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  1. Midnight cookie! =D

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    2. sachinky



      Raj, it's been 3 weeks since I applied in person at the local SS office to have my SSN updated to an unrestricted one - I had a SSN on my previous visa so I just need the annotation removed on my card. They made me wait 2 weeks after POE before they put in the request. I have no idea what's taking them so long. Presumably they have to verify the A# with DHS and that's taking a while. Who knows? I will make a few phonecalls this coming week. Have you received your welcom...

    3. Kirthiraj


      Oh I c..U had ur SSN from ur last visit right....For me, No welcome or GC yet...Still waiting...After that only I can apply my driving license...Here in VA they are asking either of this doc....BTW did u find any job there...

    4. sachinky


      Oh okay. Yea, USCIS is kind of slow. I actually did get hired as a customer/sales rep recently. Will be starting this week. Keep me posted if you receive your Welcome Letter/GC.