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  1. Really 4 mounts it’s to much i wish u good luck same is my husband  only one mounts administrative processing and normally processing took 60 days ....Egypt 

  2. We are CR1 and my husband has been on AP since his interview on July 6,2017
  3. Still on AP 4 months now. Got an update , only because Senator sent an inquiry on November 5. 2017 I miss my husband sooo much . So sad😢
  4. My husband is on AP for 3 months now. 2 men went to my husband's home on August 22,2017 one of the men told my husband, someone would contact him by phone. Well it's Oct 12 now still no call. Is my husband allowed to call the Embassy in Cairo and ask why they didn't call him.
  5. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/09/24/enhancing-vetting-capabilities-and-processes-detecting-attempted-entry
  6. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/09/24/enhancing-vetting-capabilities-and-processes-detecting-attempted-entry
  7. Thank you for the info.😊
  8. We got another date updated September 19 but I wonder if it updates because I sent them an email and they read it. Does anyone know if it updated because of this? Or if the date automatically changes when they open file?
  9. They could come over anytime, day or night. It wouldn't bother me at all.😊
  10. If they come to my house right now or in the future. I would gladly welcome them with a big smile. I have pictures of me and my husband every where in my home . We have nothing to hide from them, we just want to live a peaceful, loving life together. Yes hopefully we will hear something very soon. I can't wait, I want that exciting moment to hear he is approved. It means so much to me. Thank you for replying.😊
  11. Hi, Thank you for replying. I have emailed the Embassy twice already. I get the same email that case is going through administrative processing and every time I send an email the date changes on the website so nothing changes but a date only. I just thought, by them going to my husband's home and they found that my husband was telling the truth it would speed up the process of his visa and he would get approved. But I guess it wasn't the case. We still have to wait.
  12. Hi everyone this is just all confusing. Our story on July 6,2017 my husband had his interview in Cairo, Egypt the interview went okay but they didn't keep my husband's passport. On August 22,2017 two men from the Embassy went to my husband's home and asked him the same questions that were asked at the first interview. My husband was married before. They first went to his ex wife's home and they talked to her brother. Well when they got to my husband's home they asked him questions they were recording him. They told my husband that they talked to his ex wife's brother but told my husband with a smile that they were not going to tell him what he said.Well after they talked to my husband one of the men said that the case is going as it should and said that the Embassy would call him in 2 weeks it's been 4 weeks now and no phone call. Our last update on the website to check status was on August 30th and it still says Administrative Processing. Has anyone ever been through this. Please share your story thoughts of what this all means. I thought this was all good news but still waiting for any answers from Embassy to see if my husband gets his visa.
  13. The 8/22 we took it as a second interview because they asked my husband the same questions as they did when he went to his first interview and they taped recorded my husband. So when I put it into VJ it changed as second interview. I will let everyone know on here. When we hear from the Embassy again.😊
  14. I tried to change that on my timeline but it wouldn't let me. No my husband hasn't been approved yet. The Embassy was closed for 4 days for the holiday. So I am sure that we will hear from them this week or next. To get the attention of the Embassy I emailed them an inquiry and I sent them a picture of my home and me holding a picture of me with my husband and the consular sent me an email back saying my husband is on AP but that they are working on the case. 2 weeks ago August 22, 2017 2 men went to my husband 's house and told him that the Embassy will contact him in 2 weeks so this is the second week. After they went to my husbands house the date has changed twice last week on the website. God willing, we should be hearing good news in the coming days.😊
  15. It is a letter from the consular saying that my husband is on Mandatory AP. That they are reviewing his case.