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  1. Thank you to everyone who replied! It's really nice to get help and the things I've read sound pretty reassuring, too. I'm in a situation that's heavy enough to handle on a personal level, but I understand that making the bureaucratic process behind this one of my priorities is very necessary. I'm definitely going to do my best to leave the US by the expiration date of my I-94 and will notify USCIS with a written notice (even though leaving the US would result in the abandonment of my AOS anyway). I hope getting my AOS petition out of the way timely will make someone else's AOS a tad quicker at least. I believe it's pretty obvious that I'm not trying to just get immigration benefits (I'm abandoning the process that would get me a green card, so I'm deliberately renouncing any immigration benefits in the first place!) and if this ever comes up again with an immigration officer, I hope they won't get unnecessarily suspicious over it.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm sorry if I'm asking something someone else has already asked before -- I couldn't find any recent posts than answered my questions specifically. I came into the US on a K1 visa on June 16, 2018. Got married and filed for AOS just three weeks ago. My life has been an ordeal since. My spouse is not at all the person I thought, his family is also against me of course, and I just feel that things are spiraling downwards very fast for me now. My spouse is not even willing to try to work out our issues and has mentioned parting ways multiple times as his first resort after changing his mind five times over the last two weeks. I feel vulnerable, bamboozled and played with and I'm utterly disgusted and heartbroken. As sad as it might sound, there's not much that can be fixed (sorry for venting!) I want to divorce my husband, abandon my AOS and leave the US as soon and as smoothly as possible, and I'd like to really do it by the book so as to have the least issues possible. A couple questions I have are a. my K1 visa says I'm only allowed to stay in the US till September 13. I hope I can figure it out and leave the US by then, but if I should need more time before I can fly out, would that still be considered me overstaying and accruing overstay days that would hinder me from getting an ESTA if I ever want to visit the USA again as a tourist? b. I understand I need to contact USCIS and let them know I'm abandoning my petition. Is there a specific address I should send a letter to / any templates I should follow? c. Would the fact that I've abandoned a K1 based AOS bar me from visiting the US or getting a US visa of different nature in the future? Thank you in advance!