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    Hi people! We are Matt and Viviana, from San Diego and Torino! We met 4 years in Santa Barbara during college and have been together for 3 years now. Viviana worked in the US for a year and after that we got engaged and decided to go for the K1 Visa. We expect Viviana to leave in February if everything goes as expected.

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  1. I was able to do a walk-in for biometrics. The office was completely empty and the officer at the front desk was super nice. I guess I "gained" 10 days since my original appointment was 3/28. They updated my status saying that they reviewed my biometrics but the estimate is still December. Seemed like a long time at first but I am seeing some wait times that are way longer than that so I will stop complaining
  2. Morning everyone! Back on this forum after years and years. Lots have changed...not married to my ex anymore but remarried and expecting a baby. Life is crazy sometimes! Just filed on 3/5 based on 5 years LPR. Impressed with the online system, got a notice the next business day that things were recieved, and a notice about the bio appointment a few days later. However, my BIO are - OF COURSE - scheduled on a day when I will be out of State for a trip. I am thinking about walking in and just waiting for the physical appointment letter to come in the mail. I am in California and the service center office I am going to for bio is in Tustin. Hopefully they take me - wondering if I can play the prego card My estimate for case completion is December 2018. Really bummed because I wanted to vote in the primaries! Anyone else filing from CA? Please add me: filed online based on 5 years rule. date submitted: 3/5 biometrics dare: 3/28 field office: Santa Ana, CA