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  1. Yes and I see how the answer was so much different based on the B2 Visa type... so thanks!
  2. I get the confusion. I thought you were asking what Visa she applied for. SHe is here in the states under a tourist Visa. She qualifies, we made sure of that with the attorney, etc.
  3. If I am confused, then I apologize. You asked me what type of visa? It is not a K1. We were married in Guatemala. She applied for a Visa using the I-130 process. So I assume, it is an I-130 Visa. It was me filling out the petition for my alien relative. We are now adjusting that status. What am I missing that I am not providing you and making you so upseT?
  4. I am NOT refusing to answer your question. What is confusing about my response? It is an 1-130 application, I-130, Petition for Alien Relative....
  5. I am really looking for the answer on the income, I understand the process for the AOS. We have consulted an attorney as well previously, just not wanting to spend 5K on her fees to do the process. So if you have info on the would appreciate it.
  6. She is under an I-130 petition for an alien relative... spouse.
  7. She is applying for an adjustment of status. Looking for more information specifically though on the Affidavit of Support and the tax return requirement from form I-864.
  8. We are currently filing for an adjustment of status, however, I do not have my last years tax return as I filed an extension. I do this virtually every year, as I do not owe, and procrastinate on it in general. I have a very healthy level of income, and I have the prior two years returns, the form and letter from my CPA showing the extension, and my W-2s from last year. The I-864 states "must be included" for the previous year, and the prior years are optional. My question is, if I am showing adequate income and the prior two years, etc. would this likely be accepted? We just recently decided to go the AOS route as the K1 visa just finally made it through the first stage after a year, and it looks like another six months before that is done.
  9. The nebraska time lines just got modified and are now showing 9.5 to 12 months from 7.5 to 10. This is for the i130 at least, not sure on others.
  10. Ours was received June 5, 2018 so I am a little bit behind you (or in front depending on your viewpoint). I'm not getting too excited at this point. The processing times on the website recently changed from 7.5 - 10 months, to 9.5-12 months. Oddly if you are a permanent resident filing a 130 it is faster than a US citizen filing. Regardless, I'm just telling myself that it is going to take a year and some change (for non native English speakers, that means a bit more). I see many posts from you on the same subject. The reality is, no matter how many times you ask it, or how many different ways, the process isn't fast. It is never clear. Some people win the lottery and get processed in just a few months, some people miss luck all together and it takes much much longer than advertised. I would get comfortable in your mind that it will take 12-14 months, and if it is sooner, well then you can celebrate! :)
  11. Would be nice to actually get a list going of questions here actually asked. Nothing wrong with being prepared. I know every time my wife visits the states she is super nervous going through customs, simply her nature and has never done anything wrong. Plus they are not too friendly in the Miami airport often Point being, the more prepared, the less nervous.
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