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  1. yes it is old but what caught my eye was the bull that they throw that in like a person like us wouldn't catch what they are saying it's a shame the only country that is doing this madness like they benefit from it
  2. OMG Haiti embassy need to stop their ish so this is the new update I see on here https://ht.usembassy.gov/visas/ what the hell the only country that is really trying to keep people there that can't do nothing for them or no one else WOW I say WoWWWW. The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince thanks consular customers for their patience as we continually work to serve the public while mitigating the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the recent increase in incidence of COVID-19 in Haiti, and for the health and safety of our clients and staff, the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince has further reduced the number of daily in-person visa appointments. The Nonimmigrant Visa Unit is offering a limited number of in-person appointments for student visas in the F, M, and J visa classes and a limited number of in-person appointments for petition-based visas, such as H, L, P, and R visa classes. We are continuing to process a limited number of Interview Waiver (IW)/Visa Renewal applications on a limited basis, which must be scheduled online as drop-off appointments. We are not processing any other nonimmigrant visa classes at this time. The Immigrant Visa unit has CANCELLED all remaining June 2021 visa appointments. We will work to reschedule these appointments as soon as conditions permit. We will continue to process cases for adopted children of U.S. citizens, cases in which an applicant would otherwise “age out” of a visa category, and certain emergency cases. Emergency appointment requests for documentarily qualified cases are considered on a case-by-case basis. Immigrant visa applicants seeking an emergency appointment should submit their request, together with supporting documentation, directly to the National Visa Center (NVC) for consideration. NVC can be contacted at: https://nvc.state.gov/ask.
  3. haiti has a long wait they are back logged and people are waiting from the beginning of 2019 i am 2020 and filed ir1 k1 was moving a lot faster than others but it's at this point no one knows where they are
  4. This is true because you don't have to pay once in the states all the money k1 and half of the money cr1 will pay to get a 10yr green card k1 have to file just for a 2yr but they have their family cr1 comes on a 2yr but have to pay to get 10 yr.
  5. I just read this early this morning and I swear Haiti acts as if they don't have to following rules and it's all embassies
  6. document qualified and then yes we are all waiting for the interview and like i mentioned each country is different you have to see if yours is open if they are doing spousal visas or not. it's just a waiting game now from this point good luck and prayers to all of us
  7. Good Morning, before your interview you will have to get the NVC welcome letter and pay fees for AOS and IV send your documents in they request for and then wait for an interview each country is different so i can not speak on that. if you have paid the fees and sent your documents and you are document qualified you just wait in line for an opening check your embassy website
  8. I agree I was if anyone need to petition would be us CR/IR's and now I see the new news release once again it's about nonimmigrants are they serious yes to answer my own question and like I said I know they will have to go through more of the process but do it fairly which I see is no such thing for Haiti because other countries everyone is having interviews Haiti is just hateful to their own people and disrespectful to the US citizens. I will continue to pray for all of us especially spousal and family even after me I will pray because Haiti is something else. Have a good day
  9. Good Morning All, I just found out the Embassy is fully open but just like I'm not trying to get my hopes up high I don't want anyone else either lets all just pray it is. I tell people I stay busy at work and I visit as much as I can just came back in Feb. Since being home it's like I lost my mind seeing and I'm not hating because they will still a lot more to go through once they marry but seeing K1 and these m's and j's and f's go through like nothing is heart break. I also seen where K1's were starting a petition that really had me like huh. We need to stand up as USC and do something I don't know what to do but I am down for what's right. I pray for all of us and let's all pray things start moving faster
  10. Congrats that is great news I was going crazy seeing the k1s fly by that's awesome
  11. Good Morning all I was just checking and waiting checking to see if any of you have moved forward and waiting this long wait omg. I hope all is well and I am praying for all of us
  12. Good Morning All it's the middle of April now and I've seen K1's come and go no updates well very few not on here on the facebook groups still praying for all of us
  13. This is what i just pulled up and to my knowledge you can pay either way it is recommended to pay before entering so there is no delays. Go on USCIS to read more i hope someone that just went through this help you faster
  14. all embassy are different but with the pandemic and bans all embassies are back logged and no way in knowing what year they are working on unless you see on here or facebook who has been approved and have their information written down. they go by the date you became dq'ed not when you filed like my time line I filed 10/2019 nvc 9/2020 dq'ed 10/2020 since waiting i went from CR1/2 to IR1/2
  15. no letter IR1/2 and i was dq'ed 10/2020 they are working on visas where they are at only people on here can tell us I see k1 is getting in and out
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