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  1. What were you allegedly not “truthful” about in your first N-400 application? You have not shared that with us.
  2. I am joining the group. I submitted I-130s for my parents on October 14, 2019 and it was received on October 15, 2019. The cases are now at Texas Service Center.
  3. @Yess - You can send a message to USCIS through the online account and ask the officer to confirm that the address has been changed as you indicated in AR-11 and that the field office has been reassigned based on your new zip code. The online message will usually be responded to within 48 business hours, in my experience. I do have the "Case Transferred" status the next business day after I filed AR-11, and the next status would be "Interviewed was scheduled".
  4. Hello guys, I am happy to report that I had my interview in Tampa, FL on August 12, and the oath has been scheduled for August 30. Good luck to the rest of us!
  5. @GerryC327 - My oath letter was uploaded online last night. It is scheduled for August 30, 2019 at 7.30am. I think your wife will most likely be on the same date.
  6. @GerryC327 - I had my interview at Tampa yesterday afternoon too. I don’t think the oath ceremony for us will be that far out on 9/17. The dates you find are for Judicial ceremonies (presiding by a judge). They are pre-scheduled before the judges needed to be taken off other duties. Another type of ceremony is called, Administrative ceremony, which is presiding by USCIS or other government officials. The later type is offered way more frequent than the Judicial ones, and the dates are not publicly available. You could look at people from Tampa here on VJ who have recently been naturalized. Their dates are almost every week, and many of those dates are not listed on the Court’s website you found (and I found it too).
  7. @Yess - I had my interview yesterday as scheduled. Everything went well. The officer asked to see my driver’s license to confirm that I now live in Tampa, FL.
  8. As long as you meet the residency requirement (living in Dallas at least 3 months prior to your filing date) then you are fine. Your priority date will always be the date on your first receipt. Once you file AR-11 (and you should also update the address on your online account if you filed online), USCIS will update your address and the new zip code will trigger a jurisdiction transfer of your file. Your case status will show “we transferred your case to another jurisdiction...” (not verbatim, but along that line). Your priority date will then get in line chronologically with all other applicants who are under St. Louis jurisdiction. You will not have to get back in the line. Moving does not affect your priority date. I filed in Boston, MA in May and got transferred by the same employer to Tampa, FL a month later. I filed AR-11 and a week later I got an interview appointment scheduled for August 12. One of my friends lives in Tampa and filed a week before me, and we both got the same interview date. So I can confirm that moving does not put you all the way back in line.
  9. Could you think of the reason that would cause a delay? Like - is your history squeaky clean? Sometimes they do hold cases for additional checks.
  10. Hi - Good luck with your interview tomorrow (today now, officially past midnight). One question for you- I looked back and saw that you listed your local field office as Fort Myers, FL when you filed in August 2018, but in your VJ timeline, it shows your local office as Tampa, FL. Which office are you going for an interview? I am just trying to gauge the timeframe for Tampa, FL office, if you are actually under that jurisdiction. Again, Good Luck and Keep Us Posted.
  11. Which ones of you are filing under marriage 3-year, and which ones are filing under a standard 5-year rule? And did you file 90-day early? I filed under the 3-year rule, but I didn’t file 90 days early because I was waiting for my I-751 to be approved.
  12. Went for my biometrics today. Seems like people are getting an interview notification 2-2.5 months after biometrics for the actual interview date about a month after being notified. So I am guessing I will be notified in August.
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