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  1. my 3 siblings are in the last stages of NVC and potential interview date has been Delayed  by Covid-19. as we get closer to consulte opening. I am looking at the best way to obtain medical Insurance for them- all youngesters.  what is the best option : healthcare.gov/ Market? when is the best time to buy Medical insurance? what proof do need at the interview? any information would help.

    I love this site... and thank you

  2. hello everyone, at minimum what would you do need to submit to proof income- once month of pay ( copy of pay stubs- for a month period). Also employer letter stating how many hours your are working and how much you are making at that particular job?- is one month enough or you you need two months of pay stubs? my second Question: If mom hasnt filled a tax for 2018 - cuz she has not made enough to warrant a filing. what would you recommend doing- or what would advice submitting to NVC on AOS portion of the application? and what is acceptable? as always THANK YOU. you guys always provide me excellent and helpful answers.
  3. Thank both for your important information : just to clarify for geowrian, my mom and I don't live together so I that would change what form to fill out. she is the primary sponsor ( the petitioner) if mom has an income-she has to do I-864. I also have to do I-864 as joint sponsor ( correct me if am wrong). just final follow up question : the applicants 3 siblings : me doing joint sponsor for all them ( 3) I have to fill out each application I-864 cuz it each kid has specific case number of CEAC. or is there way to do all in one single application?- most likely NOT , but I wanna hear your thoughts.
  4. Hello ALL, as I am going through NVC- AOS and Submitting Civil docs, I have 3 not so simple questions. First I hope you all dont mind me asking this way. I hope am not bothering you. questions: mom's employment has the biggest issue ( since she is the petitioner) am dealing with. she had a part time. the job is very slow. In fact she has worked for a month or so. so we have to find new job for her and it is proving to be difficult. we filled the F2-A visa application is AZ. I am thinking sending my mom to NC( near my aunt)for employment opportunity since we are in time sensitive .my quesion is : moving to diffierent state in the middle of the NVC process for employment purposes, is it ok? would you recommend it? and more importanly how would I notify NVC about the address change? ASKNVC, NVC INQUIRY?- long question- I am sorry. - if the worst case were to happen( mom cant find job )would I be able to send ONLY my joint sponser AOS. is that enough? could it cause more problems? or I should push for mom's employment?- - lastly , what form I-864 to fill out for affidavit of Support. - is this only form? I-864Z is simpler?- small detail : I am the joint sponsor of 3 youngesters. I have good income and I if I get passed this very complicated part of the NVC, I wanna push for expedited interview- suggestions are always welcome. I am gratefull to YOU. by the way... I just noticed .. NVC has gone paperless. everything has to be submitted online- good but totally NEW- god help me. THANK YOU.
  5. hello everyone, I hope you can help. My mom is the petitioner for F-2A cases for 3 younger siblings. we are at the NVC early stages at the moment. I have gathered all the required docs. my mom's job has slowed down significantly. I am the joint sponsor and i have very good income. before we send the AOS paperwork, what advice would you give me on this. lets assume mom's income is close to zero- meanning very minimal hours of work: additional joint sponsor would help? with the new public charge coming in the system, what advice would you give me in handling this issue? will my income of six figures ALONE cover this? I value everyone's input. Thank you.
  6. Hello geowrian, I hope you and family are doing fine. I just have quick question for you to help me with. I am gathering documents now. A copy of police certificate must be submitted to NVC- meaning Original must be brought to the interview. I remember 4 years ago, when my mom was going through the process ( IR5) I dont remember submitting it to NVC, just to the embassy. has something changed? is it required NOW for F2A? if you can explain this to me please and Thank you as always.
  7. Hello all, thank you both for helping me in this process. I will have mom work few more months so we can finish this. as far as requesting the case to be expedited, is it good time to do now since the case just arrived to NVC from USCIS. what is the best to send the request? NOW or may lil later. Thank you again.
  8. I am sorry just follow up: do you think this case of 3 boys. mom is in the states, and father passed away. all between the ages of 20-14 would qualify for expedited case- if we request it? no major health crisis or anything - thank god. just youngesters.? Thank you I appreciate your help very much.
  9. Hello geowrian, I have question regarding AOS. my mother works part time . she works 24 hours a week. she is an elderly- late 50s. I was thinking sometime to have her stay home, but now we have the kid's case is coming forward in the next few months. do you think I can have stay home, and use joint sponsor just for me since I make over 100K year? would that be acceptable?. or you would recommend that I still have her work till we submit the paperwork for AOS along with my sponsorship ? my mother is the petitioner of the case. any suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you as always.
  10. hello geowrian, #update I was able to contact NVC this morning. they do have the file at hand, however they advised for me to wait until they put the case in their system and send a welcome letter to us. if they welcome letter still has the incorrect name on it, then we can submit a photo of his passport to correct the record. if the name is correct no need to take action. this sounds reasonable to me . I think it is fair.
  11. most likely USCIS. I dont have think the files have been shipped to NVC yet. indeed Monday we will make contact to USCIS to correct this. Thank you
  12. Hello geowrian, the name of the approval of one of the kids is misspelled. Abdirahman is correct writing. USCIS has it : Adairahman. what is the best way to tackle and have it corrected? at USCIS or NVC. the best way NOT to have delay on the overall process. I mean they can look at the available document they have ( passports, etc) to correct it. I am supposing they have to resend another approval letter if it is at USCIS. what do you think? thanks for the help as always.
  13. it is been week since the approval notice appeared on online - exactly Aug. 8th. I have read sometimes USCIS dont update online in their approvals. we will wait as long as it takes. Again, geowrian thank you for your clarity in this often very complicated issue of immigration.
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