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  1. Hello @Booze&Blues Congrats !πŸ’ thank you you very much for sharing with me your last step of this long journey ! see, it was worth it to wai, I a so happy for you that you did not have to wait for the oath , you deserved that . I received my passport a few weeks ago but did not have time to go to ss office because we have to do that ( I guess they told you about that ) . I’ll go by the next week . I wish all the best for you and congratulations for your citizenship πŸ‘
  2. Congrats ! You will receive a letter in your mail box giving you the date and the location for your oath . usually it takes a week between the letter and the actual oath . enjoy your last step with USCIS
  3. Of course I check on you @Booze&Blues. i never forget your support and your kindness towards me when I was stressed out before and after my interview . i am very happy for you , now you wait for the happy moment πŸ˜‰ ramadan is almost over lol then, planning on vacation to see my family in case they do not come this year to the US as usual . i suggest you to take someone with you at the ceremony so you won’t feel lonely . Eat before you go because it might take long . well, things are getting close to the end for may 2017 fillers , for most of us , the journey is over . Again, congrats and have a great night πŸ’
  4. Oh my God ! @Booze&Blues i am so so happy for you , congratulations , you deserve it after being patient for so long !!!! i did not check the website since A while as we are fasting lol ( Ramadan ) but I thought about you today and I was like I need to check on my visa journey friend πŸ˜‰ thanks God , your journey is almost over . when is you oath ceremony ?
  5. What field office ? i had my fp/bio June 21 as well
  6. You should call customer service . They will tell you if you are scheduled for an interview or you have to wait . I had my fp the same day as you , interview on March 12th 2018 . my field office is Philadelphia good luck to you
  7. Thank you very much @Booze&Blues I had a good time after a long period of stress . I hope that you will have some news about your interview soon . done with uscis !
  8. I have my oath ceremony was on Friday 11th . Now applying for passport πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ thank you for asking !
  9. We were 50 people so it took less time but all this is behind us πŸ˜‰ Wish you the best !
  10. Thank you ! mine was little longer . N400 sent 05/34/17 fp 06/21/2018 interview 03/12/2018 0ath ceremony 05/11/208
  11. The speedongbyoblet should not be an issue as long as you provide the proof of payment . They love that ( proof ! Lol ) my friend went back home for a few months ( I think 3 ) then came back and applied . About 4 months waiting time . now he is happy . He had plenty of tragic tickets in court but always payed . It was not the issue . i hoops this helped . also, do you pay your taxes as joint or single . This is very important .
  12. How was your ceremony ?
  13. Hi Nabeel, you should wait a few months then apply under 5 years rules. I know someone who had a similar problem so he just applied again and got his citizenship . good luck to you . Time is fast so be patient .
  14. Hey guys ! @Booze&Blues I had my oath ceremony today , it was a great experience and I enjoyed it . we were 50 people taking the oath, we were first called by country ( of origin ) just to see how many people from different cultures were going to be citizens it took about an hour and a half , took pictures with friends and families then every one left so quick hhhhhi . I think we all wanted to be done with this long process so our journey with uscis would be finally over . I wish to all the ones who are still waiting for the interview That they will get to this last step so you guys can relax like I will from today . I also want to thank every one ( visajiurney family ) , wish you all the best πŸ’ have a good week end .
  15. Thank you ! Yes , i took a day off to rest after this long process . I will certainly update that with ss then apply for a passport . good luck to you as well ! Enjoy your oath ceremony πŸ˜‰