnt he ask her for the affidavit of support (requested documents) when he called her to the window?
All i can say is glory be to God because why she was not approved on her first visit and was given AP still marvels me but what can one say once approved thats all. Thanks to VJ members for your support. for those who are still waiting just keep on praying and everything will be fine in God's appointed time.

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December 15, 2014, 2:29 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello everyone here,


Our case is now at NVC and Immigrant Visa (IV) fee paid (already showing "paid" on CEAC website). But as part of further readings about my consulate in Ghana, I discovered that applicants passing through the Ghanaian consulate here are still paying what all of them refer to as "Visa fee". I want to know the difference between these two fees or if they are the same such that if its already paid to NVC you wont be paying this again.


Thanks in advance...

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