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  1. Do I need to update my address anywhere after NOA2 if I move ? I am waiting for my case number from NVC. I'll be moving to different city in 2 weeks and I am not sure if I need to fill out the form that's in USCIS case status page. OR do I need to update the address with NVC?? any info is appreciated ..Thanks
  2. Thanks Paulmac. Considering there are very low K1 filers in Nepal , I won't be surprised if that happens next week.. will give it try on Friyay..
  3. I have all Tax transcripts, W2, and pay stubs ready.. doesn't I134 need to be with Wet Signature? Thank you
  4. Hmm Interesting. Prolly should give a try on Monday then.. what do you think? won't hurt right?
  5. Dang you from MinneSNOWta as well...
  6. Yea thats what I thought, haven't called or sent an email update to NVC. Prolly do around 14-15 November. BTW is it okay to fill I134 and send to my Fiance Already? or it is wise to do after we get the case from NVC?
  7. Should I start calling or update my email with NVC ? my NOA2 was 29th OCT, only 8 days since approval
  8. I checked my USCIS app around 10 EST and there it was updated and approved. We sent two separate letter of intent to marry with WET SIGNATURES.
  9. Finally, We got Approved. OLD Site updated Today. NOA1=04/23/18 (OLD Site) NOA2=10/30/2018 (OLD) So Stoked... Good luck to all April Filers this is the week..
  10. Have you consider calling them yet?
  11. Congratulations Amanda.... I'm all by myself now on that grumpy couch ..
  12. I just check about 50 applications after my case number in old site... about 10% with Approvals and 10% with RFEs . 80% still case received. .. When I go thru descending order from my number its all I-130 applications ..Whereas as when doing ascending its all I-129Fs. They are all received on 23rd April ..
  13. What days usually they ship it to NVC? I heard its twice a month, is it 1st and 3rd week of the Month ?
  14. It is indeed.. I am almost to the point where I want to Call USCIS. I know Many people found out they are approved by calling the USCIS . However, I know its lil too early to call them... I am also very hopeful that we will get it EOW. 🙂
  15. You are not alone .. I'm right behind you somewhere in the basement.. There right there behind the OLD Couch sitting Grumpy 🤣🤣