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  1. Confused

    So she is a widow when you married her 6 years ago? And now she naturalized and somehow she is asking you for a divorce? And you think she wants to marry someone else? What's the issue with fake documents?
  2. Confused

    i am not able to understand OP's main issue, important questions are not answered (circumstances). connecting the dots is not easy from his posts.
  3. Need Support

    Sorry to hear that OP. As a fellow countryman, i wish you all the best. Time can heal the wounds, and mend broken relationship. Still I do understand your parents' feelings though (especially based on my own experience of staying in the USA years ago and observing all the stuff happening to the people within my circle of friends back then, while we were in the USA). Just be sure what you want to accomplish/achieve in your life - and if you feel this is the right decision (the typical Malay term - istikharah & istisyarah) , have a discussion with your other family members on what can you do to mend your relationship with your family (your father especially) while you are still keen on pursuing this path.
  4. a bit off tangent - when people are denied at the border, the only option left for them is to buy the next flight home?
  5. IR2 Immigrant fee required?

    yeah so once you have entered, you will have the I 551 in your foreign passport, and if you manage to proof that the child is residing with the USC parent, you can get a US passport and no need for the green card/I 551 anymore.
  6. IR2 Immigrant fee required?

    so you already have Immigrant Visa in his passport? Once that is stamped, it is a valid GC / I 551 doc and is treated as such. I think you might not have to pay to get the card produced though if you have I 551. I am not sure if they would require you to provide his GC when applying for US passport.
  7. Would having Infopass appointment reveal any more details than calling USCIS?
  8. you should be okay with 9 months out of the country. just don't go over the limit (364 days) without having a Re-entry permit. But be ready to answer questions PoE officers might ask especially on the reason why you were out of the country for that long. But having a trip to the USA in between the period should make it a bit better but i know it will cost you money
  9. Hello

    what you typed here is very hard to read..
  10. Congratulations! Your timeline looks to be very quick, is that normal from the day of filing to the interview date? and the longest time is waiting for the oath ceremony is it?
  11. Is this question even legal to ask?

    Well that is the question that i have been ask A LOT. And i am starting to get annoyed of being asked that question. Maybe next time I will just say i have lots of relevant experience. And most of the time, that question was asked by recruiters (which happened to be someone with an indian accent - albeit sometimes they use typical caucasian names when they emailed me). Even after they looked at my resume, they called me and asked "I see all your experience is not in the USA, any chance you have had US clients?" or something along that line. I bet the company that hired the recruiters specifically mentioned of wanting someone with "US Experience" (which i have no idea how different it would be from experience gained in other countries especially if it is related to IT!)
  12. Is this question even legal to ask?

    What if part of the recruitment/job application, the following question is asked "Do you have US experience? How many years?" (as in have you worked in the USA before), which will surely exclude newly GC holder/newcomers. (for example, if you have retail experience - would it matter if you never worked in the USA before but have lots of experience in retail in a number of other countries?) Is that something that job applicants are required to answer? "The INA’s anti-discrimination provision only prohibits discrimination against “protected individuals,” which are defined by the act to include (1) U.S. citizens and nationals; (2) recent lawful permanent residents (sometimes called “green card” holders); (3) refugees; and (4) asylees. "
  13. yes, because the officer said (this was in July) that the visa for the current fiscal year will run out in Sept, and it will usually run out before then. So thinking that either i try to include my second child and the whole family wont get a visa, OR proceed and deal with the petition later. (case is closed for the second child as he cannot get the DV anymore - and have to go to I 130 route - which i am doing now). I am just a bit concerned that somehow USCIS will think I was not being truthful when i got my DV (not listing all my child during the application) when they look at my case throughout the N400 process, and that i will have to give evidence why my child was not included in the DV application especially during the interview which happened after my child was born. - if this happens, obviously my GC will be considered as invalid as it should have not been granted to me in the first place. Have read lost of threads about N400 being denied based on the fact that USCIS thinks the person should have not been granted GC in the first place.
  14. Hi. I have a question regarding the status of my DV visa , whether it will affect, or came up in the future, if i want to apply for naturalization (within 3 years based on marriage to USC). Background of my issue: 1. Have been married to natural born USC (that had left USA since the age of 2) since 2012. 2. Got 1 child together when I was selected for DV . 3. Second child was on the way when i submitted my DS-260 for the DV (I believe i submitted in Nov, and the second baby was born in Feb next year) 4. Have informed consular about the potential birth of the second child before my interview, after the submission of DS 260. Consular officer replied that once the baby was born, i need to provide the passport etc to be included in my application - i was not able to do so and my interview date came (in July). 5. During interview at my local embassy, i was asked how many child i have, i answered two. She asked about the baby - when was the baby born etc (she was trying to verify that i did not lie when i submitted my DS 260 as i put just one child in my form). 6. Was asked if i want to include the baby in it, but i will have to do all the medical and another interview), or to just proceed but my USC wife will have to petition for the baby. 7. I chose to just proceed, and me and my first child got our Immigrant Visa. 8. Activated the GC last year with my first child. 9. Petitioning for my second child this year and hoping to get the IV mid of next year for the move to the USA. ===================================== For all of my child with my USC wife, i know that they can get citizenship automatically provided they entered the USA with I-551 and are staying with the USC mom. (INA: ACT 320) https://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/SLB/HTML/SLB/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-29/0-0-0-9983.html A. However, I want to know, should i apply for citizenship, would the issue of my DV visa came up - as I was granted Immigrant Visa (via DV) AFTER my second child was born and that second child somehow was not included in my application even though it was made known to the consular officer during my interview (i did not lie about anything)? (although i am not sure if they have updated my details in their system that I am married to a USC and currently have 2 child together). B. If this can be an issue, would my first child, even after he obtains US citizenship via INA 320, would have it revoked? - considering that he obtains the GC / I-551 via my DV application?