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  1. Thank you got it that's what I did first but reading it after I was lost
  2. Ok I have no kids of my own. I'm bringing my 2 step daughters with their dad. I'm sorry that I'm confused or keep asking. I see what you are saying and that's why I was saying I didn't claim them. So husband form just me and him for 2 #1 child form me her and her dad because it says if married put 1 total 3 #2 child the same thing total 3...or on all forms my self husband and both daughters (that will have their own form) to talk 4.
  3. Thank you on which number or letter because for the dependants it only say if I claimed them on my taxes and I didn't. So for my husband I have total 2 and for my two daughters each I have 1 for them 1 for me and 1 for my husband is that correct. Thank you
  4. Sorry my computer had a glitch and posted twice how do i delete one
  5. Good Afternoon, I know i have seen and asked this question a thousand times but as i read the tips and the form i'm confused again like i mentioned before. Now I know i will do 3 seperate I-864 but since the babies will travel at the same time do their names go on the same I864 and vice versa? I know i will not include them in my count only on their own sheets. but then Part 3 #2 says I am sponsoring the following family members immigrating at the same time etc etc, then (do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petion. Please help I just read it again Thank you in advance Part 3 List only the principal immigrant and his or her family members you are sponsoring. Only include family members you are sponsoring who will be immigrating at the same time or within six months of the principal immigrant’s arrival in the United States. There may be multiple financial sponsors who each sponsor different family members. You should only include those you have agreed to sponsor.
  6. Hello what I did and it's very helpful for whats app every night around midnight i set up my back so all and everything on whatsapp will be saved. If you have not already its never to late to save them but if not you can still send them to your email. Goto the person chat open it and the 3 bullets next to the phone icon click on that and more then select export chat. it will ask do you want with or without media and it will ask where you would like to export it too
  7. I sent to have email and text I never got email just a text but the system said they emailed me. Yeah I would call USCIS again and the post office it don't take that long for a transaction. I would call the bank also to see if a transaction was tempted and it was not rejected.
  8. Good morning I sent my package Oct 5th they got it Oct 8th I received my notice in text message Oct 11th at the end of Oct I called twice because I haven't received my noa1. Both parties told me it's ok if I didn't it can take up to 30 days to get. As long as I have my receipt number I'm good. I still called back on the 35th day the next 2 parties told me the same if I don't get it it's ok but they have where it was mailed to me on the 15 the of Oct. Still no NOA and I paid money order. Checks and credit card transactions take longer because of verification money orders is like cash and applied fast. I hope that helped a little
  9. I think i just sent a request i think to the right one. my name is jerzee
  10. i know that feeling my update is telling me feb or march which is about right. like I mentioned before when I filed in january this year i got my rfe in march i think april but they were already working on my packet within 2/3 months. I know i can't go by how they were back then but i do see it slowed down just a little. oh and the date that vj gives us may be a shorter time im only speaking for potomac because ive been thru them already.
  11. Good Morning, I got my reciept number on oct 11 thru text message i never got my hard copy in the mail so i called they gave me my account access to sign online to see my documents they scanned. I have IOE number and I am in potomac center as well. Yes the pilot program is over wish i could of caught it because then people were approved in 2 months. As for potomac they are the fastest but have slowed a little for there service center it's moved now to 7 to 9 months to hear from them. This is my second time filing the first time i didn't have an IOE number but i was at potomac and i got my rfe in march i filed in January on the 25th was my pd. so even then my documents were looked at with in 2 months. not all receipts will start with IOE just yet but by next year sometime it will being now you can file on line.
  12. I filed in october and they may be slow uploading or sending your package because you sent it to the wrong lockbox. you were suppose to send it to the Texas lockbox. Chicago is not for I-130 anymore unless you are filing I-485.
  13. If you already filed this will not bother your case. What I mean by state side if I was living in Haiti with my husband I wouldn't be able to file now DCF and go to the immigration office. I would have to file to the address here in the USA. So all the people who lives in Haiti can no longer file DCF they will have to now go the long haul like everyone else now and wait the Linda months not the short months
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