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Found 13 results

  1. Just wanted to post about my trip to the social security office today. I lost my previous card and went in to get a replacement with my expired green card and my I797. After an hour wait I went up to the window and showed the gentleman my documents. He immediately said he can’t do it since my GC is expired. I was able to convince him to at least try and after 20 mins he gave my paperwork back and said there was no way he could do it. He said I would have to come in when my new GC is delivered. I walked out of the office so mad so I drove home and called the social security customer service line. After an hour hold I was finally able to speak to a rep and explained my situation. She advised that I have everything the office needs and it should not be a problem. She referred me to an article on the social security websites POMS System. https://secure.ssa.gov/apps10/poms.nsf/lnx/0110211025 I drove back to the SS office and waited in line again for another hour with a print out of the article from the SS website. I went back to the same window and presented all of the same information but this time handed the POMS article. The gentleman read the article for 10min and then said I don’t have an I797. The document I have is the receipt for the I797 so there is nothing he can do. I tried to explain that the receipt notice IS the I797 but he just wasn’t having it so I asked him to check with his supervisor. He went around back and was gone for another 20mins or so before he returned. He said he spoke to his supervisor and the “document specialist” and they all agreed this isn’t the right document. At this point I was livid. I have a document from your website showing you how to process the forms but you won’t help me. I asked to speak to his supervisor myself. He told me to take a seat again while he got his supervisor. I was waiting for another 30mins before he returned and said he ran it by his assistant director and they finally came to the conclusion that I was right after all. He said nobody in the office had been trained on this procedure and without me bringing the article in it would have been a no. He proceeded to use this instructions in the article I provided and was able to successfully order a replacement card. Phew. What an awful experience! If it hasn’t already, would a mod of this forum kindly sticky a copy of the article I used so no one will ever have to go through this nightmare again! Sorry for any typos/grammar errors. I’m still decompressing after that truly terrible experience.
  2. My husband are filling application for me for AOS and what copies of ID he need beside his American citizen birth certificate to go in to my I-130 package?
  3. Hi everyone. Does anyone know what documents I need to walk with when applying for my social security card? I tried calling just now but they are closed. So I'm going tomorrow morning. My resident card hasn't arrived yet. But while I wait I want to apply for my social so I can atleast work and stuff. What documents do I need to walk with? Thanks
  4. IR1 Visa. POE will be the MSP airport in April. Any tips? We will be bringing the sealed envelope that came with the visa and the CD from the medical appointment. Should be bring anything else? Has anybody done POE there recently and can shed some light on how long it should take, what they ask, any other documents you should have with you, etc...? How long did it take to get your social security card? We checked 'yes' in the DS-260 applications. Hubby wants to start working ASAP. Can he work with his immigrant visa until the card arrives? How does the drivers license work? Looks like he has to take a written and driven test. https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/Pages/dvs-content-detail.aspx?pageID=551&pageTitle=Driver's License - Class D – New Resident Can he drive with his foreign license till he gets his new license? For how long? Will he be insured under my insurance? Thanks guys!
  5. Hello all, My fiancee recently entered the US on the K1 visa. We are planning on getting married next month, but we were planning to head over to the social security office to apply for her SS card this week (as suggested by visa journey). We have been compiling the required documents, but we have a few questions we wanted to see if we could get some feedback. Any input is very much appreciated as always. 1. Since she just came in a few weeks ago, she clearly still has a foreign passport, which it seems will be fine for identification purposes, but we aren't sure what is acceptable for the 2nd form of identification as required by SS-5. Driver's license and state id card are called out on the form, but she doesn't have any form of US id card yet. She does have her passport and driver's license from her country with her, but I don't know whether they'll accept the driver's license alongside the passport in this situation or not. 2. Under the citizenship question on the form, we have checked legal alien allowed to work. It is my understanding that she will be able to work after we have filed the I-785, but that won't happen until we file for status adjustment. I wanted to make sure marking that option at this time is permissible. 3. It appears that it is recommended in the K1 flow chart to get the SS card as soon as possible and return to the SS office after we're married to change the name on the card, but would it make more sense in our situation to wait to apply for the SS card until after we're married. She's been here for 2 weeks on Friday, and if we get married within the first few weeks of February, it should be well within the 90-day expiration date of her I-94.
  6. Hello everyone So I had a look at this guide and I have a few SSN questions that I hope you guys can help me with. I arrived in the US on a K1 visa at the beginning of this month and planning to get married very soon, so: 1. Can/should I apply for SSN before or after marriage? 2. For how long is an I-94 form valid after I apply for it online? 3. The "Another form of valid ID" would be my Moroccan birth certificate. But since it's translated, do I only need to submit the original birth certificate and translation or also an apostille? If the apostille is also required, would a non-certified copy of it be enough? 4. Do I only need to print out form RM 10211.530 and bring it with me to the SSN office? Is there something specific I need to do with it? Thanks!
  7. Hi. Random question here, not sure if it's been asked so sorry if it has. My fiancé had a SSN when he worked in the US about 15 years ago on a L-1 visa. Would he still keep the same SSN? We didn't have it when filling out the I-129 but he's recently come across it whilst clearing out his flat. We are not sure if we should use that in future immigration forms and for future paperwork like health insurance, marriage license, etc., or if he would get a new number. I've heard mixed things about needing his SSN for marriage license in NYC so that is a main concern, as he was planning on coming over just a few weeks before wedding so he can work as long as possible beforehand in his country. If we do need a SSN, and a new one, that will change things. Any advice most appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Whilst waiting for NOA2, I am trying to get the next steps together in my head so we know what amount of time we need before the wedding. We were planning on having Craig come over closer to the wedding so he can work longer in the UK, since he won't be able to work in US for a while. I've read on this link http://www.cityclerk.nyc.gov/html/marriage/license.shtml about obtaining the marriage certificate for NYC, and it seems you need a Social Security card with your application. I think I saw somewhere it can take a few weeks to get SS card as he would have to wait about 10 days after arriving in the US to apply for one. Does anyone know what the amount of time we should allow between him coming into to the country and the wedding, so we don't completely muck it up? Appreciate any help with this. All this waiting makes my brain go on overdrive ;( Thank you.
  9. driver's license

