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  1. Thanks everyone for taking time and effort answering my questions.
  2. Also, I live in WA state ,do you guys know if there's a different mailing address if I file I485 and I765 at the same time? Or I just mail it to regular address that has mentioned in the instruction for I485 ( for WA state resident). Thanks
  3. Ok thanks . I was reading the I765 instruction pages , but it didn't mention anything about being free when file with I485.
  4. Are you sure ? I read the fee waiver applications on USCIS website , K1 AOS is not one of them. Would you mind show me where to find that info?
  5. Thank you everyone so much for the response , I will submit both at the same time.
  6. Yes we got that already. I guess I will apply both at the same time . Thank you so much
  7. Hi everyone ! I'm ready to apply for AOS for my fiancé who recently arrived in the US . She's planing on working soon, im wondering if I should wait for her green card or apply for EAD for her. Does anyone know the processing time for AOS and EAD? Thank you
  8. Sorry it was a misunderstanding in the question. I understood the difference. Thank you all for the answers!
  9. aleful! So what's the different between timeline on USCIS site (like the pictures I shared) and the bulletin board on travel.state.gov? I've been wrong the whole time by looking at the USCIS timeline.
  10. Thank you both of you JFH and MiraW for answering my questions. if they're gonna cut this category in the near future , do you think they're going to dismiss all the applications that have been applied prior to the cutting date though ?. Even if my mom wait until she obtain her citizenship after she's qualified ( next 3 years), it's still gonna take 7-8 years from that time to do that since they're processing the case of March 2011 right now. In this case , which one would you recommend?.
  11. I was looking at the California Service Center timeline, did I go to the wrong place on the USCIS website ?. So in this case , since I am a US citizen , is it faster if I sponsor (be the petitioner) instead of my mom?
  12. Hello everyone ! So my mom is a green card holder , she's unemployed nor have any income, she wants to petition my sister who is 22 years old to the US. I understand that if a petitioner doesn't have enough income he/she can have a cosponsor to help using I-864A, but in this particular case she never work and doesn't have any income at all. Can she still petition my sister to the US ? , if yes , does she need anything else beside I-864 and I-864A for proof support?. Also, does anyone have any idea what's the timeline for this type of case? , I checked on USCIS timeline , they are processing the case from May 2015, is it true that it might take almost 3 years? ( May 2015-January 2018). Thank you !