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  1. Thanks..My visa category is F2-A. We already waited 2 years for the interview.. We planned to start our family together but who knew about this night mare Ds5535 which has no time frame.
  2. Oh God people are still waiting for so long.. i know it's irrelevant but what if someone who got Ds5535 conceive at this stage? Do they have to start the process all over again?
  3. Did you guys send the inquiry about confirmation through this page? My husband called NVC but they also just said we cant confirm,right now your case is just under administrative process.
  4. F2-A. My husband sponsered me. He is a green card holder currently.There are people stuck longer than me.. but then again every case is different. I hope we all get the visa soon.
  5. i just got 2 updates right after submitting the questionnaire and then one update next month. After that no update. And they dint gave me 221g at the time of the interview. They told me to collect the passport in 5-7 days.
  6. What did they tell you at the end of the interview? I dont want to disappoint you but i am also from Pakistan and waiting for 10 months now after the interview.. they took my passport as well and i was approved at the time of the interview.
  7. I dont know if it is a good thing.. i dont even dont if they are really working on the case or not. Because i only saw update when i sent them Ds5535 and since then no update. There is only an update when i sent an inquiry.
  8. They are putting so many cases on pending.. i see people from Pak who got Ds5535 in 2017 are still waiting for the visa.. how and when they are going to issue visa to us.. and many more people are adding to this DS5535 each day..