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  1. Good Morning @Laherida31, I filied for all 3 and my I130 for my daughters had to have everything I needed for my husband pack except phone logs, western union stuff like that and extra pics of us together(my husband pics it was me and my husband and babies) (my daughters it was just pics of me with them). I hope that help you out some
  2. @The Rock ll yes 3 separate petitions....ok ok i think i have it now so my husband form will read 1-1-(i don't count him twice)-and i don't put a number for dependents because i don't have any. for my step daughters forms it will read 1(her)-1(me)-1(now my husband) and the same for the second daughter just changing the names for them. oh i hope that's it. Thank you so much for your help
  3. yes I can I'm actually over i was just making sure because i hear they need their own I read they need their own then i just read from back in 2017 to put them on the same. I know a lot has changed since that year. so i am adding there names to one form part five will total out to 4 and one form will be loaded to each?
  4. @John & Rose Good Morning, I thought I had the I-864 figured out but i keep reading on it because I want to do it right. I did catch somethings i was doing wrong or about to do wrong but now i am confused on what i just read. I know i will file 3 forms for husband and step kids, but its telling me to add their names in part 3 and in part 5 five telling me the total would be 3 for the each of them and 1 for myself. Then i read no each form will have their own names in part 3 and part 5 i would do this for the total (1 for him and 1 for me). Which is true if NVC what to see my household total which will be 4 and that i can take care of them and my self. Thank you and anyone that could help
  5. @GabLuc yes i have all that ready except the police certificate and my letter from my job i read somewhere it can't be written so early yes i was confused on that but i worked it out and have it together. I started early looking over things and asking questions because i have my husband and 2 daughters. so yes i want to be ready. i am also going to send my new supporting documents because i will be there next month. Question i see and was told eveything is now uploaded to ceac. i was ready that and that looks so much easier
  6. That's good to know, I have gathered as much as i can on my part
  7. Good Morning all my story filed january 25th received january 29th first NOA1....March 26th got an RFE for sending what i thought was my certificate of marriage but got it translated and sent it back March 30th....Was looked at again May 3rd, my question for those that got RFE for potomac how long after sending information did you wait is it the whole 30days. Also has anyone started gathering or looking at the NVC process? Thank you very much
  8. @John & Rose Thank you so much for that information. Question once i start this stage do i pay the fees before uploading my paperwork for AOS/IV? Thank you again
  9. @nyokieoh wow i was wondering i kept seeing upload i don't know what i was thinking. So do you know how i would upload all 3? or will i have to upload under their dad name but their own paperwork. This is why i like to read on things and be ready. Thank you very much
  10. Hello all I am not at the NVC stage but i am reading and looking to be ready for when i do get there. I have 2 questions. 1-when i send my husband and 2 daughters packet in i know it will be seperated but clipped as one do i put a letter or something saying please process together? I think i seen that on one of the groups but can't remember where. 2-do i make the payments before i upload the paperwork? Thank you in advance
  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/trump-administration-preparing-to-close-international-immigration-offices/2019/03/12/e8db2be4-44d3-11e9-aaf8-4512a6fe3439_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.bfbbf1d0d9bc (tells about pap and the story) https://www.npr.org/2019/03/12/702807908/trump-administration-seeks-to-close-international-immigration-offices (this one tells the story and workers being limited)
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