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  1. Yes, most validity period for common wealth countries is 6 months. Validity period for Department of State/NVC however is 2 yrs in general if not for Kenyans/Ugandans and/or foreigners living and working in Uganda like myself which per what I'm reading is valid for 1 yr and are scheduled to have their interviews in Nairobi.
  2. Just a quick question here to folks. I understand the PCC's are valid for 2 yrs per State guidelines. However reading through the guideline sent to me in preparation towards my interview, the validity is capped at a year suggesting that any PCC submitted over a year has to be renewed. Is this situation peculiar to only Nairobi and therefore place- specific or across board? Shall appreciate anyone with experience regarding this issue as I'm left confused.
  3. Just got mine too; IR-1.The wait is over,what a huge sigh of relief.Hang in there folks, yours is right on the corner.
  4. Got you, at times one needs just that to keep your sanity. Whole process is simply unbearable so even though an eye is needed to be kept open, at times it's worth keeping both shut. Lol
  5. Would like to join the whatsapp group @Truserenity11as I'm in the same boat as everyone on here. The details shall be appreciated.
  6. Hi Rael and Zablon,can you please share when you were documentarily Qualified?
  7. On a different note,@nyokabee.Can you share when you were DQ'd?
  8. @zahra1234...I must say your post has been extremely helpful. It does at least serves as a barometer for some of us to gauge where we stand in the queue towards an appointment for an interview. The whole process sucks to say the least. Please do continue to give us the heads up(updates)as and when you have them.
  9. This process is incredibly slow and more slower with Nairobi specifically. I was DQ'd in August 22 which means there's still alot of waiting to do. Terrible
  10. Yes i did get the import of what you were addressing @crazy cat. It stems from a question posed by a contributor as to whether the embassy in nairobi is working at all given, and you did well by providing those figures, suggesting that they are indeed working amid at a sloth pace. I have had the opportunity to compare figures/numbers including the issuance report for January (visa interviews conducted per post-country ) and the number of interviews conducted elsewhere as against Nairobi, is indeed nothing to write home about. The backlog, i suppose cast across...and Nairobi should be doing way better than they're now. That was my point.
  11. Exactly where the problem is. These numbers,comparatively with other consular sections make Nairobi look like a joke. Given the huge backlog in Nairobi, they should be doing better than that.
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