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10:02 am today


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Hello everyone! I have a quick question to ask about k1 visa especially for those in Ghana. After receiving the NOA2,how long it takes to get the interview? Any help? Thank you guys in advance

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6:15 pm yesterday

Naa Atswei

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Good Day,

I was wondering those who have been approved from Ghana Embassy, how long did it take to pick up your visa from DHL?

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2:52 am yesterday


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Hellooo ... Does anybody know if the US embassy in Accra (Ghana) allows the petitioner to accompany the beneficiary to the interview. Any help? ( Especially those who did theirs in Accra) (Ghana) . I've heard some embassies do allow the petitioner to the interview, whiles others don't allow.thank you.

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All I-130 transfed to California service center ?
2:47 pm yesterday


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Hi guys am new here and would like to ask if the California service center is the only center working on I-130 applications of Green card holders despite the state you live in please? Am in Texas thou .. any help please guys ?

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Interview scheduled
4:36 am yesterday


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We have had our interview scheduled for Jan. 5th 2018. It took exactly 1 month from case complete (recieved the email today), And only 2 months from case complete til interview.. woohooo, Thank You Lord!!

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