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  1. Max-AR2016 Can you possibly explain the process or send the links to do the below as I was unaware you could get a same day passport when it was your first passport? Thanks “I could not stay long since I had an international trip the day after so I immediately headed to the DC passport agency and got a same day passport. “
  2. vandanabharat Did you have any problems with rescheduling your Oath Ceremony? Thanks
  3. Mother-In-Law Oath Ceremony scheduled for December 20th but nothing has changed on Father-In-Law as his had to be sent for review as Officer was in training. They really want to do the Oath Ceremony together & they had planned to be with Family at Christmas over that date in another part of the country. Is it wise to cancel an Oath Ceremony to wait for Father-In-Law? Thanks
  4. You will not be a citizen until the day of the Oath Ceremony then you can apply for your US passport. Congratulations on passing interview.
  5. Any updates or changes? My Father-In-Law just had exactly the same happen today was told he passed the test & looked perfect for approval but as she was in training she had to defer it & it would be 2-3 months before he heard anything. My Mother-In-Law had interview with another officer who was obviously not in training as he approved her & said oath ceremony should be in about a month.
  6. 1 parent was approved. The other parent was told they passed everything it looked fine but was deferred as they where interviewed by a person being trained so has a 2-3 month wait for it to be checked by a qualified officer. Will post a full report on the interviews later.
  7. Very nervous not sure anyone will sleep tonight before tomorrow’s interviews! Any recent interviews at this office?
  8. Nervous anticipation not sure how well anyone will sleep tonight! Thanks for all the support! Will let everyone know how the interviews go tomorrow
  9. No Criminal Records? Print copy of tax returns for all 5 years?
  10. N400 interview for Citizenship based on 5 years. What documents should we take to the interview? The appointment letter only states GC, Passport & another photo ID? Thanks
  11. Do we need to take birth certificates, marriage certificates bank statements etc when going for the interview or just the 3 things on the letter?
  12. NJL All the best today. what date was your interview? We will also do Oath Ceremony at Harrisonburg. We interview Nov 15 so wondering if we will get Dec 11 Oath if we pass or if that would be too close? I don’t think they do January ceremony
  13. Does anyone know how soon after interview if successful it is normal for Oath Ceremony to be scheduled ?
  14. I had almost given up checking & just went online when it informed me scheduled for Interview I was surprised! I then went to look in documents & my interview was in there for Nov 15. I received no notification at all & it was scheduled yesterday October 10?
  15. When you go to your interview are you simply asked the questions & expected to know the answer or is it multiple choices given as in the test practice? Thanks
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