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  1. facebook haitian wives and I-130 group uscis and nvc group
  2. I seen 2 CR/IR and 1 K1 march 30th and April but don't know their time line
  3. i can't help with that question but you only need the most recent tax year you don't need all three their only looking for most recent and each person have to do an I-864 form so no adding income unless filed jointly
  4. I did screen shot a couple and paste and copied to word as a pic and my sister export and deleted what didn't need to be seen. so both ways work
  5. Maybe it just worked for me so I agree but I had the copies of my stamps in the passport for the same day so that might of helped as well
  6. my phone has the pdf scanner already on it I took the pick saved in my documents on the phone and scanned it
  7. boarding pass i used from my email confirmation and the passport stamps i scanned from the phone yes
  8. i sent the pics from my phone to my email took each pic and copied it to words and type what who why when under i used my email confirmation for the flights and things
  9. Good Morning, no a new job is not what they will look at the interview letter would tell you what you will need. the only look at the most recent that would be 2021 since 2021 taxes just came out you should be good still with the 2020. Just in case safe then sorry have your parents file the i-864 as joint sponsor and only show if they ask for it. i was dqed 2019 my interview was 9/2021 since it was after tax time I had to upload my 2020 tax info
  10. you definitely have to do a new I-864 and upload it as well has have it for the interview but they see already what is loaded and what they need and being it's a new year but the embassy asked for my w2 1040 paystubs I didn't have a transcript for 2019 nor 2020 my dq was 2020 interview 2021
  11. another FYI I don't know how much the count against not have a social media but I know they check Facebook Instagram twitter and others they have on their list. any travel docs I'm trying to think of more but that is what i sent in. I just did a search and other people have the same or different things yes i did have my western union and money gram receipts
  12. A Cover letter you don't really need in these days of ages so much has changed and no updates have been made. as for the proof flight info, pictures (i loaded mine to word and wrote who-what-when I typed it in), you won't have a joint account living away that's for those that live together in the states. other proof marriage cert, divorce decree if any, phone logs from what's app or however you communicate, face book and so on I screen shot a couple of the call logs showing how long and some facebook messages and post people comment on, this is what I did and I put this on word as well. if you search through vj and write proof of marriage a lot more will come up
  13. Even though you got approved you were approved for 2020 tax information this is now 2022 so you will need the 2021 tax information. I would upload it to ceac and take to the interview also if you got the interview letter it should have told you the papers you will need an update on. They are only looking at most recent transcript or w2s with follow up information $21,775 is the amount for a family of 2. FYI being we are working on 2021 you won't have that transcript so 1040,w2 paystubs and a letter for you 2021 filing. They won't go by anything just started.
  14. that is not normal sorry I couldn't help
  15. awww ok just type in the search what you are looking for and there will be others in your visa class
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