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  1. Oh wow! I’ve been trying to critically interpret the new law. So you’re trying to say that for me being a USC, I would not be allowed to file for my parents because they are from any of those countries even though that’s my right as a USC?
  2. Hi Guys, Does anyone have a clearer explanation of the travel Ban? How would this affect US Citizens who are trying to bring their parent over from one of the countries affected by the ban? Ideas are much appreciated Thanks
  3. Abeg no just worry yourself at all.. GOD don do am for you. Same thing happened to me. Yes, you will get the new card in the mail. You need to take ALL the cards you ever received from USCIS. I took even up to my EAD card as well. What they would do (Well that is what happened in my case) is that they put holes in ALL the cards I came with (I think i had 3 cards) and would staple ALL of them to a document indicating you received your Naturalization certificate and would slide it into the sleeve of the folder they pulled out your certificate from before handing it to you.
  4. Yeah, i understand that. It's one step at a time. We would cross that hurdle when we get there.
  5. Thanks Susie!, you are the best. I looked through this and i think my parents should be fine based on their ages. They are just in their mid 60s. If they approved the OPs Mom at 71, then I am sure my folks would be just fine. I am gradually getting all the answers i need. Thanks Again.
  6. I guess i have not been clear on what exactly my supposed research is about. I know Health Insurance in general is important for everyone once they finally come in BUT my question is in relation to the immediate I130 application process. So for instance, within the next 1 year or so that my parents application gets approved and they go in for an interview, what adverse effect does the availability or not of health insurance/funds have at that direct stage? Could the application get refused for not having either health insurance or enough funds to show for that or am i just thinking too much about this whole thing? Again i am just trying to do research on this so i am fully prepared mentally and in any other respect when the time comes and not taken by surprise.
  7. Hi, Does the condition to remain unmarried also apply if i go ahead and file for my sister instead? Or her future husband and kids also get green cards in 15 or so years?
  8. When you say covering costs, what do you mean? Do we have to show a certain balance in our account or show proof of some kind of Insurance? Any guide you can give me on this would be much appreciated as i am delaying the application(s) to plan properly
  9. I am trying to consider my options on the best way to handle this. If the financial weight would be too much, i was thinking to apply for probably my Mom for now, hopefully that would take just about 1 year to come through and then when Mom gets here, i can have her apply for my sister and Dad. What do you think guys?
  10. Are you saying that Health Insurance for my parents is not too important but extremely important for my sister? Also where do i get concrete information about the Health Insurance.
  11. Yes, she is 23. I read somewhere that she has to remain unmarried for the entire 7 years, is that correct?
  12. Are you saying all i need based on this link above to show for my wife who is already a USC and my parents and sister (Total of 5 people) is only $37,712? So i need to get my IRS transcripts and add to the application?
  13. Hi Guys, I have been doing a bit of research but wanted to get concrete answers on here. I just became a US Citizen in March and i am looking to apply for my Parents and Sibling who are back in my country. I just filled out the I-130 forms but want to thoroughly know implications before dabbling into it. How does my income come into perspective here in terms of poverty threshold when trying to apply for 3 people? How about health insurance, Do i need to get for the 3 of them? How do i prove my relationship to my sister? I have my birth certificate showing the names of my parents. Also, since my parents and sister are back in my country, after filling I-130 and it gets approved, I am guessing that i do not need to file AOS since they are not in the US so i was wondering if the cost of the I-130 would be the major fees to be paid? Thanks for your response.
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