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  1. Oh that's one of the fastest local offices for processing N400. I've seen one person here whose status changed to interview scheduled right after he finished his biometrics appointment.
  2. My estimated completion time has been changing between 6 and 7 months pretty much every other day.
  3. Thanks for sharing the information. My case is estimated to complete by June 2019. When you said "all wrapped up", does that include getting your naturalization certificate? Or does that mean your case was approved by November?
  4. Agree. And I see we both are DC filers, good luck!
  5. If you haven't received your biometrics appointment letter yet, then yes, that's what they'll notify you next.
  6. Log in to your online account and it should appear on the top left corner.
  7. It takes a few days for the document to show up online. Mine took four days.
  8. Ah I see. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Yes, I'm glad that my ROC was approved shortly after the biometrics so I didn't have to file N400 while waiting on the ROC approval. Good luck on your appointment and don't forget to bring your green card with you, they specifically ask to see GC if you are applying for naturalization.
  9. You can always try. I did it first thing in the morning and even went back in the afternoon with proof of all my flight tickets but was still asked to reschedule. Are you the applicant? If so, your husband doesn't have to be there with you.
  10. Is your biometrics appointment in Alexandria? When I tried to do a walk in for my ROC biometrics appointment couple months ago, I was rejected and asked to reschedule a new one. I was suppose to be traveling abroad during my original appointment but I ended up changing my return flights.
  11. Hey, saw you in the November group. Didn't realize that you were also in the DMV area. Glad to see some recent applicants from DC here!
  12. On the bright side, yours is still twice faster than mine:)
  13. Good luck to us all! My case status already changed to "Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS."
  14. I just came back from my biometrics appointment. It took me around 20 minutes. The estimated completion time now dropped to 7 months, I'm not sure if this is because I just completed the biometrics. The online status still shows "we scheduled your biometrics appointment."
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