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  1. yes some of them changed my time was almost up i am shy off my 9th month and potomac changed to 32 or 35 months now starting back in 2016 cases. i could nothing but cry.
  2. Thank you i am us citizen and yes all 3 were at potomac service center until when i called last week they told me one case went to texas i didn't request. i do know to request at nvc stage. i figured i would need three 864 forms but someone said no it's only one and put eveyone on there this is why i am confused as the instructions say don't include no one with seperate 130 forms. then it says to add the names to those who will be following so this is why i need someone that has recently had spouse and kids to join thast has been approve. I was also told that nvc is not like uscis with the payments but i read thast and got that part. thank you for your response
  3. Good Morning all now i am not at the nvc stage yet but i like to be prepared plus i will be leaving soon to visit my husband and want to take all i need and get all i need done. I soon should hear something soon i have been looking all around in comments and other sites and i have been getting different information. i already confuse my self with the reading. as for the I864 i know i will do 3 separate forms but i have been told as i read not to add family if they have their own. Then i asked again after reading it over and over someone said i do add each one to each other forms. I am the petitioner sponsoring my husband and 2 daughters. I would like some feed back about this from someone that has moved on with no problems. I am very nervous at this point being i had to start all over because i didn't have the national archives from port au prince and i first filed in January 2019 and had to refile in oct 2019. So yes i am scared to wait longer it's not that i am not reading it's im confusing my self. as for the transfer has any experience a transfer from potamac to texas. i have 3 cases and only one daughter went to texas my husband and other daughter stayed in potomac. I see the time frame for both tx is over due and im on my 8th month now for potomac. I just want to know why one would be transfered. Thank you in a dvance for help
  4. yes theres one fee i think for AOS but each IV would be 3 fees for me. That is what is confusing me. i know not to add their names to the same sheet but they will be counted so on my husband form it's 1-1-#4(2) for me then when i do my girls it will be 1-1-1-1-. it's how they word this thing that got me. ive been asking since jan 2019 and i know people have been approved and had the same questions but don't like to help. I was thankful for the 2 above and these to guys to help. like i read but some things have changed since 2010-2018 i am sure lol. I know the I-864 is for many visas some questions will be off to us. but i was stuck because they are coming with him but that question could be for another visa
  5. yes I am the USC the words just confuse me yes i have their own ready Thank you both so much for a response
  6. No I didn't list them because they have their own I-864 so for each one just select #1
  7. Good Morning all my question is for my 3 I864 forms will i click #1 and #2? or for each one just click on #1. I am sponsoring my husband and daughters to follow so #1 would be for him but #2 I would put to follow. Please help I am not at that stage but i have things ready for NVC and I really don't want another RFE for no fault of mine. I first filed in 1/2019 was denied in May because of my marriage certificate and they wouldn't except my letter (USCIS) so i had to wait to get it from the archives and refiled in Oct 2019. If anyone can help I am really greatful thank you so much
  8. Good Morning, correction go to google and type in I-864w form all that you mentioned you will need to upload and more look on the CEAC site it will give you everything
  9. Good Morning, @Jacques'son I haven't called in a while but I never got my paper NOA just and text to my phone when i called about that because it never told me what service center. USCIS told me what service center and gave me my passcode over the phone you can still get that information if you call back. I was able to log in and sign up about 2 months later i was looking at my cases and seen i only had one NOA letter and not 3 but the one is for all 3. Also with potomac that service center was the fastest i know because I first filed in january and got my rfe in May. I refiled in OCT i am still waiting why because now potomac took on other cases becasue of the over load and the time frame now is 9 to 11 months. but call and get your passcode information
  10. Thank you got it that's what I did first but reading it after I was lost
  11. Ok I have no kids of my own. I'm bringing my 2 step daughters with their dad. I'm sorry that I'm confused or keep asking. I see what you are saying and that's why I was saying I didn't claim them. So husband form just me and him for 2 #1 child form me her and her dad because it says if married put 1 total 3 #2 child the same thing total 3...or on all forms my self husband and both daughters (that will have their own form) to talk 4.
  12. Thank you on which number or letter because for the dependants it only say if I claimed them on my taxes and I didn't. So for my husband I have total 2 and for my two daughters each I have 1 for them 1 for me and 1 for my husband is that correct. Thank you
  13. Sorry my computer had a glitch and posted twice how do i delete one
  14. Good Afternoon, I know i have seen and asked this question a thousand times but as i read the tips and the form i'm confused again like i mentioned before. Now I know i will do 3 seperate I-864 but since the babies will travel at the same time do their names go on the same I864 and vice versa? I know i will not include them in my count only on their own sheets. but then Part 3 #2 says I am sponsoring the following family members immigrating at the same time etc etc, then (do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petion. Please help I just read it again Thank you in advance Part 3 List only the principal immigrant and his or her family members you are sponsoring. Only include family members you are sponsoring who will be immigrating at the same time or within six months of the principal immigrant’s arrival in the United States. There may be multiple financial sponsors who each sponsor different family members. You should only include those you have agreed to sponsor.
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