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Need help filing N400
9:26 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,

My name is Alex I was introduce by a friend here who gave a very recommendation to get connected here for all my questions for USCIS and son on will be address and provided with the best answers and help as i needed. First of all thank you very much for all the good works you guys been doing on here. You are truly bless in many ways. just reading through other forums tells me and gives me a big smile with warmth heart to believe surely my solution is right here.

However let me go to my questions I have. well I am in the process of filing my N400 and G1145 form base on 5yrs. I have been out of the country 5 times and total of my stay out is 552 with one of the stays nearly 6 months. I have attached the page here I please someone to go through and tell me if everything I put looks good or if I need to make any adjustment due to time and calculation for 5yrs and all that. My second question is I was recently pulled over my a law enforcement and given a ticket for driving without unregistered plate. which I have to pay off or plead not guilty. I will like to know will such situation be considered a crime or what can I put in the section that ask about citation.

will end here and look forward to hear from all help and support on this platform.

Thank you very much.



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Medicals in Ghana
4:19 pm yesterday


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For anyone who has done there medical appointment in Accra Ghana prior to their visa interview. Did you have to call Holy trinity or Akai clinic to make an appointment or do they accept walk ins ?

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i-751 tax returns
1:55 am yesterday


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hey everyone am here again this forms are very confusing... i printed my tax returns from turbo tax and it has a lot of pages, should i send all the pages or just the first page. My green card got lost and am making an info pass to get my passport stamped . i haven't reported the lost green card to the police because it fell in the river when fishing will i get into trouble for not reporting it ? the card expires in August.I have a scan copy of the front before it got lost and am trying to add front copy with a letter to explain about the missing green card. I need some advice

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Medical exam
12:23 pm yesterday


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Hello house. I just completed my medical exam today. The asked if there's any sickle cell disease in our family. I said yes but it's truly yes. Because of that am worried about that if that can raise a question during the interview. Would there be a question about the mentioning of the disease that can get me denied? Or is it part of the diseases that can make you disqualified? Very worried after the medicals and I want to know if there's any hope for that. Thank You!

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After approved CR1 and POE what's next?
8:38 pm yesterday


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Hi VJ family,

Now that my husband is approved his CR1 visa and soon for POE what do we file next? Is it true that he will receive his green card one month after POE and do I have to file a I-751? (removal of conditions).

And can someone explain what exactly this is, the I-751? Its a bit confusing to me. Not sure why a removal of conditions is required.


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