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  1. @Roel thank you so much. I read everything but I didn't see anything about shoplifting crime, is that mean there will be no problem for me to enter Canada? @Boiler no it just happened last summer..
  2. Hello please i am here looking for answers to my question because i am so worried. as i said before in this site i have a criminal record i got arrested for shoplifting and in court my attorney was able to get the charge reduced to petty disorderly conduct, and i filed to remove conditions from my green card and i am still waiting for the 10 years green card. i have the extension letter though so that i can travel or work with, and now i am planning to go to Canada for a visit and my question is, will the canadian custom let me enter to Canada or no? pleaaase help
  3. I have done my biometrics 4 months ago and still they are reviewing them. People got it done before me and their fingerprints review has already been completed. did this happen to anybody before? Is it normal or no? Please help thank you
  4. Hi guys please I need your help, I am already done with my biometrics 4 months ago, and whenever I check my status online it says that they are still reviewing my fingerprints, and I saw people did their biometrics way after me and they review is done. Is this normal or should I worry about it ? Thank u so much
  5. Oh that’s so helpful thank you so much. I hope everything is gonna be fine.
  6. Guys please help I posted here before that I have a criminal record ( shoplifting reduced to petty disorderly person offense ) I have the final court disposition that says petty disorderly person offense. And I am out of US now I took my expired green card and the extension letter that extend my green card for 18 months, as I filed to remove the conditions from GC and still waiting. So now I am so worried are they going to allow me to enter the US again with this petty disorderly person offense on my record or no? Please help!
  7. @Going through Sure thank you so much for your help. If I travel and come back I will post my experience here for sure to help other people in the same situation.
  8. @dzyrhetom Thank you so much. Yes that’s a good idea I will try to do that before traveling.
  9. @Jo Së I know that it’s up to the immigration officer i am just asking here to see maybe there is somebody with same charges was able to travel without any problem. thanks for your time. @GreatDane no no never ever again, I really learned my lesson it’s not worth it at all. thank you.
  10. Hello everybody I have posted my story here before and there was people who helped me and there was some who judged me ( I know I did a mistake and I don’t need anybody to judge me about it it’s not gonna happen again and that’s it ). I got arrested for shoplifting 79$ items and in the court my attorney was able to reduce the charge to petty disorderly conduct without probation or any jail time I just paid fine of 400$. I filed for I-751 and I want to travel with my extension letter in a month, I know that so many people do that but I am worried about my record. Can I go out of US and come back without being denied entry with my extension letter and the final disposition of the court that says shoplifting reduced to petty disorderly person offense? PLEASE HELP ME 😔
  11. @TM92 oh that will be actually good if I qualify, I am gonna try thank you.
  12. @TM92 It says that if you have any criminal charge you don’t qualify.
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