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  1. hello geowrian, #update I was able to contact NVC this morning. they do have the file at hand, however they advised for me to wait until they put the case in their system and send a welcome letter to us. if they welcome letter still has the incorrect name on it, then we can submit a photo of his passport to correct the record. if the name is correct no need to take action. this sounds reasonable to me . I think it is fair.
  2. most likely USCIS. I dont have think the files have been shipped to NVC yet. indeed Monday we will make contact to USCIS to correct this. Thank you
  3. Hello geowrian, the name of the approval of one of the kids is misspelled. Abdirahman is correct writing. USCIS has it : Adairahman. what is the best way to tackle and have it corrected? at USCIS or NVC. the best way NOT to have delay on the overall process. I mean they can look at the available document they have ( passports, etc) to correct it. I am supposing they have to resend another approval letter if it is at USCIS. what do you think? thanks for the help as always.
  4. it is been week since the approval notice appeared on online - exactly Aug. 8th. I have read sometimes USCIS dont update online in their approvals. we will wait as long as it takes. Again, geowrian thank you for your clarity in this often very complicated issue of immigration.
  5. Hello geowrian, USCIS seems to have approved 2 out of the 3 applicant applications. I have recieved 2 approvals as of yesterday. there is one that has exactly identical paperwork as the approved two. I am guessing it is just matter of time before it gets approved ( My wish ). Also with NVC ,they may not be getting this file all once ( all 3 applicants). any concern here on this or this is just USCIS processing each application one out of time. Thank you as always
  6. Thank you geowrian, the applicants are 3 young boys . with my income of six figures I think the " public charge" should be easy to take care of. I havent seen lately any apprved cases for I-130 out of Djibouti- not on VJ at least. hopefully I can use your deep knowledge on this cases as the process goes on. Thank you again.
  7. hello geowrian, I have just follow up questions for you. F2A applications have been approved by USCIS last week . I am waiting for the approval letters. the PD is Feb, 05 2018. based on this https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin.html the F2As are current. now we head to NVC for processing. questions : one of the older boys turns to 21 on may of next year 2020,. any effect the application? also, with so much changes on Immigration and the location of the embassy - Djibouti, in your opinion do you envision any problems of getting it approved? and finally, I am gonna joint sponsoring this petition along with my mom. my mom does make lots of money I do. with public charge rules rolled out by Trump what is your advice? I am sorry I wrote too much. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hello guys, this site has been helpful to me when I applied for my mom for I-130 in 2017 . as US citizen the whole process for my mom took about year. Now, early last year my mom applied for my siblings all under 21 for I130. mom is PR. Somalia is one of the banned countries and the youngesters are based in Djibouti. we sent out the application on Jan, 2018. we recieved an update last week basically saying the case will be moved to New Jurisdiction for processing and the case will be assigned to officer for review. has anyone been successfull at getting approved from the banned countries( especially Somalia). I have read storied that Djibouti Embassy has been denying people. any helpfull tips/suggestion will be welcomed. I hope this ban ####### gets reversed SOON. I love this online community .. and THANK YOU
  9. online update:" we will assign your case to an officer . we will review your case and mail you our decision.if you need more information we will notify you". So far this is what am seeing online. things looking promising I guess after I didnt hear anything for a year and half.
  10. Thank you. if it is just case of workloads... it gives me and my mom peace of mind. Thank you Jorgebig
  11. my mom a PR card holder has filled I-130 for my siblings all under 21 years old. case was filled in Jan 2018. it was accepted by Western processing center - CA. today I got the first notice saying : " the case was transfered to another USCIS office. the new office has now the jurisdiction of the case" they have sent letter explaining the reason which we havnt recieved yet. is this normal? should be concerned about the transfer. help. thank you as always.
  12. Hello All, I am US citizen. my mother is who I brought here on I-130 is GC holder. She filled for my siblings ( all Under 21) for I-130 form on Jan,2018 . I have 2 questions please. - what center is handling this case ? I have sent the forms from Arizona. it is TX , CA or somewhere else. ? - How long does it take it for this type of cases to process? we have been on it now for 8 months. thanks for the help. this platform has helped me alot when I was getting my mom down here. I hope to use this form again for assistance, THANKS EVERYONE AGAIN.
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