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  1. My visa Category was F2b, I had interview in April, but they ask to submit some documents, I mailed them on June 2nd.
  2. I submitted in April, but they ask for more documents (Family picture, i did not have alot, and proof of my mother living in USA), I submitted again on May 28th.
  3. My interview was back in March 2017, No they did not ask me to fill out DS5535, but they ask me to submit some additional documents.
  4. Today my status changed to Issued, but I have not received any e-mail or call, how long does it take to passport back?
  5. I did not get any update, So I send inquiry on 15th and did not get any reply, but see update on the case. Again today on December 20th, I see another update on the case.
  6. I got Email on November 30th from embassy, they need new medical and passport size pictures. I submitted my medical and pictures on December 4th. Again on December 7th, I got e-mail, asking for medical and passport size pictures, I replied the email that I already submitted my medical on December 4th, but I don’t see any update on my case, what should I need to do?
  7. Initially they ask family pictures ( could not provide more than 5 and 6) and proof of residence of my mother (she was in Pakistan for medical treatment) but they ask to provide more pictures and proof of residence (boarding pass) and lifetime travel history
  8. F2B, (changed category from F2A to F2B) sponserd by mother ( green card holder)
  9. My younger brother case is in AP more than 4 months. Interview was on March 4th, requested documents submitted on June 4th.
  10. My case is in Admin process more than 100 days, I am also gonna contact local congressman.