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4:32 pm


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Once you have your final interview and you are approved, do you have to pay for the green card? Either at that time of approval or when u pick up your visa. My understanding is once you get your visa, you need the numbers off it to pay for your green card before traveling to US. Anyone w/experience please advise. Thank you -

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Any Ghanaians living in Montana?
2:44 am


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Would like to know if there any Ghanaians living in Montana.Thanks

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affidavit of support for K1 visa
5:04 am


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Good day everyone,

I am in the process of gathering information for the K1 visa and have gone through the checklist here on visa journey and also on the uscis website but I didn't see where it states to include the affidavit of support and proof of income. Do I need to include affidavit of support form i184 or the i34 with tax returns or is this suppose to be sent later in the process like when you receive NOA2?. I am confused. Also my fianc sent me his passport picture via email. Is there anyway for me to resize it to the required dimensions or does he have to have that done and sent to me via mail? Thank you.

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USCIS is overloaded with cases and out of more staff
11:48 pm


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hello brothers and sisters here... i'm a VSC filler and i filed my removal of conditions and my case was received on 16th feb.2016 and yesterday,the 12th of October 2017 was when i was approved.. Almost 2 years and that was an usual.. 603 days waiting. Lord please have mercy on my other colleague who are also waiting to get approve

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Mother returning home
12:04 am


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Hi everyone

I need to vent on here a.little bit and possibly get some advice from u awesome people.

So I filled for my mom and she has been in the States for 7 months now. She came 1 month before I had my baby and she has been of help with the baby till lately.

I have 2 otjer kids, she doesn't do anything with them . She has only pushed them on the swing a few times and that's about it. We live with my in-laws because my husband was without job for a year , he just got a job abt 2 weeks ago so we are waiting for 6 mo the before we can get a mortgage loan to buy a house. So my mom lives with us in my I laws house. I know it's hard for her.

But my in-laws font have a problem.with her being there. But all she does everyday is stay in her room and watch TV. There has even been times where I have to take all 3 of my kids out my me because she said she can't watch the baby that her waist hurts.

She doesn't want to get a part time job either to help my sister back home. She expects me to do everything.

So I have decided to let her go back home.

Is it wrong that I'm asking her to go?

Because I feel like I brought her here to help me with the kids which she is not and she doesn't want to work either. PS she is in her 50's

Thank u

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