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I'm approved
9:12 pm


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My reaffirmed case is approved, the whole process took me 2 years 4monthns,

Thank you all for your support...

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i-130 February Filers 2018
2:50 pm


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Good Day Spouses!! I was unable to find a February filling group chat. If there is one please point me in the right direction. If not tell me how everything is going. How are you passing the time? My PD is 2/10 for Ghana sent to Potomac!!

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Thanks giving on my case !
5:33 am

Nash Kumasi

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Thanks everyone for their contribution on my case , I really appreciate it .

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Spouse Visa (Ghana)
10:55 am


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Hello VJ

I'm back again....I am currently in Ghana for my wedding which took place April 14th. I've also been busy gathering supporting documents for my next filling. Anyway, my husband and I went to open a joint bank account in Ghana and was told i need a permit to do that because am not a Ghana citizen. Is there any other way to get a joint account without getting a permit? My time here is limited....I'm planning on getting a permit for my next trip n adding it to the NVC stage. So far, we have joint capital one credit card. Would it be a problem not adding the joint checking/saving accounts when milling the forms?

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Banks that allow overseas spouse
8:22 pm


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My bank won't allow me to add a non US resident to my account. Yet, I hear of other VJers that can... how is this? Which banks allow this?

Please and thank you

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