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  1. Did any one here got RFE and no EAD or AP yet? AOS Filed March 8th RFE March 21st Response March 25th USCIS Received April 2nd..
  2. Yes, the case got updated about the week after that they received the RFE response. On April 10th it was ready for interview schedule and still says the same. FOR EAD and AP there is no progress and submitted a SR about 2 weeks ago. I think getting RFE puts you back to the backlog.. SMH
  3. Did they gave your SR number? I called in last week and spoke to a nice lady as well. She gave me a SR number and advise that we should hear back within a month or so. I did had a RFE, so might be the reason for delay?
  4. Well Okay.. however you can't say "Not true". We got RFE and you can't change the fact that we got RFE cause of that. The RFE clearly states that "If the BC is in other language than English, you must submit of COPY of Original BC and Translated Certificate". Not that by sending Copies One will get RFE, but there is a higher chances to get one and why should one do that??
  5. FYI we got RFE for not sending original translation. If you have BC from foreign country in Foreign Language, you need to send 1.COPY of BC from Foreign Country and 2.ORIGINAL TRANSLATION DOCUMENT. If BC is in English then a copy of it should be Okay
  6. Hi, I received a RFE for original birth certificate yesterday. We initially sent copies of birth certificate translation in English assuming it will suffice. Unfortunately, it didn't and we are really disappointed on ourselves for sending only copy of translation. The RFE states "Submit a copy of the applicant's foreign birth certificate issued by appropriate civil authority. USCIS will only accepts a long form birth certificate which lists at least one parent. If the document is in a language other than English, You must submit a copy of foreign birth certificate and a complete English translation." So in this scenario, we are to submit COPY OF ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE (Which is in FOREIGN LANGUAGE) and ORIGINAL TRANSLATION OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE correct? I got advise that original translation would have been suffice had we have sent it at the first place. USICIS doesn't accepts copy of translation? Translation must be in original form? As I understand the requirement, I am about to submit a COPY OF FOREIGN BIRTH CERTIFICATE IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE and ORIGINAL TRANSLATION along with the copy of RFE letter and cover letter. Please correct me if I have to send any other documents. Also, any other info is much appreciated..
  7. Hello, We are in process of gathering all the required documents for AOS after K1. My fiancée entered last month and we got married after 2 weeks . ATM we are little confused on how we should send all the documents . Do we need to send wedding pictures, joint bank account info , lease papers along with I485, I131 and I765? or these required only at the interview? Does the marriage certificate needs to be Certified or copy is acceptable also? When sending Forms do we merge all I485 , I765 , I864, and I131 in same packet and mail or send them separately? Any information is really appreciated..
  8. Congratulations.. Amanda
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