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  1. That is correct. You have one full year from the date NVC received your petition to complete everything.
  2. It would be better and less hassle to file an extension that will extend the filing date until October. I did that, and attached my 2017 w2 and the extension letter. At interview, no question asked and visa approved. Please see my response to the OP question for further details regarding that in case you are in the same boat
  3. I did even something better. I filed an extension (which you can file online just like your normal return) and that will extend you filing date until October. Once your wife is here, you can file together when she has her SSN. I did that, she got her interview, no questions asked as I included my 2017 W2 as well as the extension confirmation page printed. However, IRS clearly states that this extention is for the purpose of extending the filing date ONLY. If you owe any money to IRS, you are expected to pay it before the deadline in April. You can estimate the amount due by ACTING AS you are filing a return using the website you usually use stating you are single and once you reach the final page, you can see if you owe any money but simply not to continue to file I hope that answers your question. Give it a day or two, system just needs to update.
  4. Hey everyone....long time I did not post but I thought to update 03/20 Got an interview date for 04/30 04/01 requested an expedite interview due to pregnancy of my wife 04/04 Interview-------Approved. Good luck for all of you
  5. That is called false checklist. No need to send anything. Ur case is complete per the NVC and just wait for your interview letter.
  6. It depends on the airline. Most airlines would allow you to fly on your 9th month if u bring a note from your doctor that there are no complications in the pregnancy...Source: Delta Airlines.
  7. Hey all. Haven't been here for sometime being busy. I got an original interview date for April, 20 but since my wife is due for our first child toward end of April, the embassy was nice enough to accept my request for an expedited interview. So she will be going next week for her interview. So blessed. Hope it goes smooth and fast for everyone.
  8. Call, ask for a supervisor review, sometime they can locate it in the system. Meanwhile they do their research, you have no choice but to send another one.
  9. 2nd SD 1/24 CC 3/1 Interview 04/20
  10. Average 1-2 months give or take. USCIS take their time really. However, stamp u get upon entry replaces the GC until u get it.
  11. You can call and ask them to review the DS-261 on the phone with you so you get to be able to pay your AOS online. However, it takes a day or two after you do it online so it updates on their system and the customer service can see it on their end. Best time to call is at night. They are also more friendly and willing to help more from my own experience. Between, got an email stating that my case is complete and waiting in queue for interview, nothing new really as I already know that since March 1st. Just weird I got such an email.
  12. That is good to hear. My CC is March 1st. Just a day after you. So I hope to hear about interview this week....By the way, I am also an RN, lol
  13. SD 12/24 Checklist 1/20 2nd SD 1/24 CC 1/3
  14. I did not include them cause they did not pertain to me....but they wanted them even if blank....NA is acceptable also...they said even if they are blank, since it is a contract, we have to have all the pages regardless...now they have it lol...