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arrowShould i withdraw my K1 application?
September 27, 2016, 9:36 am Last comment by ss85

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I filled a k1 petition for my fiancé at the time last year July 2015 and he had his interview december 14th and was denied under 221g. Ou petition has since been under administrative processing since december until now. It has been 9months now. W e got married in january of this year and went ahead and filled i-130 petition in April. I received the approval september 12th and received a letter that it's being sent to the NVC. 

I know that the k1 is no longer valid since we got  married. Were we supposed to withdraw the k1 before filling the i-130? If yes, what should we do now since we have already started this process.

Just incase you are wondering why we got married so quickly, my fiancé then, now my husband was residing in London before his interview in ghana and i visited him three times last year. The CO asked him several times why we didn't just get married when i visited and do our wedding ceremony here in the states. My husband gave him plenty of reasons but the CO INSISTED we should have done that. So we figured if thats the reason for denial, then if we reapply for k1, that will be the same case so www just went ahead and did our ordinance marriage in ghana which we are now in the process of planning or wedding ceremony for september 2017. Please if anyone has any advice for me, please feel free to give me your input. Thank you very much in advance

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arrowApplying for AP
September 26, 2016, 3:41 pm Last comment by ElliePro

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Hey folks
I am back again, how is everyone doing out here?
So here is what i am worried about!
I have my adjustment of status pending, after they received my Initial evidence, on 02/08/2016 i keep calling them, but they keep repeating same old storylines everytime i call, so in July i requested to know the reason my process taking too long, but there was no answer, then i called and requested tia 2 officer then after long conversation on the phone, she put in another request for me which they responded in august that, the reason my case is taking long is they have load of work, so my case hasent been abounding but, is still in a waiting list, so after a month i called again and afterwards i decided to apply for AP which the office advice me to do that so incase i want to travel, then i dont need to wait for my GC, which i did after was, but it has been almost 3 weeks i dont see no update about my AP which if i track it, it say they've received it for almost 3 weeks now

Folks whats going, does anyone have same issues or experience
Please advice, thanks

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arrowForm i864
September 26, 2016, 3:29 pm Last comment by IcezMan_IcezLady

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Hello all, so I'm in the process of adjusting status from k1..I'm currently filing out form i864 and on question 19a which ask for most recent 3 tax filed...in our case, my fiancee only has 2014 and 2015 tax returns available. .question is do we just put in the 2 recent ones we have or we need to request for the 3rd one to complete it? Thanks for answers

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arrowHow long to schedule a K1 interview in Ghana? (split)
September 26, 2016, 7:32 am Last comment by McBee

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hello everyone, please I want to know long it takes to schedule an interview in Ghana for a K1 visa. I have already waited for 58days..I'm very worried because my approval notice will expire on the 20th of October,2016..please share ur ideas about k1 visa in Ghana with me
hello everyone, please I want to know long it takes to schedule an interview in Ghana for a K1 visa. I have already waited for 58days..I'm very worried because my approval notice will expire on the 20th of October,2016..please share ur ideas about k1 visa in Ghana with me

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arrowhousehold count and children over 20 years (split topic)
September 26, 2016, 5:48 am Last comment by IcezMan_IcezLady

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What about Children over the ages of 20ys will they be claimed still?and In my case also I need a joint sponsor and the sponsor the joint sponsor have one dependants who happens to be her niece and the poverty guidelines for three including me is 25200 and she makes 25722 annually am I good to go.

Just want to clarifying again for anyone reading that this is not true.
Children count even if you never see them, they live a foreign country, etc.  
Under US law, you could be forced to support them at any time, so they would be a drain on your household income.

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