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Who should I call
12:54 pm today


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Who should I call when my uscis case status says expiring soon

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Ghanaian marriage license
8:32 am today


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US citizens married to Ghanaians.... and vice versa. What is the process for this?

What docs are needed from both parties?

Go to court and sign and then return 21 days later if no one has objected to marriage before receiving marriage license?

Then get it notarized by Registar?

I'm confused.

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I don`t like the lawyer
8:03 am today


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So, I am facing a dilemma and would like your input. I am planning to file for the CR1. Fiance`s family is footing the bill and we will repay after his arrival in US. They want me to go with the family lawyer but when I met up with the lawyer he wasn't very nice. He wouldn't answer basic questions such as 'After I give you the paperwork for you to organize, will you send the petition off or will I send it off?" He replies "Who will I send it off to?" I replied 'I don't know. Not sure." (Because I genuinely do not know who sends it off, I ask as a potential client) I ask again a few minutes later and he responds "Why do you need a lawyer?" I take a breath because I am irritated at this entire situation, I don't like lawyers and do not feel like I need one. I'm only here because the family is paying for him. I look at the aunt(who recommended him) and say "You were recommended to me." He then says "You don't have to follow through with any recommendation." I nod in agreement.

Out of fairness to him, it was a free 15 minute consultation when he normally charges $300 / hour but since I am now a 'friend of the family' he met up with me. He has not been hired as my attorney as of yet.

Not only did he not answer my questions but he was condescending. I do not like this man. But the fact is he has helped two family members with immigration.

I'm also positive that when I explain my thoughts to the family they aren't going to listen and be loyal to the lawyer particularly because they share nationality and he has helped two family members, the earliest being this past fall.

What can this lawyer do for me? No idea since he didn't sell himself to me nor answer my questions.

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Anxious ? ??
10:09 am yesterday


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I'm sorry I keep posting my stories, but truly, your responses are the only thing that give me strong hopes, that's makes me believe that surly things will change over night, have any of you on here ever had similar problems that am going through? If yes what was the end result and how did you take the case when your ISSUED changed to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING and later says EXPIRING SOON, is that a common thing to happen? Out of 100 how many percent gets that,can someone come to our aid with a positive answer please, and sure negative if it has to be, and at lease we could work on our weaknesses

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Who is having great news on his or her visa?
11:36 pm yesterday


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I believe most people on here are having wonderful timing basically on their visa process, if you are, why not text me and give me a short advice on the best way you think could be better for my case if you have read my stories on here, thank you

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