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    Met online- Jan.2009 ( Asianeuro.com )From Lawton, Oklahoma to Quezon, PhilippinesFirst K1 Petition: May 2009Approved: Sept. 2009Withdrawn in US embassy, PI: Dec. 2009Petition was totally withdrawn in USCIS: June 2010=======================Filed Annulment: Oct. 22, 2010CD was Granted: June 2, 2010Cert. of Finality released: July 8, 2010 =======================Re-filed K1: Oct. 18, 2010e- not.: Oct. 26, 2010- VSCNOA1: Oct. 22, 2010NOA2: Mar. 28, 2011NVC Received:NVC Left: Apr. 4, 2011US Embassy Received: Apr. 13, 2011Med 1st day: Apr. 13, 2011Med. 2nd day: Apr. 14,2011 (Psych Eval.)Med. 3rd day: Apr. 15, 2011 (PEPS for Annulment Issue)PEPS Result: Apr. 25, 2011Eligible Letter Received: Apr. 27, 2011Immunization: May 2, 2011-MEDICAL PASSED!!!2GO Picked-up my Med. Result at SLEC and forwarded to US Embassy: May 5, 2011Interview: June 16, 2011 APPROVED!!!Visa Issued : June 27, 2011Visa Picked Up, 2GO,Lucena Br.: July 2, 2011CFO Seminar at PRISM: Apr. 14,2011Sticker and Certificate: July 11, 2011Flight to USA: July 12, 2011 Point of Entry: DETROITHome: July 12, 2011- US timeWedding: July 15, 2011- Civil Wedding, Lawton, OK City HallAppointment to a CS: July 21, 2011Backed to CS: July 25, 2011Apply SSN: July 27, 2011Arrived SSN Card: Aug. 1, 2011AOS Filed: Aug. 25, 2011EAD Filed: Aug. 25, 2011AP: DIDN'T FILE BCOZ I DO NOT INTEND TO TRAVEL W/O MY GC..Packet Received by USCIS: Aug. 29, 2011E-not. for my AOS and EAD and NOA 1 Dated: Sept. 1, 2011Biometric Notice: Sept. 2, 2011 (orig. sched. Sept. 23, 2011- 10 am OKC)Biometric-Walk-in: Sept. 20, 2011AOS case was Transferred to CSC : Sept. 29, 2011AOS case was Transferred to USCIS: Oct. 5, 2011Service Request for EAD and EAD Card Production: Nov. 2, 2011EAD Card Received: Nov. 12, 2011CSC called me: Feb. 13, 2012AOS Approved: Feb. 24, 2012 ( didnt have AOS interview )AOS Updated my case status online: Mar. 1, 2012USCIS sent my PRC: Mar. 5, 2012Welcome Letter Received: Mar. 5, 2012Passed my DMV: Mar. 6, 2012GC and TDL on hand: Mar. 7, 2012K2 was approved: April 17, 2012K2 visa was issued: April 20, 2012K2 visa on-hand: April 26, 2012K2 Arrived in USA: May 22, 2012K2 CS: Aug. 15, 2012K2 AOS Packet was sent: Aug. 15, 2012K2 AOS Packet Received by USCIS: Aug. 20, 2012K2 AOS e-mail received from USCIS: Aug. 23, 2012DL on hand: Dec. 21, 2012K2 EAD Approval: Feb. 19, 2013K2 GC Approval: May 15, 2013ROC:Dec. 2013- Filed my ROCJan. 06, 2014- BiometricsMay 28, 2014- Approval of my ROC ( NO RFE.. NO Interview ) June 09, 2014- New GC arrived in the mail...K2 ROC:Mar. 31, 2015- NOA1 ReceivedApr. 30, 2015- BiometricsDec. 03, 2015- K2 ROC Approval ( NO RFE.. NO Interview )Dec. 08, 2015- Production of GCDec. 16, 2015- GC Arrived in the mail...

