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  1. Thanks boiler, I came to that conclusion too.
  2. Please read my reply before posting. I said please respond if you have useful information. I believe it is a waste of time for everyone to just read repetitive explanations to something that would not benefit anyone. I’m aware of all the facts about the green card. My mother didn’t follow the rules but I bet she is not the first one.
  3. samy1979

    Travel date

    He initially stated he is traveling to the US in February 2019 in his application. They issued the visa on the 18th of August.
  4. I’m sorry but I didn’t ask for your opinion if she should or should not lose her green card that I sponsored her for. There is no one who is entitled for a green card especially through marriage. I sponsored my mother for a green card and I can responsor her a million times. Please only respond if you have an answer or recent experience. End of the story
  5. Thanks a lot everyone, I’m aware that a green card is for people who permanently live in the US and I’m also aware that she would have a high risk of losing it if not living here. I posted to hear about other people’s experiences. I’m looking for solutions not explanations of what a green card is.
  6. She doesn’t want to live in the US but she is afraid if she voluntarily gives it up she wouldn’t be able to get a tourist visa
  7. samy1979

    Travel date

    Hi there, my brother applied for a tourist visa and got approved. In his application he mentioned he wanted to travel in February 2019, can he travel earlier ( say September 2018) his visa was issued and valid from August 2018.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I’m still not clear on an answer for my question. Can she re enter the US on a green card since it is valid if she proves she had a medical condition for about a year?