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  1. Hello Everyone ? so i passed the Interview at Santa Ana Office last Friday Oct 11, my Status has changed at the same day to "approved" the officer told me they will be having a ceremony Nov 11 but did not told if i will be attending it or not, so I was expecting the status to be change the next days to " we scheduled your oath " but nothing changed , and my estimate case completion time has changed to 3 months after i got approved !!! before the interview it was 1 month only !! Anyone has this experience before ? does it will take 3 months as estimate time saying ?
  2. I hope so , I don’t mind if my interview after 30-40 days I just won’t to receive that letter 😂 , I want to hear anything from USCIS.
  3. Are u in santa ana office ? , hopefully someone will come out and tell us his experience.
  4. Hello everyone, So my waiting time is showing 11 days left, I was hopping it will be much sooner but here we are , now is the 11 days waiting is accurate or still it isn’t 🙄
  5. I am applying at Santa ana Office also, My estimate was Sep 2019 now its Dec 2019
  6. Thats correct 😟 , mine was September now its December !!
  7. Any fillers from Santa Ana office? My account saying Estimated case completion time September 2019 🤨
  8. hopefully they will fix it soon, its frustrating when you see something like this , Its enough for us ( santa ana office ) that we have a Long processing time 😭
  9. I got the same message here , it was saying September 2019 !!! , Is everyone has the same issue ?
  10. Hi Photo family and Cover litter is not required for the application, however I don't think it will be an issue if you upload any extra documents since the required documents is there. The IRS transcripts I got from the IRS has all my family names but all the names were not compete and the names were missing some alphabets for your privacy.
  11. Yes It went down in all USCIS Offices , but still Santa Ana office is one of the slowest offices, we have to wait anyway 😎 Please Santa ana applicants, keep your time line filled so we know how is our office running
  12. First regarding the EMAIL " we are still reviewing your case" Is automatic Email , and you can enable or disable this feature by accessing to your MYUSCIS account online and go to sittings , most the applicants has the same one month defiance between case complete and wait estimate , so in your case the waiting time until the interview is 6 months and your case will be complete one month later at the auth ceremony , that's the reason for the one month difference from my opinion , even me I have the same one month difference Me too I am in Santa Ana unfortunately one of the longest waiting time over the USCIS, and I heard that they don't do "inline for interview anymore"
  13. Is any one applied by mail having the same issue i have , there is a file uploaded to my account but i never uploaded nothing , I downloaded it and i cant open it
  14. Congrats!! that was fast, wish you all the best in your interview :), Nice to see someone in Southern California having appointment soon
  15. You don't need to have all three tax returns , tax returns is just one of a lot of proofs that you can submit to proof you been living in USA, you can proof it using rent, bells and utility and paystubs , bank accounts etc... Tax return will be more important if you are applying through your spouse , so they can proof that you and your spouse were living and filing tax together. Again even if you apply through your spouse Tax return is just a one of a lot of ways you can proof that you have been living here during your past three or five years. Even if you don't have any Tax return and you never works, but you were living in USA and you have other ways to proof it that will be enough.waiting your third tax return will be waisting time if you already have strong proof
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