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  1. That is good if you get all the benefits included in your package. So far, the one that reached me via email/phone call were paid by the hour and no benefits at all (more than 30 different openings), and majority of them are around 6 months to 1 year. So i have concluded that i wont find any contracting position in the job market i am in right now with benefits.
  2. have a read of what @geowrian had said there @RO_AH . He has explained the issue very succinctly so that you would understand why and how it came about to be where we are right now
  3. Thanks for the explanation and insight @geowrian .
  4. it is the 3rd attempt of a ban that (then Candidate) Donald Trump said he would do "Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States", and this is also said by Rudy Giuliani on Fox News: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/316726-giuliani-trump-asked-me-how-to-do-a-muslim-ban-legally "I’ll tell you the whole history of it: When he first announced it, he said ‘Muslim ban,'" Giuliani said on Fox News. "He called me up, he said, ‘Put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally.’" Giuliani said he then put together a commission that included lawmakers and expert lawyers. "And what we did was we focused on, instead of religion, danger," Giuliani said. Hence it has been called MUSLIM BAN ever since. And it is also the same with Affordable Care Act, where people kept calling it OBAMACARE.
  5. this is the first time i have heard a GC holder, staying out of the country for years, and received fine at PoE (not sure on what grounds and which law being applied there), and then allowed entry. After 1 year of absence from the USA, the GC is not even a valid entry document to be used to enter the USA.
  6. to be safe, i would discount those days - it is better to err on the safe (2 years + 1/2weeks) side than to give them exactly 2 years based on your own counting - but when they looked at the time spent, in their calculation, it is less than 2 years.
  7. the will count the time spent at her home country (not any other country) to fulfill that requirement. They can be very particular about this - and you need to show proofs of how she had fulfilled the requirement (travel details, tenancy agreement, work contract etc to cover the 2 years period). These are the items i was asked to provide (i used to be on J1 too). Initially i gave them a sheet of paper with the dates i spent in my home country which easily covered close to 3 years - along the front page copies of all the passports that i have (just so happen that i have a gap between the passport that i have - meaning there was a period of time where i do not have a valid passport, and that was close to 2 years, even then, the embassy was not satisfied with that document and requested the items mentioned in my first paragraph).
  8. This is the link i was given as the basis of illegal time spent in the USA prior to becoming a US Citizen to be counted. https://fam.state.gov/FAM/07FAM/07FAM1130.html#M1133_3_2 a. Current Practice (1) The INA does not define "physical presence," but the Department interprets it as actual bodily presence. Any time spent in the United States or its outlying possessions, even without maintaining a U.S. residence, may be counted toward the required physical presence. (2) Naturalized citizens may count any time they spent in the United States or its outlying possessions both before and after being naturalized, regardless of their status. Even citizens who, prior to lawful entry and naturalization, had spent time in the United States illegally can include that time.
  9. Trump New Policies

    Yes you can. have a read on the AOS process.
  10. Just to share my experience. I applied for re-entry permit back in September (Sept 15th to be exact, of the date the applications got received). Applied for both mine and my child's. We each got I-797C dated a couple of days later (my child has Notice Date 1 day earlier that mine though). Then nothing happened - until my INFOPASS appointment nearly 1 month later (Oct 12) where the officer updated me that i have pending biometric appointment - that is on 20th Oct. So I went to the state's ASC right after the INFOPASS appointment, (just walked in) with just the info, the worker at ASC found my appointment details, and printed our appointment letter, did our biometric and got the letter stamped and signed by the ASC worker. However, we have never received the original ASC appointment letter through mail . I cannot imagine had i not had the INFOPASS appointment, i would have missed the biometric appointment. (unless they did not mail it because i had done the biometrics). When i checked my own case this week, my re-entry permit was produced and details will be mailed to the address (so my re-entry permit clock had started a couple of weeks ago). My child's case is still stuck at Sept 15th status (calling Tier 2 USCIS support number only revealed that my child had done the biometrics on 12th Oct). That is about it. Kinda odd that i thought for Re-entry permit, it will usually take up to 3 months, and in 2 weeks it will be 3 months for my child's application. Not that I am complaining, i just found it odd. I just hope my child's case would be processed without any issue.
  11. From what I have read (since i asked around in other places), the 5 years period will include presence in the USA in any status (illegal, non-immigrant, student etc). So that will count towards the 5 years calculation, not just status as LPR/GC holder or status after being a citizen.
  12. The issue with contract jobs is that you do not have any benefits - and the one that i would want to have is the healthcare, especially since i have my family to cover as well. So contracting is not an attractive opportunity in from my point of view.
  13. but yeah, finding job, if you are picky can be very hard. I got a lot of emails and calls from recruiters, mainly people with some sort of indian accent (i am in the IT world so this is expected), and majority of them were recruiting for contracting jobs - 3-6 months type of thing, which is not suitable if i have to move around every 6 months. Monster.com is full of these recruiters. LinkedIn is the best source of good opportunities for me i believe.