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  1. marklovetina

    N-400 May 2017 Filers

    Update: I had my naturalization interview this morning, Aug. 2, 2018 at Fort Myers, FL. My naturalization was approved, thank you Lord and to the full support of my husband since we started this process. My interview experienced is wonderful. Our conversation is very light and the IO made me very comfortable. If a job interview will gonna be like that, I will not hesitate to go to a job interview everyday!... I did prepared lots of documents that was listed in the notice paper but she didn't even ask for it. She showed me a thick pile of my documents beside her desk and she said, you know these are yours?....😂 thinking omg she have all the docs. probably since the first step we did this process .... Most of the time I spent in the room of the IO is basically we are just chatting, no kidding... about me and my family... then the test begun, I was asked to read 3 sentences, I was instructed to write one sentence and I was asked 6 questions from the Civic Lessons for the Naturalization Test. I got it all correct of course!..., By the end of the interview she said to me that, she hope every applicant is like me. And that's it.... I got approved, she congratulated me and she told me that I will be scheduled for my Oath Taking next week. Before I left the building I already have my paper for my oath ceremony, Aug. 09, 2018. And after 2 and half hours my cellphone beep informing me that my case online was updated.😊
  2. Passed my Naturalization Interview... Oath Taking on Aug. 9, 2018...

  3. marklovetina

    N-400 May 2017 Filers

    Just to update: My husband went to the post office yesterday afternoon and took all our mails (hold our mails for 14 days because we are out of state) and he gave me my Form I- 797C, Notice of Action ( Naturalization Initial Interview Notice). I will gonna have my interview on Aug. 2, 2018 in Fort Myers Field Office. Time to review for me now....
  4. marklovetina

    N-400 May 2017 Filers

    Finally!, I received an e-mail and txt from USCIS regarding my N-400... I am from Florida and I did my finger printing in Tampa... I just have a question from those who are finished already, after you guys received a txt too like the one I received how long did you waited for your interview date and oath taking?, Thank you!
  5. I am here in Florida and I did my fingerprinting in Tampa but until now I didn't hear anything from my case... waiting for too long.. same boat with me?...
  6. marklovetina


    yeah that's why her friend needs to back home...
  7. marklovetina


    I don't know all I know she is re-appealing for GC that's all because I've seen with my eyes that she has two years EAD that's all I can tell you... and she is working here legally in two jobs... well I know that too...
  8. marklovetina


    yeah I know.. bottom line is same thing just go back home and then just come back here if someone is willing to petition again... as per visit visa same thing if you over stay the only thing you can come back here if they give you a ban is if someone petition that person...
  9. marklovetina


    yeah the third time they are re-appealing... not re-apply...
  10. marklovetina


    yeah sorry, that is an Immigration lawyer... but well just sharing that case to the OP because I know a person really has that case...
  11. marklovetina


    yeah I know the last time they spend $4K to pay for an Immigation lawyer and now they are re-appealling again for the case... sucks right...
  12. marklovetina


    yeah of course there is more story behind it but that's all I know but you know what probably the uscis treat every situation differently because her EAD is not invalid in fact she has two jobs... but I know clearly that she needs to renew it because if not she cannot work here... and before she got that EAD they need to hire that Immigration lawyer but still uscis refused to give her a GC....
  13. marklovetina


    yeah that's correct I know they been fixing it for a long time but she always get denied because she enters as a tourist visa then married an american man... I know the relationship is genuine because she really love her husband but the way she enters here she can't get a green card... but atleast she can work because they gave her an EAD but that expires every two years I think.. she is renewing her EAD card every two years that's what I know...
  14. marklovetina


    I will share you something... I know a Filipina came here in the US in a tourist visa and she overstayed and married an american man.. until now she cannot go back to the Philippines and sad thing is she cannot get her daughter to come here and be with her in the US.. they spend thousands of dollars to an immigration officer but I heard she still got denied twice already... BUT she was granted an EAD so she can work and stay here legally but she cannot get a green card and she's been here in the US for so many years... the case of your friend she might ended up like this too.... as many said here what your friend doing is a fraud... the only way she can come back here again is, IF someone is willing to petition her/him again to come back here in the US... advice her/him the right thing, we know that its a pain to deal and wait but at the end of the day it will be more better when you straighten out things right... and also my relative just came back here in the US after 21 years of waiting, she came here as tourist, delivered the baby here overstayed for some months came back tot he PH but still after 21 years she got a multiple tourist visa again... I think because my cousin is a USC here and she is living here now and the mother just want to visit her maybe the CO thought if they denied her the daughter will just petition her anyways right maybe that's why she was granted a multiple visa now...
  15. marklovetina


    I have a re-filed K1 visa before and we didn't waited 2 years to re-file my K1 petition and I know others did it too even with different petitioner..