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  1. Got DQ today, submitted on 10/05. One step closer!! Good luck to everybody.
  2. Waiting too, submitted on 10/05. Hope to hear something this week.
  3. Approved July 2nd, it was received by NVC on August 29th, case number was assigned on October 1st. Hope it helps. Good luck!
  4. Yes it is the same. I just want to be sure if it is the same for everybody because even the documents were submitted it says submit the required documents. I submitted on the 5th of October as well. Hope to hear good news soon.
  5. One quick question. People who submitted their documents and waiting for the review, what it says when they check their visa status on ceac? Thank you
  6. Waiting to be able to delete, I wish this issue will be fixed soon.
  7. It is submitted, and I called them today the lady told me it is waiting for review.
  8. Did you take this screen shot when you uploaded? We are not able to see that page right now. All my documents were submitted but I decided to add an additional document last friday. I was able to upload but I was not able to submit due to the maintenance. I was wondering if my documents are ready to review since all required documents were submitted.
  9. Thank you for the answer. I know it is an IRS matter but seems like it effects immigration because all the conversation since last night about this filing status makes me crazy. People say if your tax return is filed as single when you are married, your spouse might get problems during the interview in the consulate. That is why I am freaking out.
  10. I am freaking out right now. As many people said my accountant also told me to fill single if your spouse does not have a SSN, so I did which I regret now. Is there anybody did not have any problem even if they filed as single? I am checking all the info to change my status to married filing separately or should I change it to married filing jointly. I am so confused.
  11. So,they reviewed your documents in 2 days?? Are the rest of the documents accepted?
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