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  1. Yes you can get married in US while on an ESTA. We got married days before my husband was due to return to UK, we had no plans to get married but at the last minute we could not face being apart so we got married & he adjusted status while here in the USA. The biggest thing with that is he could not work until he was approved. So unless you can support your spouse for many months they are better to return to their home country where they can work while it is processed.
  2. We just bought my husbands son from England the process took about 10 months to get the interview but we had to put it off as my husband could not fly back to the London Embassy until January. We filed November 2016 interview was scheduled for September 2017. Hope that helps?
  3. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    Update husbands Son landed in Dulles process was easy, immigration officer even let him stamp his own visa! Paid for the immigrant visa now $220. Appointment next week with the Passport Office though we anticipate problems as told twice he is not a citizen as he has no C0fC?? We have all the other documents they require including court document signed by his Mum in England giving permission for him to live here with his Dad etc? Any advice on getting his passport? We did speak to 1 official who said yes he is a citizen now & entitled to his US passport? Thanks everyone who has supported us on this journey
  4. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    Thank you so much for explaining everything I have gone from shock to understanding what needs to be done. I hope this helps others. I had not paid the $165 so we will do that now. It is so expensive & constantly producing the same documents is tedious! On a brighter note what a Lucky Child that I married his Dad!
  5. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    Sorry I meant to ask where is his Green Card sent & when? I assume to our US address? Is this automatically sent after his POE or another application required.
  6. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    Thank You so much for your patience. I am so shocked more paperwork & more money! Is there more interviews & medicals? Hopefully you have not already answered this but he comes through immigration with his envelope, how do we then get him his green card & SSN when he gets here?
  7. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    Thank you so much for the reply I am totally confused!! I thought we had applied for him to become a citizen in 2016 he recently had a medical & interview we thought for Citizenship in London. He now has the visa in his passport & a sealed envelope? I just looked at the passport requirements it states he needs his certificate of citizenship? So all we have done then is applied for him to become an LPR? So when & how would we get his green card? How do we change the LPR status to Citizen which is what we understood we had applied for in 2016?
  8. Can anyone confirm that when my Husbands 15 year old son enters the USA next time we applied for his citizenship & have the stamp in the passport & sealed envelope that he will become a Citizen not an LPR? I understood that was the correct process but now have some doubts? Can anyone explain what happens at POE with the Envelope & the next steps once he is here in US? Thanks
  9. Babysitting is work & not permitted on a tourist visa. Maybe they could just come to visit on their existing Visa & see the baby. It does take 9-18 months for a Parent Visa to be approved so I would apply if they do want to live here before it is all changed.
  10. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    I was told that he would become a citizen as he is a child immediately not a green card holder? How can I check if this is correct I thought we where at the end of this very long process not more money & paperwork!!
  11. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    I am not sure if CRBA would have applied as my husband & his first wife where both UK citizens at the time of his birth? He was born in UK, my husband became a citizen in 2012 but we only applied for his son in 2016 as his Mothers situation in UK had changed so she wanted him to live with us here in Virginia & visit her? So with a child he is 15 do they give you a citizenship certificate at Dublin POE? If not how does he prove he is now US citizen to get his SSN & US Passport?
  12. My husband went to the new London Embassy with his now 15 year old son for interview the first day it was Open. All went well & his UK passport is now back with the sealed envelope to be presented the next time he enters the USA. Thanks to everyone who has supported us on this journey & hope most of you are no approved from Nov 2016 Filers
  13. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    Thanks for the reply they said he would become a citizen as he is child of US citizen? When does he become a citizen?
  14. SONG41

    Dublin Immigration

    My husbands son has just been approved he is 15 to become a citizen when he next enters US. Does anyone know if this can be done when entering through Dublin Immigration? I understand that the sealed envelope has to be handed in & then he becomes a citizen is that correct? The best price we can get on flights is through Dublin from the South West of England but obviously we did not want to fly that route if Dublin do not do this part of the process. Thank You
  15. Thanks for the replies we are now stuck! I tried the suggested link it just says I can not use it but I still sent an email. I have sent an email 8 days ago no reply I have sent an email 2 days ago no reply Now we can not even find out if the appointment has been changed or is still as scheduled? I do not know if I should book flights back to UK for the original appointment for our 14 year old son or not? Any help appreciated how to get out of this situation?