    Can I get a driver's license with an Social Security card that is marked "valid for work only with DHS authorization"? in new York State. AOS for my husband.
  10. Lost SS card!

    Hi all, we have somehow misplaced my husband's SS card He is a permanent resident (10 year green card). Also, his SS card said something like "only valid for work" on it. We would like to get that removed and also get a replacement card. Has anyone been through this process?
  11. Hello, I am worried because I did not receive my SSN card yet. I arrived in the US on Oct. 2nd then got married on Nov 3. And I applied for SSN on November 14, 2016, they gave me this paper with a Reference Number and they told me that it might take about 4 weeks to process. I still didn't get my card as of now. I called them about a week ago and they said that DHS did not release my info yet and it is still pending. What steps should I do, I am getting worried because my visa is expiring in about 1 week (December 30th, 2016)? Thanks.
  12. Hey fellow immigrants So, I was born in Texas and therefore I have two citizenships - an American and a German one (because my parents are from Germany). We currently live in Germany, but I'm planning on moving to the states as soon as possible. I'm not 18 yet, though. But that's not the problem. I was issued a Social Security card and a passport during our stay in Texas, and my very mindful, considerate parents happened to somehow lose the Social Security card during one of our relocations. Of course we don't remember my SSN either; I was too young and my parents didn't think it was important. But I need it to apply for a new passport, as the old one isn't valid anymore, don't I? Can someone please tell me what to do? May I just say that I lost mine and need a new one? Because here's the thing: usually, you can't apply for a passport without the SSN; but you can't apply for a new SSN without the old one or your passport, either. Please help! ?? Greetings, Jacky
  13. We are blessed and happy that all process has gone smooth until now. We got our K1 visa approved, we went thru the POE without a delay and all. Today we got married in San Antonio Texas. At first, I thought there would be a spot in the application for marriage that give one of the spouses the option to change his last name, but the clerk told me that the license in Texas requires to place the original name of the two people getting married. Texas does not grant an legal documents that specifically shows that you are married and you choose to take the spouse's last name. The clerk advised me to speak with the Social Security Administration in regards to that and take the marriage certificate. Step number 1 in the process: We went to the SSA office to apply for my spouse's social Security card. The lady at the window took the application and requested that my spouse would like to take my last name. She stated that she would only issue a card under his current name and did not care to see the marriage certificate I showed her. She stated that she cannot issue card under married name until the Homeland Security Administration changed his name to the married name. My question is: How can this be possible? The Homeland Security has nothing to to with the name change. I have read plenty that says that the marriage certificate is sufficient enough to change your last name to married name. Can someone that has gone thru this please help? Thanks a lot.