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  1. dhaubau86


    Congratulations.. Amanda
  2. NVC should tell you the Invoice number when they provide you the Case Number.
  3. NOA2 -- 10/29 NVC -- 11/13 CASE ASSIGNED --11/21 NVC LEFT- 11/27 its in Transit ……….
  4. 🏢🏛️ ✈️✈️ in Transit
  5. Thanks for the update. That's a big relief I did sent few engagement pictures with engagement ring and engagement ring receipt. I had mixed responses with this topic. There are few other who advised me similar to yours. TY again
  6. There were few Pakistani Post regarding this issues last couple weeks ago ,.. They said they were denied because of the pictures of engagement. However, I am glad to hear that yours was approved. I sent traditional engagement pictures of my engagement with my petition and was worried
  7. Isn't that the reason for CO to mistaken for Marriage? having Ring photos and Engagement Ceremonies? Did you had engagement photos to show at the interview?
  8. dhaubau86

    Engagement ceremony

    Thanks.. Sure..
  9. dhaubau86

    Engagement ceremony

    Yea , that pretty much everyone's back up plan... If K1 is denied I don't think anyone will go with K1 again considering only couple months differentials in getting NOA2. Anyhow, I will try to stay positive and hopefully will get a chance to prove that we are engaged not married at the interview..
  10. So I am freaking out ATM. I keep seeing these denials due to engagement pictures for K1 visa and its in Indian sub continent region.. I did sent like 5 pics of having small engagement ceremony with our initial petition. The pic includes ring exchange and pic with family. We did sent a pic of our engagement cake that says Congratulation your are engaged. Does this mean our case is bound to be denied at consulate? Or are there any other cases where they granted visa successfully with engagement ceremony pictures? SO far I have seen once couple in from Nepal having succeeded with ceremony pictures at interview level. They however, didn't submitted those pictures with initial petition but gave to IO at the interview. Any info is appreciated...
  11. I have a similar question. Can you file DS-160 and Schedule interview after getting Case number? or wait till the Case says Ready. Considering the shipment to consulate will happen next, should we schedule interview? Any info is appreciated.
  12. Finally they have the Case number ready.. So relieved .. no more callings 🙂 11/13 NVC you guys should have it by EOD or Friday..
  13. Friday is not a Federal Holiday. Sure some people will take Friday off after thanksgiving. However, I don't think NVC is closed that day.. The below info is from 2015 should be same in 2018 ..