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  1. Just finished my N400 Interview. Had to wait 2hrs because some problems with their system in the office. Question: Name 1 Us territory.? who’s the president now? capital of my state? We elect a us representative for how many years? name one state that borders canada? read: who elects congress? write: the people elect congress then, the officer asked the yes/no question part of the application. The officer asked if i wanted a name change, i was trying to get the name changed but the officer was having a hard time with the computer, then i told her to forget about it. Few more questions about wife and kids. And that was it. Recommended for approval. Time of the interview around 25 mins. Total time 2hrs 25 mins. status changed online to “Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled” and that was all folks! I think i’m the last one here from January 2020. Haha!
  2. Submitted electronically, a day like today, one year ago. Still waiting! 😅
  3. No to be honest, i think identity goes more with my beliefs and personality. But it was a little bittersweet to remove my mother last name, in Latin American countries usually Mom is the one who takes care of the kids, Dad is the worker who bring the food and money to the house. I talked about it with her and she understood my situation. I think that was the difficult part, but glad she was on my side.
  4. In my case, my country use the following pattern [First Name - Second Name - Father Last Name - Mother Last Name] which make it extremely long for legal documents here in the US, because of the characters allowed in their systems. I'm keeping my first name and the initial letter for the second name and only the first last name. Not a big change, but for legal documents it will make a difference.
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