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Ticket type
8:39 pm yesterday


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Hi vj family

What would you advice one way ticket or round trip for k1 visa holder, thanks

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NOIR Received Nov 28th 2016
10:21 pm yesterday

K&J Avouzi

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USCIS acknowledges receipt of our response to this RFE on Nov 28th 2016. We still haven't heard back and its now Feb 22nd 2017!

When I emailed them for answers, I received this. (see below) but what does this mean? Is this a good or bad sign?

Thank you for your inquiry about your I-130, Petition for Alien Relative.

Our records show we received your response to our Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR) on November 28, 2016. The NOIR response was connected back to your case file and the file was returned to the adjudications officer that sent the NOIR. That officer has reviewed the case and has determined that additional review is necessary.

USCIS is committed to adjudicating immigration cases in a timely and efficient manner while also ensuring public safety, national security and compliance with all relevant directives. While the processing steps for most requests are completed quickly, a small percentage of cases involve unresolved issues that may result in adjudication delays. For example, if our review reveals an issue that may impact an individual s eligibility, further inquiry is needed. The inquiry may include an additional interview and/or contact with another agency or USCIS office for updates or more comprehensive information.

We are unable to determine at this time when the review process will be completed. USCIS will issue a decision once certain issues are resolved. We are striving to resolve these issues as soon as possible. We understand that this may cause some frustration. However, USCIS must balance individual inconvenience against broader issues of public safety and national security.

We hope this information is helpful. If we may be of further assistance, please let us know.

The National Customer Service Center s toll free number is 1-800-375-5283 or you may access the CIS web site at www.uscis.gov should you have any further questions or need additional information.

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K1 Visa Process (Start to Finish)
1:05 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone,

I joined VJ because I had so many questions about the process and wanted to chat and share information/tips with others who were going through the same thing. Below I have listed a detailed account of our journey and hope it helps some of you that are preparing to start the process.


Fianc and I met in 2011; relationship began in 2014; engaged in March 2016.

I-129F submitted: 9.8.16

NOA1: 9.13.17

NOA2: 10.27.16

Left NVC: 11.28.16

Consulate Received: ?

Packet 3 Mailed: 12.9.16

Packet 3 Received: Went to embassy for packet on 2.15.17 after receiving email

Interview Date: 2.21.17 ------- approved!!

We never received the packet 3 via mail. I emailed the embassy with a few questions and they informed me that they mailed the packet to me (the petitioner) on 12.9.16 and that I should have received it. I spoke with a representative at the 703-520-2573 customer service number and they told me that the embassy has a list of people that they have sent the packets out to and we should only move forward IF we had indeed been notified that the packet was sent. (IDK how true this is but those were her exact words). My fianc printed the email and ceac status that said ready for interview and went to the embassy to ensure we would be granted the chance to be interviewed (we had already scheduled the date). He received the packet which contained basic instructions for interview preparation (as discussed heavily on VJ).

Below is the order of information we presented



Passport photos

DS 160 confirmation page

Medical Report (sealed)

Police Certificate

Birth Certificate

Financial Support

  • They only asked for one year of tax information

  • I also included an employment letter but it was not reviewed

Letter of Intent

Evidence of Relationship

  • Whatsapp convos

  • Facetime logs

  • Facebook interactions

  • Twitter conversations/mentions

  • Pictures from 3 most recent visits

o Pics with his family, friends, engagement night in Dubai, etc

  • Screenshots of selected conversations

  • Letters of support from a few fam. and friends

  • Wedding preparation (ring receipt, dress receipt, etc.)

  • Emails

  • Apple Music subscription (family plan)

Original Petition

  • With all USCIS and NVC letters

  • This was not reviewed

We originally used a hard brown file but after reading around on VJ, I saw that most people were saying the file should be flexible so we switched to the navy one. Each of the documents were in an individual clear sheet and labeled with a notecard. Although my fianc was praised for organization, the documents were removed from the file and clear sheets and placed in order in a simple folder and taken back for review.

Whew, that s a lot of info but I know I was hoping someone would put their details in one forum versus having to search a million different ones for answers to questions I had. Hope this helps! Let me know if you all have any questions.

**Questions from the actual interview will be in my fianc s review*

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He's here! Now What?
12:04 pm yesterday


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My fiance just got here on 02/11/2017 (YAY!)

We just applied for his social security number & received his I-94.

The wedding is set for 04/29/2017

The 90 days is up on 05/12/2017

My question is, because all I see is that we need to file the I-485 (we will file the I-765 & I-131 along with it) as soon as we get married, but how long after we get married is too long to wait?

Does it have to be filed before the 90 days?

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Wrong info on k1 visa issued
7:29 am yesterday


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My fiance picked up his visa today and we realized theres a mistake on it , where it says annotation the petitioners first initial is suppossed to be D but instead J, any experience or advice will be much appreciated

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