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  1. I couldnt agree more but the problem is how can we be active if we have no updates 😄 We can only follow the embassy by either (1)more users on here that share info or (2) their website or (3)the statistics i shared which comes out monthly. I personally dont know how else can we know the number of cases or even their details (whether normal processing/expedited) unless the users themselves share. I do suggest we can all start by making sure our timelines are updated and as soon as anyone has news to come on here and post - thats why the other users are able to follow their embassy progress easily and can actually guess who will get interviewed and when
  2. Just came across this and thought to share as it was a very good indicator of Cairo Embassy movement. Last month in March there has been a significant increase in the interviews and visas issued for CR1/IR1 - check them out. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html
  3. The Cairo Embassy has been very difficult to follow - everyone here on visajourney that had their interview was due to an expedite same as what they say on their website. Unfortunately the ppl from Egypt arent alot so we cnt really tell if they are back to normal processing or still emergency cases only. I have heard from one member here that she knows someone who had their interview (this person supposedly had their interview date prior to covid but it was canceled since) so they mentioned the interview took place without an expedite but i cannot confirm this bec i dont know this person or the details. If anyone hears anythg please share it we are all desperate for information and any signs of movement.
  4. I wouldn't know if the K1 expedite is the same as spouse visa CR1/IR1 - but fyi you would send an email to the NVC (there is a specific email for that) with the expedite request along with your proofs/documentation why its urgent and they send it to the embassy for approval/rejection. Unfortunately there arent many members on visajourney here that are from Egypt so its quite difficult to get updates about the embassy movement. Please do keep us informed if you have any updates - it would be a great help Goodluck !!
  5. Could you be a bit more specific - are these regular cases or expedited cases that got interviews? If their expedite requests are approved then there is a possibility to receive an interview appointment. The embassy doesn't say explicitly that they are closed - they keep saying they have not resumed normal case processing that's why I asked if these are regular cases you know of (It will be of great help and an update to see how things are moving) I tried emailing the embassy several times and got the general response that interviews will be scheduled by NVC no answer to whether they are resuming the interviews now or not. I don't know of any groups but if you do please share them - it feels like forever waiting and any updates would be appreciated.
  6. I tried emailing several times since mid February and I just received a reply today! But sad to say still no updates - I got a standard reply of "your case is at NVC and interview scheduling will be based on our staffing capacity and the order in which interviews are scheduled is determined by the NVC" I'm trying to know if they are operating or not and that was the response I got instead 😞
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