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  1. I went for my interview on May 14, it was a combo interview for I-751 (May 2017) and N-400 (June 2018). My I751 file had dust on it. I got an RFE for Taxes, but the officer did all the questions and forms and tests and signatures that I needed for my N-400. She told me once I submitted the documents she would approve my application. Not a happy camper was I. We requested the transcripts from the IRS , it took 10 calendar days. We dropped them off in person on Tuesday May 28th, by Friday I had my oath letter for June 6th. The oath ceremony was very nice, 36 people from 19 countries. I registered to vote the same day and I applied for my passport the next day at the tax collector. Now I still think someone will come and tell me I forgot to dot an i or cross a t. I have PTSD from 5.5 years of filling out forms. I am done. Good luck my friends, Visa Journey has helped me from day one.
  2. My estimate was September 2019, my interview is in May. When I went for my Infopass in January the officer told me it takes about a year from time of filing, which is the most accurate information I have received. A month off in USCIS world is pretty good. 😉
  3. Oh , me too! and I hope for a speedy oath date. I will let you know how it goes, for sure!
  4. Mine only says N-400 as well , nothing about a combo. My I-751 is still pending.
  5. Hi , please update my timeline. Interview letter April 8 , Interview May 14, Fort Myers. Thank you
  6. Congrats! Can I ask did they ask you to bring your tax info in your appointment letter?
  7. Thank you for your response, I will be sure to let you know the details.
  8. I applied in June 2018 with my I-751 pending based on 3 years married. I have my interview coming up on May 14, 2019. When I went for an infopass passport stamp in January, they told me it takes about a year for the N-400.
  9. Hi , can you tell me if the oath ceremony was at the Fort Myers office itself ? I have my naturalization interview on May 14, 2019 and I was curious how long after the oath ceremony would be. Thanks.
  10. Thank you! We don't know what we will do once this is over, it has been on our minds all this time. I hope you get to the end of your journey soon as well , and can move on to life without USCIS, lol
  11. Interview scheduled for May 14, 2019 Woo effin Hoo !!!!!
  12. Today I got a notification that they has scheduled my interview for my N400. What?!? Waiting for the letter to appear in the tabs. More details to follow , my friends. It has been a long 5 years and 3 months.
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